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  • Drug Substance Development & Manufacturing

    Guiding you through your early phase development journey, from drug substance to clinic. Drug substance development and production is the foundation on which pharmaceutical product development is built. The ability to make consistent drug substance batches is key to turning a compound that shows... Read More
  • Drug Product Development and Manufacturing

    Our drug product services cover all aspects of development and manufacturing, including: -Formulation Development -Process Development and Scale-up -Analytical Method Development and Validation -Stability Studies -GMP manufacturing Read More
  • Clinical Logistics

    We provide both primary and secondary packaging services for a wide range of container types. We also assemble patient kits and provide comprehensive kit labelling printing services. Our clinical logistics team provides trial supply randomisation, blinding & un-blinding services and rescue... Read More

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  • How to save significantly on early-phase clinical supply logistics? By

    Efficient supply of investigational medicinal products (IMPs) is key to ensuring patients are dosed on time and clinical trials run efficiently. In addition to the IMP, a wide variety of materials are needed to support a clinical trial, including placebo drug product, comparator drug product and... Read more
  • Powder blending in early-phase drug product development: Balancing art and science By

    Powder-filled capsules are arguably the most widely utilised dosage form in early-phase clinical studies. They can flexibly be manufactured in different dose strengths through variations of capsule fill volume, are easily administered and offer a straightforward way to blind the formulation and... Read more
  • Formulation and Process Considerations for Optimising Spray-Dried Solid Dispersions By

    Spray drying active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in solution to overcome solubility hurdles requires part craft and great attention to process variables. In this article Javier Gurrea, a spray drying manufacturing specialist from Idifarma, an Ardena company, explains how expertly applied... Read more

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