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  • Eagle Equipment By Power Monitors, Inc.

    The Eagle series of power analyzers are the smallest, lightest full function power quality analyzer currently available. Eagle Wireless power quality analyzers are the first digital power quality analyzers to wirelessly provide real-time power quality measurement. Read More
  • Earn QA Accreditation from Compliance Insight! By Compliance Insight Inc

    According to FDA regulations, employees of pharmaceutical, medical device and biopharmaceutical companies are required by law to be trained in current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Many have a made a commitment to their customers, to their clients and to themselves to make Quality a... Read More
  • EasyPrint III By BELL-MARK

    The newest advancement in a successful series. Our NEW EasyPrint series sets new standards for packaging printing. Continuous or Intermittent mode, speed, print resolution, installation position, there are no limits. Therefore our new product line EasyPrint III is nothing other than the logical... Read More
  • EasyPrint MLP By BELL-MARK

    Multi-Lane Traversing Thermal Transfer Printer. The EasyPrint MLP is designed for versatility. The EasyPrint MLP is the ideal machine for in-line printing of batch codes, graphics, logos, sell-by dates, bar codes and other variable information. The thermal transfer technology prints directly... Read More
  • Eclipse By Power Monitors, Inc.

    Designed for 25kW to 1000kW Distributed Energy Resource (DER) control and monitoring. The Eclipse is packed with features including dry contact outputs, 120V digital inputs for inverter status, email and SMS alerting, voltage, current, and power monitoring, SCADA compatibility and more. Read More
  • Eclipse 5300 Automated Dissolution Sampler By Distek, Inc.

    The Distek Eclipse 5300 Automated Dissolution Sampler offers rapid, accurate sampling using precision syringe pumps. The elimination of valves and rotary pumps along with the optimized sample pathway with a minimal 4.5 mL internal volume increases reliability while reducing common sources of... Read More
  • Eclipse™ Intermittent Motion Cartoner By MGS Machine Corp

    Cartoner designed for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care applications. Capable of handling a wide range of carton styles and sizes. Open access guarding. Modular product infeeds. Quick, accurate changeovers. Commissioning documentation included. The Eclipse's unique infeed offers a... Read More
  • ECM Mixer By LFA Machines

    The ECM High Efficiency Powder Mixer from LFA Mixers is our tastes high shear mixer. Able to mix batches from 20-200kg in a matter of minutes. With 4 bin sizes of 100, 200, 300 and 400 letters, it can be built to suit the requirements of your business. Read More
  • ECO Continuous Solvent Recyclers By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

    Tank constructed in Teflon coated 304 stainless to guarantee longevity. Condenser vapor cooling via chilled water. Automatic load includes liquid paraffin injection to facilitate easy discharge. Automatic shutdown sensor to protect against residue discharge without proper waste drum placement.... Read More
  • ECO Models Solvent Recyclers By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

    The ECO models, available in 37, 53, 105, and 160 gallon capacities are the ideal solution for medium to large generators who require high productivity with low worker intervention. With a conical shaped boiling tank, automatic load system and waste unload these units exhibit virtually hands... Read More
  • ECOM™ - Extended Capacity Outsert Module By MGS Machine Corp

    • Interfaces with the MGS TopSerter II™, SideWinder™ or certain other OEM machines • Loading trays into the finger-safe conveyance system is ergonomically friendly, safe, easy and quick • Covered or sleeved trays are not required which saves material cost. • Tool-less changeovers accomplished in... Read More
  • EDAX EDS Systems By EDAX Inc.

    EDAX offers three different EDS systems: The Element EDS System delivers powerful analytical capability in a compact package, maximizing performance and flexibility, while providing streamlined operation to guarantee fast results and ease of use. It is focused on the industrial market, where... Read More
  • EDL-4S CO2 Data Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    With the EDL-4S you can obtain Temperature, RH, CO2 and Vibration profiles in a compact low-cost 4-channel LCD data logger! Use either as a stand-alone device, or as a Wireless Data logger when connected to our separate WiFi Reader Station. This device is perfect for mapping your warehouse,... Read More
  • EDL-BT04 Humidity Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    The EDL-BT04 is a power-saving wireless temperature and RH data logger, using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This device uses a state-of-the-art Nordic N51822 chip design. Now collect temperature and RH measurement values on your Android phone and email data files anywhere in the world. Up... Read More
  • EDL-LN 2 By Marathon Products Inc

