Products by Colbert Packaging Corp

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels

    Innovative labeling technology showcases your brand with: - Brilliant graphics and colors crisply printed on web-fed label rolls - Eye-catching die cuts - Clear-on-clear film using hidden edge lines - Innovative packaging decoration transfer - “No label” label designs - UV coating on eight... Read More
  • Combination Packaging

    CUSTOMIZABLE: - Folding cartons can be produced from any conventional carton stock - Cartons can be printed and die cut on offset or flexographic presses - Inserts can be printed and micro-folded into as many as 238 panels COST-EFFECTIVE: - Because we produce both cartons and inserts under one... Read More
  • Custom Folding Cartons

    We work with you to create fully customized folding cartons that maximize shelf appeal. Imagine how your brand will shine with: - Appealing curves - Crisp colors - Eye-catching graphics - Interesting die cuts - Brand-revealing windows - Convenient zippers - Shiny metallic foils - Unique... Read More