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By United Pharmatek, LLC.

Model FCS Series Advanced Film Coaters are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, chemical, food, and confectionary industries. This machine features high quality, advanced design and is manufactured in conformance to the cGMP standard. They are high-efficiency, energy saving, and... Read more »

By United Pharmatek, LLC.

Model FCS Series Advanced Film Coating Machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, herbal, chemical, food and confectionary industries. Featuring high quality-advanced design and manufactured in conformance to the cGMP Standard. United Pharmatek's film coating machines are an... Read more »

By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

Starview’s automatic rotaries are ideal for high production requirements. Machines are offered in six and eight-station designs with standard sealing areas of 14 x 18 and 18 x 24 inches. Rotary machines can be configured to produce all of the pharmaceutical packages including wallet unit dose... Read more »

By LFA Machines

24,000 to 228,000 Capsule per Hour - The FACF is fully automatic to reduce labour costs and increase profitability. #00 - #5 and Supro/safety capsule sizes A-E - The FACF is flexible in what size capsules it can produce. If you need to be able to produce a variation of capsule sizes, we sell... Read more »

By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

The Falling Ball Viscometer . . . Newtonian measurements made simple and easy! The Falling Ball uses the simple - but precise - Hoppler principle to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquid by measuring the time required for a ball to fall under gravity through a sample-filled tube. This... Read more »

By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

The Falling Dart Impact Tester covers the determination of the energy that causes Polyethylene Film to fail under specified conditions, with the impact of a free-falling dart. This energy is expressed in terms of weight (mass) of the dart falling from a specified height, which would result in... Read more »

By Admix Inc.

The Fastfeed® powder induction and dispersion system delivers controlled feed rates up to 500 lbs/minute, depending on the powder. This integrated, skid-mounted system uses a specially designed liquid ring pump and Admix’s Dynashear disperser technology for rapid incorporation and wetting out of... Read more »

By LFA Machines

The FBM Fixed Bin Mixer form LFA Mixers is the largest mixer we do. With a capacity ranging from 200-10000L, it is able to hold up to 5000kg of your product for mixing in a single batch. With an extremely simple construction, this machine is both reliable. It comes as standard with all contact... Read more »

By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

An integral part of many powder handling systems is the valve or “feeder” that feeds your product into the process. Determining what kind of feeder to use depends on the way you need your powders discharged into your process. We offer a variety of feeders and valves to accommodate virtually any... Read more »

By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

K-Tron feeders provide high-accuracy feeding solutions to handle a wide range of ingredients–from chocolate chips to fiberglass and from floodable powders to waxy liquids. The K-Tron Feeders product line includes the new bulk solids pump (BSP), volumetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, weigh... Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Felypressin is a synthetic derivative of Vasopressin with similar actions.It is mainly used as a vasoconstrictor in local anaesthetic injections for dental use when sympathomimetic agents should be avoided. Read more »

By Scientific Asset Management, LLC

Bionet Engineering Fermentors, BioReactors & TFF. Complete line of NEW fermentors ranging from a single 1 litre vessel for the laboratory to large scale production CIP, SIP reactors. Manufactured in Spain. Not to be confused with Bionet products from other parts of the world. Please call for... Read more »

By Fike Corporation

The pharmaceutical market demands stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements. Fike pressure relief products help improve performance, reliability and extend the service life of your equipment, while its explosion protection equipment protect valuable equipment and lives. Fike offers a... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

The Filac 3000AD Electronic Rectal Thermometer Complete System utilizes advanced technology to provide the industry's most accurate and fastest readings in multiple easy-to-use formats. Read more »

By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

We have incorporated the latest technology and innovations into the construction of the fillers and cappers we build. Decades of experience combined with an endless quest for perfection produce machines of unrivalled quality. This approach allows machines to be designed to optimize a customer's... Read more »

By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

If you manufacture products using powders, it may mean that one or more of your ingredients comes to you in large bulk bags (big bags, super sacks, FIBC’s) of varying sizes. This means that you are faced with having to address the following challenges: - Getting the product from the process to... Read more »

By Bausch & Stroebel Machine Company Inc.

Output up to 36,000 bottles/h Our product range comprises a selection of bottle filling and closing machines in various capacity ranges to meet every requirement: • Fully automatic, intermittent-motion rotary machines for medium capacity • Fully automatic, intermittent-motion linear machines... Read more »

By Bausch & Stroebel Machine Company Inc.

