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  • AB Series Medium Duty Filling Machines By Filamatic

    The Filamatic AB Series Benchtop is a semi-automatic medium duty filler, ideal for repetitive dispensing of liquids from water-thin to viscous, molten products, and products with small particulates. The AB Series can accommodate fill volumes ranging from .05 to 260mL with the ability to mix and... Read More
  • Accredited Humidity Calibration Services By Thunder Scientific Corp.

    Thunder Scientific's calibration laboratory is accredited by NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program), Certificate of Accreditation No. 200582-0 to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 1994. Calibration services are available for Thunder's complete line of instruments and... Read More
  • AccuProof Print Check By Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.

    Provides quick and accurate comparison of all text and image documents reducing inspection time by up to 95%. Built-in scanner or high-resolution camera captures the master document and displays a master, sample, and defect map in a user friendly, side-by-side format, thus eliminating costly... Read More
  • ACE Essentials™ By PSC Biotech Corporation

    ACE Essentials™ is our EQMS software is created for all highly regulated industries. This EQMS comes equipped with all the necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so you have a fully compliant quality management system from day one at an unbeatable price. With ACE Essentials™ includes... Read More
  • ACS Grade Reagents By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

    Spectrum offers the widest variety of ACS reagents for quality testing including high purity acids, inorganic salts, solvents and organic standards. Spectrum Chemical has all of the testing lab chemicals and supplies you need to for virtually any testing protocol. Spectrum's Testing Lab... Read More
  • ACTH (Corticotropin) synthetic By PolyPeptide Laboratories

    ACTH stimulates the secretion of adrenal cortical steroids and induces growth of the adrenal cortex. Read More
  • Acti-Joint® By Bioiberica

    Acti-Joint® is a formulation developed by Bioiberica that contains three ingredients of the highest quality: CS b-Bioactive® (200mg), Mobilee® (20mg) and Glucosamine (1,500mg) Acti-Joint® acts on the main structures of the joints: cartilage, subchondral bone, synovial fluid and... Read More
  • Actimask By SPI Pharma

    Our Actimask® technology provides an excellent taste barrier and mouth feel without hindering API release and onset of therapeutic relief. By incorporating our taste-masking technology in the development of your product, we can help you increase the chances for success throughout your product... Read More
  • AcuScan100 By AcuTech Scientific Inc.

    1.Intelligence software connecting the hot zone with the Office Desk 2.Manage user accounts and set user privileges to secure chain-of-evidence. 3.Use on a PC or in the cloud 4.Approvals: EN 60825-1:2007 Class 3B, EN 61000-6-3:2007, AS/NZS CISPR 22, EN 61000-6-1-6-1:2007, EN 61000-4- 2, -3, EN... Read More
  • AcuScan1350 By AcuTech Scientific Inc.

    1.It is a Raman Spectra-ID instrument and software system that provides ultrafast gemstones identification in < 2 seconds. 2.The system consists of X-Y-Z lead screws and a turn table for 3 –D control for laser scanning. 3.It costs less than $1 per positive identification of gemstone. 4.It... Read More
  • AcuScan1500 By AcuTech Scientific Inc.

    1.It is a robotic control fully automated Raman instrument and software system that provides excellent reproducibility ( 0% RSD for Raman spectra finger print and <1% RSD for Raman spectra intensity reproducibility for 96 Raman analysis of polystyrene) 2.It has patented laser focusing software... Read More
  • AdaptaFil™ Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filler By Filamatic

    The AdaptaFil™ is a revolutionary new semi-automatic Benchtop filler that offers features and versatility typically only found in fully automatic equipment. The AdaptaFil™ Benchtop’s patent pending technology features four easy-changeover metering system, electronic networking capabilities and... Read More
  • Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE®) By PSC Biotech Corporation

    Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE®) is a cloud-based software solution used to accelerate your companies quality processes. It’s a quality management system that allows companies like yours to automate, transform, adapt and grow to meet your evolving quality management needs without coding. With... Read More
  • Admixer Sanitary Static Mixer & Blender By Admix Inc.

