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By Bioengineering

The classically designed, yet never duplicated laboratory fermentor: - Universally designed for a wide-range of applications with low operating costs - Medium volumes can be produced even if there is no steam available in your lab - Consistent design philosophy, the concept has never been... Read more »

By RENA by Quadient

Key Features - Applies Clear, Translucent & Paper Tabs - Applies 1-up Labels - 25,000 Pieces/hr - Integrated Feeder - Holds Standard Rolls (3" core) - Integrated Catch Tray The L-250 Tabber is one cool little machine. Most tabbers in its class can do paper tabs only. The durable design of the... Read more »

By Powers Scientific, Inc.

Lab & Chromatography Refrigerators

Classic, simple cabinet design with white, gray or black powder-coat finish and premium fabrication combine with high quality refrigeration engineering to provide a reliable, long lasting laboratory refrigerator. Chilled air briskly whisks throughout the chamber to maintain temperature at 4°C,... Read more »

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By Freund-Vector Corp

Lab and Pilot Systems Fluid Bed - VFC FLO-COATER®

The VFC FLO-COATER® System is uniquely engineered to meet the specific requirements for every installation. Every VFC FLO-COATER® is backed by Freund-Vector's comprehensive range of services, including product and process development, process scale-up and transfer, calibration and maintenance... Read more »

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By United Pharmatek, LLC.

United Pharmatek's Square Cone Blender is designed for ultra-uniform mixing of a wide range of products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light and related industries. Mixing Time and Rotation Speed is Controlled by SIEMENS PLC & SIEMENS PLC Touch Screen with Data recordable... Read more »

By Neway Packaging Corporation

Neway carries the top labeling lines for all things packaging. Whether you are printing warehouse barcodes or pharmaceutical cold storage vials. Brands: Nita, Sato, Pack Leader Read more »

By Sherpa Clinical Packaging

Sherpa offers a variety of manual and automated clinical labeling capabilities. Our team evaluates economic, regulatory, and clinical study design factors when designing your primary and secondary labeling to aid user compliance. Sherpa has established manual and automated labeling... Read more »

By Velocity Badge and Label

Custom printed labels for your DYMO® LabelWriter® series printers. These direct thermal labels are guaranteed to work effortlessly with your printer, providing the high quality print results you depend on using materials and construction specifically for DYMO® LabelWriter® printers. We can... Read more »

By The David Round Co.

The David Round Lab-Lift™ all-stainless steel cleanroom hoist represents an advancement in cleanroom material handling equipment design to further minimize the potential for contamination. It is specifically engineered and manufactured by David Round for demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing... Read more »

By IKA Works Inc Processes Division

Labor Pilot

The LABOR PILOT is a compact and multipurpose inline laboratory dispersing machine. It is designed for solid-liquid mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending and wet milling. The LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 is suitable for wide range of applications, particularly in the chemical, cosmetic,... Read more »

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By Fisher BioServices

Our sample processing facilities are located within our biorepositories, for integrated sample management. We can provide qualified and well documented genomic processing and biomarker assay services, fully integrated with our repository services, to support personalized medicine and accelerate... Read more »

By ErtelAlsop

ErtelAlsop offers the widest variety of pilot-scale filters for depth filtration. ErtelAlsop’s pilot-scale filters provide an optimal means of determining filtration requirements and sizing information at the bench scale. ErtelAlsop is more than happy to work with you to modify our existing... Read more »

By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

All types of laboratory and work gloves(latex, nitrile, polyethylene, cleanroom, chemical handling, cryogenics)available from Ansell, Microflex, Aurelia and High Five. Read more »

By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

An economic Laboratory Heat Sealer to help determine the sealing parameters of film, laminated films, coated paper and other flexible barrier materials. The IDM Lab Heat Sealer is used to measure the heat sealability of the web surface or sealant layer of materials. Short dwell time web... Read more »

By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

Model: L0002 & L0003 Series The Laboratory Press is designed for pressing or helping to form samples between two platens. Two digital temperature controllers enable the platens to be heated or cooled and even set process times for heating and cooling. A digital panel meter is used to display... Read more »

By Austin Company


UNIQUE SOLUTIONS TO MEET CLINICAL DEMANDS Every solution is unique and each comes with its own demands and opportunities. Our fully integrated team has deep knowledge of the industry, including: Good Laboratory Practices National Institute of Health Regulations U.S. and International GMP... Read more »

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By Hutchins & Hutchins

Hutchins & Hutchins offers cleanroom designs and components capable of controlling diverse workspace environments. We provide standard as well as customized designs, both freestanding and permanent, capable of isolating any work area while maximizing space. Industries that we regularly service... Read more »

By G-M-I, Inc.

