Buchi Pilot Plants & Reactor systems

Gschwaderstrasse 12
Uster, 8610

About Buchi Pilot Plants & Reactor systems

Reactor systems (pressure/vacuum) for R&D, Pilot, Kilo Lab, production
Buchi Reactors : cGMP design, best vacuum, safety, performance in upscaling,(API)manufacturing
(Glass) Reactor systems -80°C to 200°C:
• Minipilot: 5 – 15 Liter, compact design
• chemReactors: 15 – 250 Liters (low temperature / cryogenic)
• production scale: > 250 liters glass lined reactors with glass distillation

Pilot Plant accessories:
• Nutch Filter, scrubbers, mixing vessels
Pressure reactors up to 350°C, 350 bar
and hydrogenators
The modular concept allows the use of reactor vessels (different sizes, materials and pressure ratings) in the same instrument. Magnetic couplings (ATEX - stirrer drives) for safe & reliable operation.
• Reactors in glass, stainless, Hastelloy C22, Titanium, Tantalum
• Pressure reactors from 10 ml to 200 liter, 60 bar, 250°C
• 350 bar,350°C high pressure reactors
• Distillation overheads for pressure or vacuum
• safe and precise hydrogenation turnkey solution

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