    This sanitary static mixer/blender delivers a 100% product uniformity and distribution from controlled shear and turbulence. It meets 3-A Standard #35-04 and is designed to process flow streams from 0.25 to 250+ GPM. The Admixer blends most combinations of flow, viscosity and density even from... Read More
  • Advanced Intermediates By Seqens CDMO NA (formerly PCI Synthesis)

    PCI Synthesis offers 11 advanced intermediate products. Read More
  • Advanced Scientifics Packaging By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    Since 1987, Advanced Scientifics, Inc. (ASI) specializes in the manufacture of Medical Devices, Biopharmaceutical Bags and Tubing Assemblies, Custom Injection and Insert Molding. With a global customer base, ASI is the manufacturer of choice for the worlds largest Medical Device and... Read More
  • AdvantaFlex® By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    A new formulation of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) addresses the need for a flexible, translucent, sterilizable, heat sealable, and weldable biopharmaceutical tubing for fluid processing. AdvantaFlex maintains its physical properties following gamma irradiation and autoclave sterilization... Read More
  • Advantage™ - Case Packer By MGS Machine Corp

    Speeds up to 25 CPM. Small footprint. Tape or glue case closing format. Servo driven indexing case shuttle. Tool-less changeovers. Case pre-break eliminates case set up failures. Suitable for end or side load cases. Despite its small 9’ x 6 1/2’ footprint, MGS Machine’s Advantage case packer... Read More
  • Aeration Systems By Mixing Systems Inc

    Mixing Systems, Inc. manufactures jet aeration and jet mixing systems for waste water treatment plants. Jet aeration and mixing systems are used for aeration, sludge mixing, sludge digestion, liquid blending, solids suspension and gas/liquid contacting and mixing applications. Read More
  • aero2 Actuators By SVF Flow Controls, Inc.

    The SVF aero2 pneumatic rack & pinion actuator is manufactured using the latest materials and methods to provide dependable and smooth operation in demanding process control conditions. Click on the link to view the aero2 Data Sheet. Read More
  • Air Atomizing Nozzles By Spraying Systems Co.

    Nozzles for coating, humidification, fogging, cooling, lubricating, gas cooling,and dust suppression. Read More
  • Air Handling Equipment By Federal Equipment Company

    An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. An air handling unit is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling element, filter racks... Read More
  • Air Lock Enclosure Systems By Simplex Isolation Systems

    AirLock modular cleanroom enclosures and other Simplex enclosures help you protect against cross contamination, airborne contaminants, and temperature fluctuations. Create either positive or negative pressure environments, depending on your needs. Achieve up to ISO 4 (Class 10) clean levels.... Read More
  • AIRplus® By Storopack , Inc.

    Light as a feather and reliably shock-resistant, Storopack’s AIRplus® air pillows are the optimal protective packaging for sensitive products. A variety of pillow shapes can be produced as required directly at the packing station, therefore saving valuable storage space. All AIRplus® machine... Read More
  • Allergy Immunotherapy Vials By Edge Pharma

    XTRACT and EDGE Pharma have partnered to efficiently manage all aspects of immunotherapy in your clinic including: skin testing, prescription generation, extract mixing, injection tracking, and USP 797 compliance. They make the only complete allergy immunotherapy management system on the market.... Read More
  • AlphaMop Original Cleanroom Mop By Hutchins & Hutchins

    The AlphaMop is specifically designed for the needs of ultraclean production environments. The mophead material is made of laundered 100 percent knitted-polyester with a fiberglass handle. The AlphaMop is ideal for applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination. It is... Read More

  • AMINO ACIDS By Dastech International Inc

  • AminoAlexin® By Bioiberica

    AminoAlexin® is a dual-acting formulation: it increases resistance to biotic stress caused by the attack of certain pathogens (fungus) and increases tolerance to abiotic stress (adverse climatic causes, primarily). This is thanks to the phosphopeptide content of its formulation, which give a... Read More
  • AminoQuelant®- B By Bioiberica

    he combined application of amino acids and Boron contributes to improving the assimilation of Boron and a much faster and effective distribution towards the consumption points. Boron is an element with little mobility inside the plant, and so AminoQuelant® - B is particularly recommended... Read More
  • Ammonium Laureth Sulfate By Kraft Chemical Company

