CP Kelco

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3100 Cumberland Boulevard, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339
About CP Kelco
  • Leaders in Hydrocolloid Application, Technology and Manufacturing,
    CP Kelco is the innovation leader in the production of polysaccharides by microbial fermentation, extraction from land and sea plants, and modification of cellulose-based raw materials. Our products are derived from natural, renewable raw materials, and we strive to provide these products with minimal modification. Our products serve many functions, including viscosity modification, thickening, suspension, stabilization and gelation.

    Whether it’s suspending botanicals in the latest new age energy drink, stabilizing protein in fruit smoothies, creating an indulgent creamy liqueur or recovering body in a sugar-free beverage, CP Kelco offers a portfolio of stabilizers and texturizers to suit the needs of beverage manufacturers.

    Designed to offer solutions across the pH spectrum, CP Kelco’s vast ingredient choices enable the most challenging – and creative – beverage concepts to become consumer products.
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Products by CP Kelco
  • KELTROL® Xanthan Gum

    The standard for thickening and stabilizing, KELTROL xanthan gum, due to its molecular structure, has excellent pH stability – down to pH 2.8. KELTROL’s pseudoplastic flow behavior provides high viscosities at low shear rates to improve suspension and emulsification, and low viscosities at... Read more
  • CEKOL® Cellulose Gum

    CEKOL® Cellulose Gum is a highly-purified, cold water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose. For beverages, CEKOL is a versatile, cost-effective way to add viscosity. CEKOL is produced in a wide range of viscosity grades, with resulting flow properties ranging from nearly-Newtonian to... Read more