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  • Rating: 5/5


    Customer  | 7/2/2018

    I had a great experience working with ABS Corporation. The staff is very helpful, always available when I need assistance, and not only meets but EXCEEDS my goals. Great family business and company to work with. I highly recommend this company to anyone out there looking for a great CMO in the Midwest!

  • Rating: 1/5


    Customer  | 6/20/2018

    Dealing with ABS Corporation was the biggest disaster of my life. They delivered 5% of finished goods with twisted and un-merchantable seals, they failed to get the products organically certified before approving the tube art resulting in massive losses. They failed to provide material safety data sheets on finished goods. Failed to do stability tests as required by law. Insisted our product needs a used by date, which it did not. Also failed to communicate, enter mediation and lied on the Better Business Bureau statutory declaration.