Laminated Products consists of roll to roll or roll to sheet water based adhesive laminates supplied in their finished roll or sheet state or die cut into various shapes and sizes for customer specific applications. Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Lanreotide is a synthetic analogue of somatostatin, a naturally occurring inhibitory hormone which blocks the release of several other hormones, including growth hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), insulin and glucagon. Lanreotide binds to the same receptors as somatostatin, although... Read more »

By STRONGARM Designs, Inc.

Supersize your operator interface solution with Strongarm’s large screen display systems. Our large format display systems provide outstanding “viewability” for marquee graphics, digital signage, production control, and feature environmental and physical protection to ensure a trouble-free... Read more »

By Bird-X

Laser bird control is a well-documented way to deter pest birds. With a range of up to 10,000 square feet, Bird-X Lasers deter birds, bats, and small mammal pest species without harmful traps or chemicals. Bird-X offers two versions of bird control lasers — an indoor model and an outdoor model.... Read more »

By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

Latex gloves offer the perfect combination of strength, elasticity, slip resistance and comfort. Because of their significant thickness and durability, latex exam gloves perform well in high-risk, heavy-duty situations. Latex gloves are available in industrial and medical grade,... Read more »

By Gattefosse USA

Propylene glycol monolaurate (type II) EP/NF Oral •A water insoluble surfactant for use in self emulsifying systems to obtain a coarse dispersion ie. emulsion (SEDDS) or a fine dispersion ie. microemulsion (SMEDDS). •Bioavailability enhancer: increased oral bioavailability is associated... Read more »

By Gattefosse USA

Propylene glycol monolaurate (type I) EP/NF Oral •A water insoluble surfactant for use in self emulsifying systems to obtain a coarse dispersion ie. emulsion (SEDDS) or a fine dispersion ie. microemulsion (SMEDDS). •Bioavailability enhancer: increased oral bioavailability is associated... Read more »



By Lenox Instrument Company

The Lenox Videoscope LongRange System is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, remote imaging system for long-length inspections. The Videoscope LongRange System is well-suited for examining, without removing or disassembling, pharmaceutical processing equipment, vessels, valves, heat exchangers,... Read more »

By ErtelAlsop

In 1942 one of our engineers met with a customer in a parking lot and presented him with the very first stacked disc lenticular filter cartridge, the Disc-Pak®. The customer had requested a filtration system, which was enclosed and would allow for a fast change out when the filter became... Read more »

By Agron Remedies Private Limited

Brand Name : LEPIRIDE-25 Composition : Levosulpiride 25mg Packing : 10X10 Tablets Colour : Ponceau-4R Manufactured by Agron Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Marketed by Agron Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Contact : +91 8859000627 Email : [email protected] Read more »

By Edge Pharma

Edge Pharma is proud to provide LET Gel to hospital emergency departments, urgent care centers, pediatrician offices, and other qualified health care providers. LET Gel is a topical anesthetic consisting of Lidocaine, Epinephrine, and Tetracaine which is commonly applied to open wounds prior to... Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Leuprolide acetate is an analogue of Gonadorelin with similar properties. It is used for the treatment of prostate cancer. Furthermore, it is used for the treatment of central precocious puberty and in the management of endometriosis. Read more »

By Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Levelflex FMP53 for continuous level measurement for hygienically sensitive applications in the food and life sciences industry. FMP53 meets the hygiene requirements according to ASME BPE and USP Class VI. The unique in situ validation without dismantling from the process is a cost saving... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

Smooth Surface Tapered, Beaded Cuff 10" Length, Ambidextrous Leak Tested Meets or Exceeds FDA Requirements with 510(k) Registration Meets or Exceeds ASTM D3578-05 Standards Sampled in Accordance with MIL STD-105E Complies wuth U.S. Government 21CFR 177.2600 for Food Handling Length:... Read more »

By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

Dexter continues to be at the forefront of life science magnetic technology with the LifeSep® MX series of biomagnetic separator trays for microtiter well plates. Below is a listing of our standard offering which is available with customized options, including custom imprinting. Note: These... Read more »