    An ammonium salt of ethoxylated lauryl sulfate, a surfactant. Used as a cleansing agent, cleansing, and foaming agent. Read More
  • Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    The Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine Consists of the Main Structure, Product in-feed Tray, in-feed Screw, Rotary Star Plate, Product Outfeed Tray, Label Dispensing Unit, Label Wrapping Unit, Electrical Panel, Sensors, Motors, Ac Drive, PLC & HMI (Keypad). Ampoule Washing... Read More
  • Ampoule Washing Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    The ampoule washing machine /vial washing machine is specially designed to wash ampoule/vial with minimum contact of machine parts with ampoule/vial. The machine is suitable to wash various sizes of ampoules/vials with the help of change parts. Automatic rotary ampoule/vial washing machine is... Read More
  • Analytical Methods By ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

    Quantitative methods serve as the backbone of the analytical pharmaceutical product development process. Whether starting from a chemical structure or a published procedure, these methods will require some level of effort to authenticate their use. EPDI works with its customers to ensure that... Read More
  • Analytical Services By Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing

    BSM is committed to quality and scientific excellence. We work with you to transfer your methods, develop more reliable and durable methods, and put your product up on stability to test its shelf life. We have an extensive array ofanalytical equipment available that has undergone the rigors of... Read More
  • Ancillary Supply & Comparator Sourcing By Sherpa Clinical Packaging

    Sherpa offers competitive pricing on ancillary supplies and comparator drugs through our relationships with qualified wholesalers and manufacturers around the world. We can often secure comparator drugs that have constrained inventory so that your clinical trials proceed on-time. Our team will... Read More
  • ANEMOMASTER ANEMOMETERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Multi-function hot-wire anemometer with telescopic, articulating probe. HVAC Testing Facility Maintenance Critical Environment Certificate IAQ Investigations Optional hands-free carrying case is available. Telescopic, articulating probe simplifies the measuring process. AnemomasterTM now comes... Read More
  • APFOS Stainless Steel Overbraided PTFE Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is constructed of virgin material with a series 300 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement jacket. The fluoropolymer core is inert and offers long flexural life, low permeability, non-flammability, and the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material.... Read More
  • APFRC Rubber-Covered FEP Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Made of virgin grade FEP fluoropolymer, APFRC is overbraided with a tightly-woven fabric and double spiral steel wire to dramatically enhance its pressure-carrying capability. Its extremely smooth core offers excellent chemical resistance and is USP Class VI approved. An outer jacket of EPDM... Read More
  • API Sampling & Storage By Sherpa Clinical Packaging

    Store and sample your API at Sherpa in our state-of-the-art GMP facilities. Our dedicated ISO 8 sampling room is designed to accommodate a wide range of APIs, including high potency APIs (HPAPIs). It is equipped to accurately weigh and aliquot a variety of potent compounds from sub-gram to... Read More
  • Apifil ® By Gattefosse USA

    PEG-8 Beeswax •A non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier for emulsions containing a high concentration of oil phase and lipophilic API. •Highly compatable with a variety of oils and wide pH range tolerance. •Recommended for use with Emulcire™ 61 WL2659 to improve heat stablity. •Sensorial and... Read More
  • APIs Handling By Dec USA Inc

    API handling is a huge challenge; these substances are highly toxic (i.e. carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic “CMR”) and very expensive. The inherent problems of open and gravity charging, not least the challenge of containment, make a more sophisticated solution highly desirable. Active... Read More
  • Applicators, Swabs & Brushes By Qosina Corp.

