Purple Diamond Testing

183 Mikron Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18020

About Purple Diamond Testing

Purple Diamond is a specialized testing and engineering firm that provides an extensive range of packaging and material evaluation services, ensuring compliance with industry standards like ASTM and ISTA. Catering to vital sectors such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and consumer products, we offer bespoke packaging validation, integrity testing, and performance assessments including drop tests, compression, vibration, and environmental simulations. Our state-of-the-art Innovation Center is dedicated to the design and engineering of packaging that withstands the rigors of shipping and handling, safeguarding the product journey from manufacturer to end-user. Committed to quality and precision, Purple Diamond's experienced team leverages cutting-edge technology to conduct thorough distribution testing, cold chain management, and product safety verifications. As a reliable packaging solution, we ensure your products meet rigorous standards for durability and security, providing confidence and trust in your packaging systems.

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