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Products by Biofluid Focus Inc.
  • PharmaTainer™ Bottles & Carboys

    Made really clean so you don’t have to! Molded class 100 and untouched by human hands until capped. It’s better to make it clean than to clean up what’s dirty! PharmaTainer™ bioprocess containers meet today’s requirements for bio-manufacturing storage and transport. PharmaTainer products are... Read More
  • Fluoropolymer Bottles

    PFA and FEP bottles exceed current market standards for uniformity and cleanliness. Proprietary molding process is performed under controlled environment. Bottle sizes from 100ml to 2L. have GL45 closure system. Resins contains no animal derived materials (free of BSE/TSE), plasticizers,... Read More
  • Octopus Tubing Assemblies & Manifolds for Process Plumbing

    Octopus Assemblies provide turnkey solutions for your process plumbing requirements. Assemblies can be made to fit PharmaTainer bottle and carboys, bioreactors and other devices or made as manifolds for multiple connections. Customer may specify all components, packaging and post-assembly... Read More
White Papers by Biofluid Focus Inc.
  • Are Sterile Bioprocess Containers A Source Of Particulate Contamination? By

    We suggest that containers which are not produced to a recognized standard of cleanliness are a potential source of contamination.’ This article discusses why this is a problem for biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers, the nature and source of possible contaminants, and a readily... Read more