O.M.G. Srl

Via Torino, 78
Givoletto, 10040

About O.M.G. Srl

O.M.G. was established in 1965 in Turin, Italy. Over the years, O.M.G. acquire an expertise in making thermoforming machineries, packaging production lines and thermoforming toolings.

After 50 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, our staff technical skills is renowned all over the world. These factors allow us to recognize our customer needs and to find solutions to their everyday challenge. We are supplying exclusive custom solutions and meet specific requirements to make sure that they benefit from the latest technology.

O.M.G.'s new facility located in Givoletto, near Turin, has expanded considerably to meet our customer's need. Over the year, OMG got an expertise in keeping is product up to the latest technology available. Our mechanical, electrical and electronic departments are always getting the latest formation from our suppliers and use the most modern technology for the realization of software management and thermoforming control exclusive to O.M.G..

Over the years, O.M.G. build a solid structure with skilled technicians able to follow after sales services and make thermoforming process formation in 5 different languages: Italian, German, English, French and Spanish.

Above all O.M.G. is available to provide technical informations but also analyze and solve special requests from customers.

O.M.G. strength is its ability to continue to guarantee flexibility and expanding penetration coefficient in the thermoforming world market. We are realizing our project starting from raw material up complete testing of our system going through mounting, assembling and painting.

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