EBAC Industrial Products, Inc.

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite 109
Newport News, VA 23606-4526

About EBAC Industrial Products, Inc.

Ebac Industrial Products, Inc. (EIPI) is a member of the EIP Ltd Group, with it's headquarters in Bishop Auckland, England. EIPI, located in Newport News, Virginia, was opened in 1978 to server and support the North and South America markets. EIP Ltd also have offices in Berlin, and overseas agents in Spain, France, Hong Kong, Singapore. With over 27 product lines, EIPI specializes in providing pre-engineered dehumidification solutions for military, industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical applications

EIPI's desiccant dehumidifiers are highly sought after for lab applications and applications where extremely low relative humidity is required. Our desiccant dehumidifiers range in capacity from 36ppd to 3,173ppd. Contact one of our Manufacturer's Representatives or one of our US Sales offices for help determining what dehumidifier will work best for your application. Whenever there's a need for fast, reliable and energy efficient drying. EIPI has the answer.

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