    DUAL SENSOR THERMAL DATA LOGGER —OPERATING RANGES: INTERNAL SENSOR -29°C TO +72°C & EXTERNAL PROBE -200°C TO +72°C With one sensor for ambient range temperatures inside the case, and one external probe that monitors cryogenic temperatures from -200°C (-328°F) to +72°C (+162°F) this data logger... Read More
  • EDL-Net Data Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    Use our Ethernet enabled EDL-Net data loggers to enjoy real-time temperature data collection and monitoring at anytime, from anywhere in the world over a local network or via an internet connection. Leverage your existing LAN with the built-in RJ-45 jack for CAT-5 LAN, or an Ethernet-to-WiFi... Read More
  • EDL-Wifi Data Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    Use our WiFi-enabled EDL-WiFi data loggers to enjoy real-time temperature data collection and monitoring at anytime, from anywhere in the world over a local network or via an internet connection. Leverage your existing WiFi network with the built-in WiFi b/g/n connectivity to avoid expensive... Read More
  • EDTA Sterile Ophthalmic Solution By Edge Pharma

    Edge Pharma offers Edetate Disodium (EDTA) 1.5% and 3% sterile solution for topical ophthalmic use. As an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing facility Edge is able to produce EDTA non-patient specific (i.e. no patient names required to order). In addition, room temperature storage and extended BUD... Read More
  • Effer-Soda By SPI Pharma

    Effer-Soda® is a highly stable free flowing powder that is highly compactable and non-hygroscopic. It effectively protects against premature effervescence by reducing the moisture sensitivity of the formulation. This is accomplished through a proprietary process that modifies the surface of the... Read More
  • Electric Actuators By A-T Controls Inc

    -WE/XE/SE Series: Weather Proof, Explosion Proof, & Submersible Electric Actuators -XC Series: Explosion Proof Actuator (CSA Approved) -KE Series: Worm Drive Weather Proof Actuator -FSE Series: Fail Safe Spring Return & BFS Series: Battery Backup Actuators -E-Series (Original Style) Triac®... Read More
  • Electric Heated Pure & Clean Steam Generators By BMT USA, LLC

    BMT Electric Pure and Clean Steam Generators are equipped with sanitary ASME pressure vessels made from 316L stainless steel. All connections on the vessel including the heating elements are sanitary and sloped drain. Piping in contact with feed water and clean steam is 316L with sanitary... Read More
  • Electric Steam Generator By Sussman Electric Boilers

    Small size, small capacity Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generators are perfect for industries that require efficient, high quality steam in laboratories, hospitals, computer rooms, pilot plants and for small intermittent, low-steam consuming loads. These generators are perfect for standby... Read More

    The Electro-Wash CZ Cleaner Degreaser is an all purpose cleaner for electronics that is nonflammable, non-ozone depleting, and safe on plastics. This fast drying precision cleaner contains Chemtronics’ Cirozane, which is based on HFE technology. It is excellent for removing grease, oil, and flux... Read More
  • ELISA Kits By Cygnus Technologies LLC

    These easy to use and highly sensitive ELISA kits are for the measurement of Host Cell Proteins and bioprocess contaminants. The kits are complete with ready to use reagents necessary to perform the assays. These kits feature: -96 removable strip well microtiter plate format that allows you to... Read More
  • Emergency Gynecologic Methotrexate Kit By Edge Pharma

    The Emergency Gynecologic Methotrexate Kit from Edge Pharma solves a major issue affecting hospitals and OB/GYN clinics. In facilities without a USP 800 compliant hazardous cleanroom, preparation and administration of Methotrexate is a challenge. With the EmGyn Emergency Gynecologic Methotrexate... Read More
  • Encapsulation Machine Parts By Leo's Engineering

    Leo's Engineering is able to manufacture out of White Delrin if needed. Leo's Engineering is able to fabricate picture of part above using Aluminum and surface coating treatment. Read More
  • Endotoxin Indicator Vials By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    The Endotoxin Indicator Vials are ready-to-use vials composed of E. coli O55:B5 (>1000 EU/vial) for performing depyrogenation validation studies to ensure that a process is effectively inactivating and/or destroying endotoxin. These vials may be tested using reagents from our PYROSTAR™ ES-F... Read More

    The Endozime Bio-Clean Enzymatic Detergent is a unique neutral pH multi-tiered enzymatic detergent designed to target insoluble polysaccharides allowing for the complete elimination of all Bioburden and Biofilm on semi-critical and critical medical devices by high level disinfectants or liquid... Read More
  • Energy Monitoring/Analysis/Management Solution-Energy AnalytiX By ICONICS

