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By United Pharmatek, LLC.

United Pharmatek introduces the latest automatic bottle labeler, used to perform efficient and stable high speed labeling without creating tension or breakage of the label while running at high speeds. The intelligent PLC Servo Labeling System can respond fast, scans and remembers label sizes... Read more »

By Filamatic

The Filamatic H Series liquid filling machine provides quick, accurate and advanced straight-line filling. The horizontal position of the filling units allow for the ability to handle a wide variety of products from free-flowing or water-thin to viscous or thicker products. The H Series can... Read more »



By Hutchins & Hutchins

Open and Closed Loop Hangers Two-Piece Hangers Hanger Bar Kits Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

The The Legend Hardwall Once-Thru Design Cleanrooms are standard, once-thru designs also known as single-pass. Ambient air is drawn into the SAM Fan Filter Units at ceiling level. The filtered air passes into the cleanroom and is transferred out of the room through grilles at the bottom of the... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

The Legend Hardwall Recirculating Design Cleanrooms are ideal when temperature or humidity control is required. The conditioned air inside the plenum space is drawn into the SAM Fan Filter Units and the filtered air then passes into the cleanroom. The air from the cleanroom is forced into the... Read more »

By Filamatic

The Filamatic H-CE Molten Products Filling Machine effortlessly fills liquids or liquefied solids such as stick deodorant, anti-perspirant, lipstick, lip balm, candle wax and petrolatum base products with ease and precision. The Controlled Environment (CE) heating system warms the product and... Read more »

By Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.

Holding up to 703 kilobytes of secure, encrypted information, a manufacturer can incorporate the HD Barcode into printed materials such as cartons, labels, or containers, allowing positive identification to their products. HD barcode can contain additional covert features and their printed... Read more »

By Beijing Xinyi Huida Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

The design can be customized to meet your specific needs. It is a Gel-Patch coater used in production lines, including produce for Flurbiprofen, Lidocaine, Indometacin, Keptoprofen, etc. PLC system, Siemens user-friendly human-machine interface, high-level of automation. Evenly spread... Read more »


Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited is a manufacturer of medical and laboratory equipment. We have established an extensive sales and service netword world wide, which enables us to provide high quality products and services for clients. Read more »

By Pretium Packaging

Pretium Packaging serves the unique requirements of the manufacturers of healthcare and pharmaceutical products with a broad range of stock and custom packaging. We maintain Drug Master Files in many of our facilities to assist our customers with compliance specifications and other technical data. Read more »

By Pfaudler Inc

Complete custom designed exotic alloy heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, food, flavor & fragrance and neutraceutical industries. Process wetted materials can be Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Hastelloy®, glass-lined (Glasteel®), or plastic lined. All types of heat... Read more »

By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

Industrial Decorating Solutions Division's business units, United Silicone and CER, manufacture a complete line of standard and custom hot stamp and heat transfer machines. Our standard hot stamping machines range from 1/2-ton to 24-ton, while our automation department offers complete... Read more »

By A-T Controls Inc

Heavy Duty / Scotch Yoke Actuators -THD Series: Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Actuator -SY Series: Small Steel Scotch Yoke Actuator Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

High-quality ready-prepared plated, bottled and bagged media for environmental monitoring and product testing. Read more »

By Sensum

HELIX Core Lifting, Dedusting and Polishing of Tablets, Capsules and Softgels Machine for vertical lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels of various shapes and sizes. The products are conveyed in gentle manner to different heights at adjustable speed,controlled via user... Read more »

By Factory Direct Filters

The Aerostar HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters remove a broad range of airborne contaminants, including fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles. HEPA filters are used in final filter applications for hospitals, data centers, nuclear facilities, pharmaceuticals,... Read more »

By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

[Specification]0.5ml per container.0.5 ml per single human dose containing 10 μg of HBsAg. [Eligibles]The subjects susceptible to hepatitis B virus, under 16 years of age, especially newborns born to HBsAg and/to HBeAg-positive mothers [Action and use]The product can induce immunity against... Read more »

By Anritsu Infivis Inc

High Accuracy SSV-h Checkweigher Checkweighing pharmaceutical and industrial products is seamless with the SSV-h series. Equipped with a high speed and highly accurate force balance, every product is measured precisely to ensure each package contains the required amount of product. This line of weighing systems meets the... Read more »

