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Domino Foods, Inc.

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Domino Specialty Ingredients
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
About Domino Foods, Inc.
  • When you mention "Domino," visions of sugar bowls are conjured, but the story of Domino Specialty Ingredients shows how a pure and simple ingredient like sugar can be transformed.

    In the modern food industry, where sugar is essential not only for sweetening but also for bulking, texture modification and other functionalities, Domino Specialty Ingredients becomes indispensable. We've progressed beyond sugar by looking at our entire line of products with a primary focus on the needs of our customers. Our research and development experts take a proactive approach from the start, so that our end product consistently performs to meet your expectations.

    Over the years, Domino Specialty Ingredients has helped our customers simplify processing, technologically perfect their unique formulas and allowed more profits to be coaxed from their markets.
    We stand ready to do the same for you.

    Our family of brands include Florida Crystals®, Domino Sugar®, C&H® Sugar, and Redpath Sugar®.

    Domino Specialty Ingredients manufactures a broad spectrum of organic and natural sugar, malt, molasses, honey, rice, rice syrup, rice bran, rice flour, specialty sugars, and pharmaceutical products. Let us help you find your Sweet Spot.
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Products by Domino Foods, Inc.
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