    Cotton swabs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Medical brushes and medical applicators are ideal for applying product or liquids in broad or precision strokes. Medical applicators are available in a variety of styles such as brushes, foam tip, spatulas, sponge on a stick, winged... Read More
  • APSH Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications. Polyester yarn braiding inside the wall enhances the pressure capabilities. APSH has undergone... Read More
  • APSH-DB Double-Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Offered as an alternative to mandrel-built wrapped silicone hose, APSH-DB provides several advantages over wrapped hose. APSH-DB, an extruded product, is less costly than wrapped hose and is available in lengths up to 50 feet. It offers more flexibility and comparable working pressure ratings.... Read More
  • APSM 4-Ply Mandrel-Wrapped Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose, produced in a clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications, comprises the core of APSM. The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric and additional silicone. It is cured... Read More
  • APSPG Pump Grade Silicone Tubing By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer comprises AdvantaPure’s peristaltic pump grade silicone tubing. Ideally suited for pharmaceutical, biotech, and laboratory environments, APSPG is specially formulated to withstand repeated compression and release for consistent, dependable performance... Read More
  • APST Unreinforced Silicone Tubing By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone tubing manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications. APST has been put through extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing, and meets... Read More
  • APSW 4-Ply, Wire-Reinforced, Mandrel-Wrapped, Silicone Suction Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose, produced in a clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications, comprises the core of APSW. The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric, 316 stainless steel reinforcing wire,... Read More
  • Aquapro Water Cascade Sterilizers By BMT USA, LLC

    ​BMT Aquapro Water Cascade sterilizers provide fast, safe and effective terminal sterilization of liquids in sealed or heat sensitive containers. High capacity water pumps and large diameter piping ensures high water flow rates and faster heating and cooling of the load. The recirculating water... Read More
  • Arbour Cutting Press By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The handle operated manual Arbour Press is used in conjunction with cutting dies to produce testing samples. An optional cutting die adaptor can be used when using the Arbour Press with the Tool Steel cutting dies for fast and repetitious sample preparation. Read More
  • Architectural / Engineering Services By Lacy Construction Company

    We offer architectural/engineering services through our affiliate companies. With this service, we bring design and architectural expertise in from the beginning, working to coordinate structural engineering necessities, cost, and aesthetic appeal to complete a project you will be proud of. The... Read More
  • Archive Feature By GMP Trends LLC

    Online subscribers can access the past 5 years of the GMP TRENDS published newsletters by adding the Archive Feature to their existing online access subscription. Search engine capabilities of over 120 newsletters. Read More
  • Armor-Bond and AirBlock Strip Doors By Simplex Isolation Systems

    With Simplex strip doors you can cover door openings, both large and small, yet ensure easy pass-through by a technician, transport cart or forklift. Prevent cross-contamination or set off offices, work areas or create a cleaner zone within a cleanroom environment. Simplex vinyl strip doors... Read More
  • ArtProof - Artwork Inspection Solution By Global Vision

    ArtProof artwork inspection solution quickly detects and identifies missing text and graphics, incorrect fonts and text size, as well as broken type, and color deviations. It’s perfect for inspecting graphic revisions, supplier electronic proofs, nested artwork, cartons, labels, leaflets and any... Read More
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) By KIC Chemicals Inc

    SPECIFICATIONS: Appearance : Powder Melting Point, °C : Approx. 190 pH (5% W/V) : 2.1 - 2.6 Specific Optical Rotation : + 20.5 - +21.5 Clarity & Color of Solution : Clear (BY7 Max) Copper, % : 0.0005 Max Heavy Metals, % : 0.001 Max Iron : 0.0002 Max Oxalic Acid, % : 0.2 Max... Read More
  • ASEP-TECH Systems Blow/Fill/Seal Machines By Weiler Engineering, Inc.

    ASEP-TECH® Blow/Fill/Seal machines are designed and manufactured by Weiler Engineering, Inc. in Elgin, Illinois. Our team is dedicated to the highest performance standards in the design and development of Blow/Fill/Seal packaging systems. This unique combination of world-class engineering,... Read More
  • Aseptic Fill-Finish Lines By AWS BIO-PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES, LLC

    Our Aseptic Fill-Finish Systems include Traditional Filling Lines, Isolated Filling Lines, Nested Filling Lines, Robotic Filling Lines and IV Bag Filling Lines. In addition to our Aseptic Fill-Finish Systems, we also offer individual Filling Line Components including Filling Systems,... Read More
  • Aseptic Filling By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    Our Aseptic Filling Systems are integrated, high speed, automated bottling and packaging lines designed for beverage, wine, liquor, food, health, household, cosmetic and chemical products. The lines are easily integrated with sterilization systems, incorporating hydrogen peroxide or... Read More
  • Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions By Dec USA Inc