By Clippard

The DV Series was designed as the next generation of Clippard’s original EV line of popular “Mouse” valves. The DV line of Minimatic® electronic valves are precision-built 2-way and 3-way control valves, utilizing a unique, patented valving principle. With a solid, sleek design, high flow rates... Read more »

By Miles Scientific

This narrow distribution 10u silica gel is suitable for preparative HPLC columns. Low cost makes this an attractive material when moderate efficiency is needed. Read more »

By Lonza Pharma & Biotech

The asset base at our Center of Excellence for HPAPI includes multiple lab-scale, pilot and clinical scale, launch and commercial scale production facilities, thereby providing for seamless development, clinical trial material manufacture and commercialization. Specialized HPAPI R&D labs and... Read more »

By Powdersize Inc

To meet the expanding need for milling potent and sensitizing compounds in a safe and effective manner, Powdersize has commissioned a new processing suite with isolator capabilities to accommodate growing market demand. Powdersize provides the necessary expertise in a full range of handling... Read more »

By Wells Lamont

• 100% continuous nylon filament makes this liner thin and comfortable • Fully launderable up to 30 times without shrinkage, reducing cost of replacement and waste disposal • Full finger length • Ambidextrous • Sold by the dozen pair Read more »

By Fluid Air

Pharmx high-shear mixers reduce downtime between batches with auto-cleaning and liftable tool systems. Optimized bowl creates efficient granulating and mixing up to 90% capacity for larger batches. Read more »

By Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.

Our rotary feeders are so efficient that even a smaller design will perform just as well. Thanks to the intelligent feeder design, product damage is almost history! A particularly clever feature is the modular design: you will receive a product matching exactly with your application, assuring... Read more »

By EDAX Inc.

The Hikari EBSD Camera Series is the next generation in electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) cameras, offering outstanding performance across the complete range of EBSD applications. Users no longer have to choose between speed and sensitivity, as the Hikari Camera Series offers both. All the... Read more »

By ProComSol, Ltd

Increase safety and productivity by accessing hard to reach HART devices safely from the ground Benefits: Access hard to reach instrumentation from the ground Improve plant personnel safety Easy instrument configuration using PC’s or Mobile's without bulky modules or wires Less clutter on desk... Read more »

By ProComSol, Ltd

HART Foundation registered compliant HART Modem with a USB interface. Connects your PC to your HART instruments for configuration and monitoring. Electrically isolated for enhanced safety and performance Features: HART Foundation Registered, Registration Number L2-06-1000-070 CE Certified, CE... Read more »

By Hoffer Flow Controls Inc

Manufacturer of turbine style flow meters designed to measure gas applications with high accuracy. Read more »

By Hoffer Flow Controls Inc

The Hoffer Sanitary Series of Turbine Flowmeters are designed and manufactured to comply with the latest edition of the ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment Standard for measuring process liquids where high sanitary standards are required. Tri-Clamp end fittings and 11 sizes available, 1/4” thru... Read more »

By Hoffer Flow Controls Inc

Flow meters and related electronics for the measurement of clean liquids and gases. Read more »



By PRO Scientific Inc

The DPS-20 Dual Processing System simplifies sample preparation by combining mechanical and ultrasonic (sonication) homogenizing and sonication into an automated, compact, noise controlled unit. Its unique design allows the use of each homogenizing method dependently or independently of each... Read more »

By B&P Littleford

Horizontal Batch Mixers (also known as Kneader-mixers) have two mixing blades that rotate towards each other at differential speeds inside a ?-shaped trough. Each blade moves the material in opposite direction thereby providing excellent cross mixing of all raw materials. The blades pass the... Read more »

By Schneider Packaging Equipment

The Schneider Packaging Horizontal Case Packer is ideal for packing a wide variety of products into top-, side- and end-load RSC cases with options for HSC, POL, and FOL style cases at speeds up to 40 cases per minute. Read more »



By American Health Packaging

As a leading manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit-dose products, our oral solids and liquids help free up internal resources while allowing staff to commit more time to their core patient care competencies. Our portfolio simplifies one of the most complex parts of your job — reliably... Read more »

