BSI Group America Inc.

12950 Worldgate Drive, Suite 800
Herndon, VA 20170

About BSI Group America Inc.

BSI Group America Inc., an integral branch of the globally revered BSI (British Standards Institution), champions the advancement of business excellence and organizational resilience across a diverse array of sectors, including healthcare, ICT, manufacturing, and beyond. As a trailblazer in embedding best practices for over a century, we are dedicated to guiding organizations worldwide in achieving sustainable growth, efficiency improvements, and market expansion through a comprehensive suite of services encompassing standards development, training, auditing, certification, and more. With a keen focus on fostering digital trust, enhancing environmental and occupational health and safety, and driving innovation, BSI America is committed to helping businesses not only meet but also set new industry benchmarks. Our extensive global presence, underpinned by offices in 31 countries, ensures that you receive unparalleled support tailored to the unique regulatory and market demands of your locales. Through our rigorous commitment to quality, impartiality, and a client-centric approach, BSI Group America Inc. stands as a beacon of trust and resilience in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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