Output up to 60,000 syringes/h Our product range provides ideal machines for the operations filling and closing to meet every capacity requirement: • Filling and closing machines for processing syringes in nests Sterile, ready-to-fill, single-dose syringes supplied in a nest are filled fully... Read more »

By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

Linear Thermal Shrinkage or Free Shrink is defined as the irreversible and rapid reduction in linear dimension, in a specified direction, occurring in film exposed to elevated temperatures. Shrinkage in this way is related to the material of the film and internal stresses locked into the film... Read more »

By Fluid Line Technology Corp.

BPE compliant / Sanitary design Optional vent bleed valve available Easy draining and sampling for integrity testing Available in single and multi-round housings with various inlet and outlet connections Designed to prevent build-up and entrapment of contaminants Bayonet style filter base for... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

MAC 10® Original The Envirco® MAC 10® fan filter unit was the first (FFU) to combine low sound, low watts and a low profile. Measuring only 51 dBA, the MAC 10® Original Standard 2 x 4 ft. (600 x 1,210 mm) provides one of the lowest sound levels of any FFU in the industry. MAC 10® IQ The MAC 10... Read more »

By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

As a global leading pharmaceuticals and medical devices online platform, Drugdu(Ddu) is dedicated to accelerating cross-border trading of medical products. Now we have established distribution channels for over 100,000 suppliers and buyers within worldwide, providing business opportunities and... Read more »

By Fike Corporation

Fike’s FAAST is very early warning fire detection featuring the latest in fire alarm aspiration sensor technology. Compatible and complementary to each of Fike’s fire alarm and fire suppression systems, this smoke sensor technology uses an advanced, intelligent smoke detector that actively draws... Read more »

By LFA Machines

LFA fixed MTF Lift with Granulator comes in different models with different capacities. Read more »

By Fluid Energy Equipment Company

The ThermaJet flash dryer is a recirculating loop flash dryer utilizing a combination of temperature and pressure to dry and deagglomerate any wet solid, slurry, centrifuge or filter cake. Recirculating gases and deagglomeration ensure maximum thermal efficiency while achieving moisture... Read more »

By Frewitt

FlexMill Crusher

Crushing and milling in one machine. The Frewitt FlexMill CC3 crusher , with a quick simple change of the tooling, is also the FlexMill OW-3 oscillating mill. After crushing the product in a first-step, an operator can easily remove the crusher tooling, replacing it with OscilloWitt mill... Read more »

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By Frewitt


Frewitt, a world leader in powder size reduction technologies, presents FlexMill-Lab, a revolutionary, modular, milling solution for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical and food industries. This patented innovation was developed specifically in... Read more »

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By NuGeneration Technologies LLC

Developed in conjunction with industry specialists, FloDynamix’ FD-400 (Four-Channel) and FD-200 (Two-Channel) air sampler models are advanced semi-automated programmable air and gas samplers. These air and gas samplers are designed to collect air or gas samples from various environments and... Read more »

By A-T Controls Inc

Floor Mounted Damper Drives

TRIAC® Floor Mounted Damper Drives Available in Pneumatic or Electric Configurations -Pneumatic Floor Mount Damper Drive Options -Electric Floor Mount Damper Drive Options Various Applications: Floor Mounted Damper Drives Dampers | Vanes | Van Axial Fans | ID Fans | Louvers | FD Fans | ID Fans... Read more »

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By Y.K.T.G.

Flow-through filter holders are designed to filter large volumes of liquid through flat disk membrane filters, with a diameter of 47, 90, 142, 293 mm. Filter holder for flat membrane filters is a distribution device which can be connected to a drain adapter or a vacuum distributor. The... Read more »

By Fluid Air

Design flexibility ensures peak performance for fluid bed dryers, granulators, and coaters. Customize, upgrade and retrofit your fluid bed system from R & D to full production. Superior granulation and spray distribution, agitator in bowl bottom eliminates dead spots when drying/granulating.... Read more »

By Biofluid Focus Inc.

PFA and FEP bottles exceed current market standards for uniformity and cleanliness. Proprietary molding process is performed under controlled environment. Bottle sizes from 100ml to 2L. have GL45 closure system. Resins contains no animal derived materials (free of BSE/TSE), plasticizers,... Read more »

By Storopack , Inc.