By ITW United Silicone

Industrial Decorating Solutions' brands, United Silicone and ITW CER, manufacture a complete line of standard and custom hot stamp and heat transfer machines. Our standard hot stamping machines range from 1/2-ton to 24-ton, while our automation department offers complete capabilities from... Read more »

By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

The design and development of the packaging system has come under close scrutiny with a great deal of emphasis placed on the integrity of the final product. Although factors such as type of package, materials of construction, size and desired outcome all add to the equation of flexible package... Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Human Parathyroid Hormone (1-34) is used for treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women who are at high risk for having a fracture. The drug is also approved to increase bone mass in men with primary or hypogonadal osteoporosis who have a high risk of bone fracture. Read more »

By Bioiberica

Dermatan sulfate is a linear polysaccharide formed by disaccharides containing GalNAc and IdoA with β linkages (1.4 or 1.3 respectively). Dermatan sulfate is a natural glycosaminoglycan found mainly in the skin, but also in blood vessels, heart valves, tendons, lungs, and intestinal mucosa. In... Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Complete system using Real-Time PCR for the identification of microbial isolates from environmental sampling Read more »

By LFA Machines

The HSTP Series of high-speed rotary tablet presses is a major innovation in tablet pressing technology, achieving very high levels of productivity and speed and offering exceptional refinements in terms of safety, efficiency, and quality of output. An LCD touch screen display panel makes these... Read more »

By Ardena This fast-evolving field uses nanoscale or nanostructured materials to impart unique pharmacokinetic and therapeutic effects such as enhanced dissolution rate and oral bioavailability, targeted delivery, enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity. The control of materials in the nanometer size... Read more »

By Powers Scientific, Inc.

Humidified Incubators If your research requires warm temperatures, controlled additive humidity (>60% RH), and little or no light – these chambers may meet your needs. With an operating temperature range of 18-50°C, ±1°C measured at the sensor, and two humidity source options to choose from, these chambers provide... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

The Hutch-Pak Polypropylene Spunbond Shoe Cover is manufactured from Breathable, Non-Woven, Anti-Static, Spunbond Polypropylene fabric and 100% Latex-Free. Ideal for transition between ‘clean’ vs ‘unclean’ areas. Ultrasonically welded with Anti-Skid Traction and Triple Elastic Runs allow a... Read more »

By Edge Pharma

Edge Pharma is an FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility which specializes in providing compounded sterile ophthalmic blocks, which are premixed ready-to-administer retrobulbar and peribulbar ophthalmic blocks dispensed in unit dose syringes. Bupivacaine 0.375% / Lidocaine 2% / Hyaluronidase... Read more »

By TurboFil Packaging Machines

TurboFil's hybrid capper is a proud TurboFil innovation. It combines the benefits of flexibility and easy changeover of a spindle capper with the precise torque and reliable cap handling offered by chuck cappers...All at up to 120 bottles per minute. ​Bottles enter the capper via parallel belts... Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Handheld, portable and high-speed particle counters for detection of particulate contamination in controlled environments Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Collection and detection of airborne microorganisms in controlled environments. Read more »

By Teledyne Leeman Labs

The Hydra IIAA delivers both performance and productivity. Its low, 1 ppt detection limits, fast sample throughput and high capacity, 270-position autosampler will enhance the productivity of any laboratory involved with mercury analysis. The Hydra IIAA incorporates new software which brings... Read more »

By Lifecore Biomedical

Lifecore has licensed the patented Corgel® BioHydrogel technology from the Cleveland Clinic. This biocompatible hyaluronan hydrogel is based on di-hydroxyphenyl linkages of tyramine substituted sodium hyaluronate (NaHy). Lifecore has completed ISO 10993 safety and toxicity studies on this... Read more »

By Hydro Thermal Corp

The Hydroheater® is the most efficient heat transfer device available for heating water miscible liquids, slurries and process fluids in all types of manufacturing processes, such as anaerobic digestion. The Hydroheater provides the following significant benefits: precise and accurate... Read more »

By Graco Inc.

Graco designs and builds a broad array of equipment specifically for sanitary manufacturing. These include applications for personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc. Read more »