Products by Cygnus Technologies Inc
  • Custom R&D

    Custom assay development - We have successfully developed immunoassays on a wide range of assay formats from manual ELISA methods to high throughput automated immunoassay systems. Our current menu includes 25 assays for host cell protein analysis. These tests can be custom modified for your... Read More
  • Bioprocess Development and Quality Control

    Bioprocess development and quality control - Our expertise is designed to save time and money by avoiding needless duplication of these specialized skills within a biotechnology client company. We can advise you on the best scale-up process, as well recommend and develop analytical methods and... Read More
  • ELISA Kits

    These easy to use and highly sensitive ELISA kits are for the measurement of Host Cell Proteins and bioprocess contaminants. The kits are complete with ready to use reagents necessary to perform the assays. These kits feature: -96 removable strip well microtiter plate format that allows you to... Read More