Storopack's FOAMplus® foam packaging is a high-quality protective packaging solution that adapts to the contours of the product and protects your goods against possible transit damage due to impact shock and vibration. Whether they're heavy, fragile or awkward shapes FOAMplus® offers the... Read more »

By Winter Technologies LLC

Full line of ASME-BPE compliant tubing and fittings. for-BPE is produced in accordance with the ASME-BPE standard. It meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME-BPE surface standard SF1 and SF4. Read more »

By NuGeneration Technologies LLC

Soluble Oils, Coolants & Cleaner Mixers The Force-Flo Mixer blends and dispenses coolants, synthetics and mild chemicals with water automatically for uniform emulsion at any proportion. The mixer inserts into any 15, 30 or 55 gallon drum. We also have a new 5-gallon pail model. Plant water line... Read more »

By Being Scientific

Forced-air Drying Oven

The BOF Forced-air Convection Drying Oven series distributes heat evenly inside the chamber with an integrated fan. This is ideal for drying protocols with very tight temperature requirements. The 4.3-inch touchscreen controller provides fast, accurate, and uniform heat displacement. Users can... Read more »

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By ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

EPDI now offers formulation development services to complement the existing broad array of outstanding analytical capabilities. As part of EPDI’s strategic growth and in part due to the enthusiastic requests from our customers, EPDI has expanded its offerings to include this important service.... Read more »

By Baxter BioPharma Solutions

Helping to overcome technical challenges, including process and formulation development, technology transfer, and analytical methods development, BioPharma Solutions’ scientific teams are skilled in the development of solutions, suspensions, and freeze-dried dosage forms to help optimize product... Read more »

By MedPharm Ltd

MedPharm has more than 20 years experience developing topical and transdermal formulations. We can begin as early as API screening and we support pre-formulation activities, lead formulation selection, formulation optimization, and reverse engineering. We have had a role in taking over 55... Read more »

By Techceuticals

You can join us in our Lab or we can come to you to fix and improve common flow, compression and ejection problems. Often overcoming capping, sticking, delamination, friability, hardness, disintegration and dissolution issues simply by enhancing the way in which ingredients are prepared. This... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

Standard Features - Seat: Round, 13" diameter, made of 18-gauge steel with formed flange and no sharp edges. Base: 4 leg fixed height base made of 7/8", 18 ga. steel tubing with a 16" diameter. Metal Parts: AJ Series chairs have a powder-coated finish as standard. Color Choices: Black, Almond,... Read more »

By Cura HR

We offer outsourced leadership, oversight and support at the level you need. Whether you are a small business with big growth plans, tackling a new project that would benefit from senior HR leadership or trying to keep up with your rapidly increasing headcount, Cura’s team of HR experts will... Read more »

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By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

FREE-SAT™ presaturated wipes have four clean-cut edges as opposed to having long, stringy loose fibers on two sides due to perforating. These 7” x 7” wipes are packaged in handy containers that allow the user to open, remove a wipe, and close the container with one hand. Hence freeing up the... Read more »



By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

[Specification] After reconstitution in vial form, each 0.5 ml/dose contains Hepatitis A live attenuated vaccine ≥ 6.5 LgCCID50 [Route of Administration] Subcutaneous injection [Shelf life] 24 months [Highlights] •H2 strain is recognized by WHO •Only one dose is needed to provide sufficient... Read more »

By Frewitt

Frewitt DelumpWitt

In one step, the Frewitt DelumpWitt is a single, in-line process for both crushing and milling. The unit is a cGMP design and easily breaks down and cleans up between products. You could put blocks of material (ie: as large as solidified 50 lb. bags of material) that have become hardened over... Read more »

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By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

Friendly Green single ply wipes are low linting, very absorbent, soft and will not scratch. They are excellent for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces. Because they are very low in lint and chemical extractables, they will leave surfaces very clean. Please help us stop the destruction of... Read more »

By High-Tech Conversions Inc

Friendly Green™ single ply wipes are low linting, very absorbent, soft and will not scratch. They are excellent for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces. Because they are very low in lint and chemical extractables, they will leave surfaces very clean. Please help us stop the destruction... Read more »

By Tekscan Inc.

The F-Scan® system is available with different data collection options including wireless, tethered and datalogger. In addition to our standard ultra-thin sensors, we offer long handle sensors for use inside boots, rugged sport sensors and XL sensors for unique applications. Learn more about the... Read more »