Jost Chemical Co

8150 Lackland Road
Saint Louis, MO 63114-4524

About Jost Chemical Co

For 30 years, Jost Chemical Co. has been a manufacturer of high purity specialty chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, clinical nutritional, oral care and reagent markets. Jost’s St. Louis manufacturing site totaling 27,800 square meters is registered with the FDA, operates under bulk pharmaceutical cGMP, and is BSE/TSE free and allergen free. Products are rigorously tested to confirm they do not contain common microbials. Jost is a trusted, global supplier of high purity chemical salts that meet USP/EP/JP/ACS monographs and are Kosher and Halal certified. All products are tested in-house.

Through innovation,flexibility and quick accurate responses, Jost manufactures products that provide value added solutions and personized service that meet your exact specifications. Our wide selection of 250+ high purity chemical salts includes ascorbates,carbonates,citrates,fumarates,gluconates,lactates,malates, nitrates,phosphates,sulfates and succinates.