    Dec are world leaders in the development and implementation of micronizing, packing and dispensing of products in processes that handle sterile powders. They are unique because the entire system remains sterile throughout the product cycle. Even during the sterilization phase the entire system... Read More
  • ASEPTiCell® By AST

    Today’s injectable drug products require flexible fill/finish systems that can efficiently process medium-sized clinical and commercial batches while meeting all cGMP requirements for cleanliness and sterility. AST’s ASEPTiCell® has a unique blend of automated capabilities to ensure your... Read More
  • Assembly Systems By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation has creatively designed hundreds of continuous motion, indexing, semi-automated and part placement systems during the past few decades. Our custom automated assembly systems are designed by our highly qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, who have... Read More
  • AST-100 In-Line Process Viscosity Controller By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The AST-100 In-Line Viscosity Controller with advanced sensor technology is simple in design, rugged and reliable. It has no moving parts and its clean-in-place design makes it a low maintenance device. Call for our new brochure to learn how you can improve product quality with continuous... Read More
  • Attack, Parry, Riposte: A Fencer's Guide To Better Business Execution By Katzscan

    Book - Published November 2020 (Austin Macauley) Author Norman Katz combines his 30+ years of career experience in software, supply chain, and business operations with his personal passion for the sport of fencing in which he has been participating since 1993 and coaching since 2007 in this... Read More
  • Audit Services By Compliance Insight Inc

    The FDA conducts all establishment inspections based upon a systems approach. The FDA's Systemic Inspection Approach covers Quality, Facilities/Equipment, Materials, Production, Packaging/Labeling, and Laboratory. Compliance Insight conducts audits following this model so that our clients are... Read More
  • Auditing By PSC Biotech Corporation

    PSC Biotech® has extensive experience in auditing GxP companies – from assisting companies with an upcoming pre-approval inspection to third-party suppliers and testing facilities. Our staff of seasoned professional auditors has experience with the FDA, ISO, and international regulatory agencies. Read More
  • AuditUtopia® By PSC Biotech Corporation

    In highly regulated industries, you can count on the fact that your company will be inspected a time or two. AuditUtopia® captures, tracks, communicates, and sorts audit activities as a real-time Inspection Audit Management System used to host inspections and audits that is trusted by life... Read More
  • Augury’s Machine Health Solutions By Augury Inc.

    Get Results from Day One, Not One Day Leap to the cutting edge of predictive maintenance with a combination of advanced sensors, prescriptive diagnostics and actionable insights. Diagnosing Machine Health: -Machine learning algorithms analyze data from thousands of machines to diagnose... Read More
  • Authentication and Security Labels By Adcraft Labels

    Since early 2000, we have been providing Security Printing and Brand Protection options for our clients. Adcraft Labels has invested time and resources in research and development to develop a full portfolio of secure printing options, some of which are proprietary and patented, in order to help... Read More


  • Autoclave Validation System By MadgeTech Inc

    The AVS140-6 is a complete system used to perform autoclave validations and autoclave temperature mapping. The AVS140-6 consists of six NIST traceable high temperature and pressure data loggers, an IFC406 Multiplexer Interface and the MadgeTech 4 Secure Software providing tools to users to... Read More
  • Autoclave Validation System By MadgeTech Inc

    The AVS140-6 is a complete system used to perform autoclave validations and autoclave temperature mapping. The AVS140-6 consists of six NIST traceable high temperature and pressure data loggers, an IFC406 Multiplexer Interface and the MadgeTech 4 Secure Software providing tools to users to... Read More
  • Automatic Body Temperature Scanner By Talosys

    Talosys automatic temperature scanning solution is used to scan the temperature of persons entering a facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Talosys body temperature screening solution is a touchless, easy to set up, efficient, and effective temperature monitoring solution. As businesses... Read More
  • Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester By United Pharmatek, LLC.

