SAI Global Launches SAI360 for Financial Services

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Integrated Risk Management (IRM) softwareresets time to value expectationsfor financial services organizations keeping pace with rising digital risk, regulatory pressure and market volatility

CHICAGO, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SAI Global, a recognized leader of integrated risk management solutions, today announced the introduction of SAI360 for Financial Services, a curated set of software and services enabling financial services risk and compliance professionals to outpace the acceleration, complexity and connected nature of risk and regulations.

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Today's financial services institutions operate in a change-heavy and data-driven environment that we could not have imagined ten years ago. In the past few years alone, the sector has seen a growing volume of sophisticated regulatory requirements, some triggered by the global financial crisis and others by dynamic and fast-moving market changes such as rise of the digital economy, Fintech, reliance on third-parties and cybersecurity.

"In the digital economy, our customers in the financial sector are trusted to secure sensitive consumer data across multiple jurisdictions and systems," said Peter Granat, SAI Global CEO. "Compounding matters, risk professionals are contending with a patchwork of systems and learning models while today's consumer has evolved an expectation of near instantaneous service. SAI360 for Financial Services leaves behind one-size-fits-all and point solutions, enabling organizations to outpace these changes, so they can innovate and differentiate themselves to build greater brand resilience."

SAI360 Editions makes it easier for organizations to buy integrated capabilities with three integrated and configurable versions: Express, Premium and Enterprise. Moving beyond the classical box-ticking exercise, the Editions enable a robust, dynamic and flexible strategy with software, learning tools and methodologies to affect a risk-aware culture. Highlights include:

  • Custom workflows and real-time reporting enable customers to simplify policy management and streamline procedures to prevent, detect and respond to fast-changing regulatory issues
  • Virtual Evidence Room® delivers an actionable audit-ready view of organization's compliance management system and lets customers share files with examiners and link regulations to policies, risk and controls
  • Integrated vendor risk intelligence and digital risk capabilities automate risk management and cybersecurity processes from assessment through testing, screening and monitoring
  • Recent acquisition, Strategic BCP ResilienceONE, adds business continuity, crisis management, disaster recovery, and contingency management to support the return to business as usual
  • Meaningful ethics, values, and risk-based learning content meets employees and third-parties where they are, when they need it; supported with richer analytics and insights for ethics and compliance learning programs

SAI360 for Financial Services also offers FastStart implementations to accelerate time to value by combining pre-configured software, reporting wizards, templates and services engagements with pre-defined duration. With SAI360 FastStart financial institutions benefit from implementations completed in less than 30 days, allowing them to advance confidently with evolving regulatory expectations with speed, efficiency and seamlessness.

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