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About Biosynth

Securing Life Sciences Supply Chains - where Chemistry meets Biology, Products meet Services and Innovation meets Quality, Biosynth is at the Edge of Innovation.

With an unrivalled research product portfolio of over a million products and end-to-end manufacturing services, we are science led and customer focused to solve problems, taking pride in delivering products and projects that others cannot. Our expertise and capability runs across Fine Chemicals, Peptides and Key Biologics all from one trusted partner.

Biosynth is an innovative life sciences reagents, custom synthesis and manufacturing services company. We are by scientists, for scientists, securing supply chains with consistent quality, across the globe. We manufacture and source a vast range of chemical and biochemical products, and take pride in delivering products that others cannot. We are experts in small molecules, peptides and key biological raw materials. We provide a full range of products and services to support life science research and development, with more than a million products in our research catalog and hundreds of complex manufacturing service projects.

Our complex chemistry specialties include enzyme substrates, carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry, with manufacturing services from the first idea to the finished product, from route scouting to GMP or ton scale production. For peptides, we also have a full end-to-end offering, from lead discovery and optimization, library production, through to GMP NCE or Neoantigen projects.

Across biologics we have a synergistic offering, with an extensive range of custom bioprocessing enzyme projects for production of key products. We are also able to offer custom antibody projects, and epitope mapping. Through the Biosynth group we also offer development of antibodies, antigens and supply of plasma for in vitro diagnostics.

The trusted supplier, manufacturer and partner for the pharmaceutical, life science and diagnostic sectors, along with customers across food, agrochemistry and cosmetics, we have facilities across three continents and a rapid global distribution network. Our main chemical research and manufacturing laboratories are in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and China, with peptide production in the USA and the Netherlands. Enzyme projects are based in Austria and biological IVD reagents in Ireland. Our R&D resources and production facilities are modern and versatile, allowing us to produce chemicals on the milligram to ton scale, and at ISO 9001 and GMP, with peptides at mg to multikilogram scale.

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