    ICONICS' Energy AnalytiX is a complete energy monitoring/analysis/management solution that monitors energy cost, consumption and the discharge of carbon into the environment. This easy-to-deploy calculation, aggregation, analysis and visualization platform delivers needed information for users... Read More
  • Engineered-to-Order Dry Vacuum Systems By Gardner Denver Nash, LLC

    Nash custom designs engineered-to-order (ETO) systems to deliver dry, clean, and safe vacuum solutions. Dry vacuum pumps are engineered for rigorous, non-stop demands of tough industrial and process application environments. Our dry screw vacuum pumps are high-quality solutions, proven to... Read More
  • Engineering By PSC Biotech Corporation

    Engineering services for the Life Sciences is a key area of expertise for PSC Biotech. We provide engineering support, engineering drawings, engineering SOPs, redline P&IDs, support Preventative Maintenance and Product Specifications. We also provide Certification Programs for capital projects... Read More
  • Engineering/Consulting Services By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

    At Biomedical Polymers, Inc., we are ready to bring our 30+ years of medical plastics engineering expertise to your project. Serving the research, biomedical, and medical diagnostic laboratory markets, our constant focus on new trends and technologies in plastic materials and manufacturing... Read More

    We make every effort to offer a full spectrum of up-to-date knowledge and information on cleanroom equipment and supplies and associated components from over 500 manufactures. Read More
  • Environmental Monitoring Products By Remel

    We are setting industry standards by offering an extensive line of Contact and Settling Plates to meet your environmental testing needs. Both irradiated and non-irradiated media are available, allowing you to select the level of sterility assurance you need to monitor surfaces, air, and... Read More
  • Enzymes By Creative Enzymes

    Creative Enzymes offers a variety of enzyme products for applications in different areas, including industrial uses, research uses, and medical uses. The products are manufactured with strict quality assurance, which generates top-rated purity to support your studies in every application. •... Read More
  • EPIC Small Production Freeze Dryer By Millrock Technology, Inc

    The EPIC Small Production Freeze Dryer is the perfect unit for small scale production. It offers up to 30 sq ft of shelf area with a condensing rate of 40 Liters in 24 hours. With these specifications the price and performance of the Epic Small Production Freeze Dryer beats anything in its... Read More
  • Eptifibatide By PolyPeptide Laboratories

    Eptifibatide reduces the risk of acute cardiac ischemic events in patients with unstable angina who are to receive non surgery (conservative) medical treatment and those undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Read More
  • Equilibrium® By Bioiberica

    Equilibrium® is a natural and ecological product, which stimulates the physiological process that intervene during fruit set, containing a balance of specific L-α amino acids, polysaccharides (such as alginic acid and mannitol, among others) and betaines obtained from a selected extract of... Read More
  • Equipment Optimization By Techceuticals

    This involves a lot more than turning up the speed. Increasing productivity isn’t effective if machines get worn out or worse, damaged. Yet, that is what we often see. We can help evaluate the product, environment, equipment setup and operation to maximize performance reducing downtime and... Read More
  • ERB6-1418 Semi-Automatic Blister Sealer By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

    Starview’s semi-automatic rotaries are ideal for medium to high production requirements. Machines are offered in four and six-station designs with standard sealing areas of 14 x 18 and 18 x 24 inches. Rotary machines can be configured to produce all of the medical/pharmaceutical packages... Read More
  • ES Buffer By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    The ES Buffer is an endotoxin-specific buffer that is ideal for untreated LAL. Though all LAL reagents produced by FUJIFILM Wako are endotoxin-specific, other commercially available LAL reagents are not. Without this buffer, tests can activate (1,3)-ß-D-glucan when trying to determine the... Read More
  • ESD SPRAY BOTTLES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    These bottles and dispensers are developed with a new process of molding polyethylene bottles utilizing a concentrate that does not contain any Exthoxylated Tertiary Amine, which is widely used as an anti-static agent. These bottles will dissipate a static charge of +/-5000V in less than two... Read More
  • Ethos EX Extraction Labstation By Milestone Inc

    Milestone's Ethos EX extraction labstation is a high-performance microwave-accelerated system with some of the most advanced process control and safety features currently available. The Ethos system was created to give analysts an extraction platform just as technologically advanced as GC,... Read More
  • Ethos EZ Digestion Labstation By Milestone Inc

