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About InfraTrac

InfraTrac protects brands against fakes and mistakes, using light-based verification.

InfraTrac's chemical taggants can be quickly and easily authenticated in the field, without disclosing the secrets of the coding scheme.

Highly scalable and secure, InfraTrac’s tagging is now available to protect products, packaging, and 3D printing.

Embed protection directly, using InfraTrac’s covert fingerprinting: clean and cost-effective. Protect parts and products with a chemical code, for added security in distributed manufacturing and outsourcing.

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Products by InfraTrac

By InfraTrac

InfraTrac's covert codes for polymers create tamperproof anti-counterfeiting film, for shrinkwrap, neckbands, food packaging and pharmaceutical blister packs. Millions of codes, for cost-effective brand protection. Contact us for more information. Read more »