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Baxter's BioPharma Solutions Business Benefits Patients through Strong Collaboration

Press Release from Baxter BioPharma Solutions

Honored with 2013 Contract Manufacturing Organization Leadership Awards


The 2013 CMO Leadership Awards from Life Science Leader, a leading publication about life sciences best practices, has recognized Baxter International Inc.'s contract manufacturing business, BioPharma Solutions, for excellence in all five categories — quality, reliability, innovation, productivity and regulatory. Created in response to industry demands for criteria to efficiently vet potential contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), this recognition adds to awards received over the years from numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies and outside organizations, including "Best Contract Manufacturing Organization" at the Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards in 2012 for the third consecutive year.

BioPharma Solutions manufactures critical, life-saving products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, also providing a variety of services such as clinical manufacturing, formulation, and packaging. The business works with a majority of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and currently provides sterile contract manufacturing services to more than 60 different clients.

"By consistently providing our clients with industry-leading quality and reliability, they are able to provide life sustaining drugs to their patients," said Robert Felicelli, General Manager for BioPharma Solutions. "Our diverse experience, scientific and manufacturing expertise, and customized support services come together to ensure that we're able to solve high-stakes challenges and meet the needs of our pharma clients."

These attributes — quality, reliability, innovation, productivity and regulation — are apparent in BioPharma Solutions' facilities, including primary locations in Bloomington, Indiana; Round Lake, Illinois; and Halle, Germany. The state-of-the-art facilities specialize in sterile manufacturing solutions including capabilities in syringes, diluent syringes, lyophilized vials, liquid vials, cartridges, aseptic bags, and cytotoxic manufacturing with expertise in highly potent, biologic, and cytotoxic compounds with the ability to provide clinical to commercial production.

Beyond infrastructure and scientific and manufacturing expertise, BioPharma Solutions offers partners support services, production stability, strong quality and regulatory systems and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market. By leveraging Baxter's capabilities, these pharma/biopharma companies, of all sizes from across the globe, are then able to focus their energy and resources on other groundbreaking development and research. In addition, companies looking for a secondary supplier sometimes find that these qualities can help mitigate the risk of drug shortages or other dynamics relevant to their product offerings.  

"Baxter continues to be the gold standard amongst CMOs with whom we work," said one mid-sized pharmaceutical company that works with BioPharma Solutions.

A small pharmaceutical company added, "The team at BioPharma Solutions has been committed to our project and has performed at high levels for both technical issues and client support."

The recent recognition only inspires the business to continue to strive for high levels of performance.

"In BioPharma Solutions, we're constantly innovating in order to provide some of the best services possible to address our clients' diverse needs and, ultimately, have the most meaningful impact on patients," said Felicelli.

Life Science Leader will formally present the 2013 CMO Leadership Awards at a dedicated ceremony and industry gathering in New York City on March 12, 2014.

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