    UHT Series Tablet Hardness Testers are the requisite instrument in detecting the hardness of tablets. All of our lab instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with USP specifications. The Tablet hardness tester is used in the pharmaceutical industry to test the structural... Read More
  • Automatic Vial Cap Sealing Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    Owing to our sound relationships with one of the leading vendors of the domain, we are instrumental in offering a premium range of Automatic Vial Cap Sealing Machine. Brief On Machine The Automatic Premium Vial Cap Sealing System consists of main structure covered with SS cabinet safety... Read More
  • Automatic Vial Filling And Bunging Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    HARIKRUSHNA Automatic Vial Filling and Bunging Machine. Brief On Machine The Automatic Premium Vial Filling with Rubber Stoppering System consists of a main structure covered with SS cabinet safety acrylic cover, laminar air flow, in-feed turntable, peristaltic pump filling system, Delrin... Read More
  • Automotive and Industrial Labels By Adcraft Labels

    Name Plates and Durable Labels for performance parts must be able to withstand grueling conditions and the test of time. The inks, materials, and adhesives that are used in the manufacturing process must be chemical resistant throughout the full lifecycle of the product. At Adcraft Labels, we... Read More
  • AutoPack By INOXE LLC

    We develop and manufacture high accuracy and good quality automatic coding, filling, capping, labeling machine and tablet/capsule counter with PLC control system for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries around the world since 1998. -Labeling Machines -Filling... Read More
  • AutoProof Pro By Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.

    Complete document imaging and comparison solution with advanced image capture technology that can help your organization achieve 100% accuracy on all printed materials. Detects missing, moved or modified text and graphics while offering the ability to compare various font styles, languages, and... Read More
  • AutoProof Pro ScanCompare By Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.

    Inspects multi-page documents in an efficient, automated batch process system. Upon completion results are presented to the operator for analysis and archival. Read More
  • AVIA Color Matching Software By Mnemonics Inc.

    AVIA Color Matching is a software add-on module to the AVIA Proofreading System that provides Pantone® color comparison, color calibration and test functions for evaluating printed samples. Read More
  • AVIA Infinity Multi-Page Proofreading System By Mnemonics Inc.

    AVIA Infinity inspects most types of multiple page documents: long manuscripts, booklets, magazines, catalogs, labels and more. With AVIA Infinity’s automatic region of interest settings, different size format documents can be inspected in the same batch. AVIA Infinity is rich with... Read More
  • AVIA PDF Verify Software By Mnemonics Inc.

    AVIA PDF Verify is a cost-effective prepress software solution that compares electronic files. AVIA PDF Verify can be used to compare customer artwork with vendor proofs in prepress inspection. The software compares PDF files and can be used to check the integrity of pre- and post-ripped... Read More
  • AVIA Proofreading Systems By Mnemonics Inc.

    The AVIA Proofreading System enhances the performance of human proofreaders by unburdening them from tedious inspection. AVIA increases speed, accuracy, throughput, and productivity. AVIA compares combinations of electronic files and scanned documents, PDF and other electronic files, scanned... Read More
  • AviAngle™ Ledge Exclusion System By Bird-X

    AviAngle™ is a modular ledge exclusion system that prevents all pest birds and wildlife from landing on ledge-based areas. The smooth surface of the UV-protected PVC material prohibits birds and from landing and getting a stable foothold. AviAngle™ is resistant to virtually all weather... Read More
  • Avishock™ Bird Shock Track System By Bird-X

    Avishock™ shock track is an effective, low-profile solution that prevents birds from landing, roosting or nesting on building ledges. The electrified track delivers a startling, yet harmless, electric shock that conditions birds to stay away from the treated area. Avishock™ is a non-lethal,... Read More

    Spray Drying technology is widely used in the industry for converting liquid solutions/suspensions/slurry/emulsions to powder, granules or agglomerates. The advantages of spray drying are consistent product quality, with better control of product parameters like product moisture, bulk density,... Read More
  • Award Winning JetFlex Technology™ By Adcraft Labels

    JetFlex Technology™ – The Digital Flexo Hybrid Press Imagine integrating the best of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one custom label. Now, imagine all of these capabilities on one press and executed in one pass. With JetFlex Technology™, in one pass you can now integrate: -... Read More