By Custom Powder Systems, the Containment Company

Lift Systems

Column Lifts are used to elevate and accurately place bins, drums, tanks, and other equipment. Easily place containers over tablet presses, encapsulators or process tanks, or elevate containers between plant floor levels. Features: --Close containment --Ease of cleaning --Off-line storage and... Read more »

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By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

The IDM Light Transmission Tester provides a digital readout allowing you to quantify samples based on your in-house pass/fail criteria, and obtain consistent results while minimising your inputs. The Light Transmission Tester has been specially designed and manufactured to evaluate the light... Read more »

By A-T Controls Inc

Limit Switches

The Triac® APL Series Limit Switches feature high quality, easy to use, multiple option switch boxes for rotary actuators. Their die-cast aluminum housings are powder coated for corrosion resistance and feature open/close visual indicators, quick-set cams and easy access terminal strips. These... Read more »

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By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

The Automatic Linear Vial washing machine consists of the main structure, covered with SS cabinet safety acrylic doors (OPTIONAL), in-feed turntable, washing nozzles, out-feed conveyor, pumps with a tank, filter housing & cartridge, pneumatic components, motors & gearbox, and electrical panel,... Read more »

By Lugaia USA

Liner carriers, on the one hand, form the interface between the outlet and the continuous film package, and guarantee otherwise appropriate handling and protection. For each application specific requirements apply which we have taken into consideration when designing our standard carriers. This... Read more »

By Creative Enzymes

Lipid is one of the three major substances in organisms with vital biophysical functions. Firstly, lipid is the main storage form of energy and plays a key role in energetic conversion and transportation. Second, lipids contribute to the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins. Third, lipids are... Read more »



By Gardner Denver Nash, LLC

NASH liquid ring compressors have the greatest performance range worldwide. Our compressors work on discharge pressures up to 200 PSIG (15 bar abs.) with a suction capacity of 8,800 CFM (1,500 m³/h) or 9,400 CFM (16,000 m³/h). Thus, compressing gas to 30 PSIG (2 bar abs.) depending on the... Read more »

By Gardner Denver Nash, LLC

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are a reliable and durable solution for challenging process applications. Our liquid ring vacuum pump design was the first-of-its-kind at the turn of the 20th century and has been an industry leader ever since. Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, product... Read more »

By American Health Packaging

We hear time and time again that pharmacies prefer to avoid cumbersome in-house repackaging tasks. These tasks can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why we created Liquid Unit Dose. With similar features to our oral solids, Liquid Unit Dose leverages our reputation and manufacturing... Read more »

By Baxter BioPharma Solutions

At BioPharma Solutions, we can help our clients to meet their manufacturing needs for developmental, clinical, and commercial liquid vial fill finish. High-volume filling and multiple, dedicated vial-filling suites allow you to expand product supply simply and cost effectively. Our liquid vial... Read more »

By Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Liquiline CM442R is an easy-to-use, digital multiparameter transmitter for process monitoring and control in all applications - even where mounting space is limited. It saves you time and money through simplified and quick system integration, installation, and handling. The 1-/2-channel... Read more »

By L.B. Bohle USA

LM Laboratory Blender

The LM 40 laboratory blender is optimized for use in research and development. The blender's tine holder is used to hold containers with matching tubes. Optionally, square containers, drums, double-cone containers, V-shells, and other and other special containers. The laboratory blender's... Read more »

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By Storopack , Inc.

Storopack’s Loose Fill offers safe, efficient, and versatile all-around protection for your shipping goods. It fills voids, effectively blocks and braces products inside the carton, and is exceptionally resistant to shocks and high pressure. Storopack customers can choose between packaging chips... Read more »

By Bioengineering

The perfect link between laboratory and production: - Designed for scale-up or production processes - User-friendly and open-frame construction allows for easy installation and maintenance of this in-situ sterilizable fermentor, with steam heat exchanger - Modular design gives flexibility when... Read more »

By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

The LPS for Endotoxin Indicator is composed of E. coli O55:B5 (>100,000 EU/vial) and serves as a stock solution to prepare multiple endotoxin indicators for depyrogenation validation studies. The prepared endotoxin indicators may be tested using reagents from our PYROSTAR™ ES-F series. Key... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

Smooth and Textured Surface Low Protein and Contact Sensitizers Double Chlorinated Tapered,Beaded Cuff 9" & 10" Ambidextrous Leak Tested Total Protein Content<50ug/g of Glove (ppm) using Modified Lowry Method Meets or Exceeds FDA Requirements with 510(k) Registration Meets or Exceeds ASTM... Read more »