    The Ethos series labstations are high-performance microwave instruments for rapid sample preparation of trace metals for AA, ICP, and ICP-MS. These systems offers an integrated approach to microwave sample preparation with complete control of the physical and chemical reactions during the... Read More
  • EtO Sterilization Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization data loggers can be used to monitor, record and validate sterilization cycles. These rugged devices are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80°C, and are available in a temperature or temperature and humidity model. The EtO sterilization data... Read More
  • ExactaMix™ 1200 By Baxa Corporation

    ExactaMix Compounders utilize advanced software and barcode technology to help you increase productivity and reduce costs, while continuing to meet the high level of care demanded by pharmacy standards and regulations. The ExactaMix 1200 provides 12 ingredient ports, making it the ideal solution... Read More
  • EXCIPIENTS By Dastech International Inc


    Luer Slip Hypodermic Needles are available with proper authorization and specification of bore and length. Read More
  • Exenatide By PolyPeptide Laboratories

    Exenatide is a synthetic version of exendin-4, an insulin secretagogue with glucoregulatory effects. It displays biological properties similar to human glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1), a regulator of glucose metabolism and insulin secretion. Exenatide enhances glucose-dependent insulin secretion... Read More
  • Expanding MedPharm's US Presence with a New Manufacturing Facility By MedPharm Ltd

    Over the last 20 years, MedPharm has established a strong worldwide reputation delivering exceptional topical and transdermal solutions. Our new state-of-the-art facility in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, will be able to support clients in process development and small-scale commercial... Read More
  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support By Jenike & Johanson

    Problems that occur when storing, conveying, or processing powders and other bulk solids sometimes lead to litigation. Examples include: structural failure of silos, serious injury or death caused by solids equipment not performing as designed, inability to meet contract performance guarantees,... Read More
  • Explosion Detection and Control Systems By Fike Corporation

    Fike offers some of the most advanced control systems available in today’s explosion protection market. Fike’s detection and control Systems are pre-configured to recognize danger signs and make important decisions about when to activate explosion isolation and/or explosion suppression systems,... Read More
  • Extended Content Labels By CCL Label

    Expanded Content Labels (ECL) from CCL are the perfect label solution for displaying high quantities of patient information on healthcare packaging, utilizing multi-panel constructions. Changing regulatory requirements and multilingual information drive the need for expanded content in labels.... Read More
  • Extracts By Creative Enzymes

    Creative Enzymes is a reliable supplier which offers various kinds of extracts of the highest-quality, mainly including plant extracts. Besides, we also supply animal extracts, vegetarian powder, mushroom extracts, etc. Plant extracts are a class of plant-derived active materials, which exert... Read More
  • Extra-Wide Shrink Film By Gelpac Distribution

    The world’s go-to film for securely wrapping large objects. There’s no size limit—ANYTHING can be wrapped. Extra-wide shrink film, designed especially for wrapping oversized items or large equipment. Advantages • Lets you wrap and secure even the largest objects: machinery, equipment, boats,... Read More
  • Extruded Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Extruded Products are extruded rubber gaskets and other parts using ASTM, FDA, NSF, 3-A Sanitary, RMA, USDA and USP Class VI approved ingredients and/or materials, specifications and standards thereof as well as other Non- Metallic materials for various standard and customer specific applications. Read More
  • Extruders By B&P Littleford

    B&P offers extrusion solutions that are customized to your needs - from raw material dosing, to mixing, to downstream processing, in a broad range of throughput rates. To satisfy a variety of your application requirements, we use a modular and flexible systems approach to offer machines and... Read More
  • Eye - Ear Drops Filling Line By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    Eye Ear Drop Packaging Line Start from Turn Table, air-jet washing machine, filling, plugging and capping, labeling etc. or as per customer requirement Read More
  • Eye-Ear Drops Liquid Filling, Plugging and Capping Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    This machine is suitable only for plastic vials. It consists of a SS hopper mounted at the top for vial storage. The capacity varies depending upon the size and shape of the vials.Injectable Liquid Filling Machines, Vial Filling Machine, Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine, Dry Powder Filling... Read More
  • EZ Heater® By Hydro Thermal Corp

    The EZ Heater® is the most efficient and easy to use water heating steam valve available on the market. Use it for utility or process water heating in multiple applications. This patented steam valve uses 100% of the steam's energy to heat water and replaces heat exchangers, spargers and... Read More
  • ezfill 4500 Dissolution Media Heating, Degassing and Dispensing By Distek, Inc.

    Many of the main causes of false dissolution test and qualification failures are related to media de-aeration and dispensing. The ezfill 4500 makes media preparation simple and error free. It’s unique in-line heating with vacuum degassing and dispensing allows for a very compact design. The... Read More