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  • MasterControl™ GxP Process Management Suite By MasterControl Inc.

    With more than a decade of experience in the rigorous FDA and ISO environments, MasterControl has developed an integrated software solution that combines industry best practices with the flexibility to meet every customer's unique needs. The MasterControl™ GxP process management suite... Read More
  • Mid Speed Double Sided Tablet Press By United Pharmatek, LLC.

    United Pharmatek's Automatic Rotary Tablet Presses (Pill Press) are mid-range mass production capacity, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceutical, chemical, and food industries to produce all types of round tablets and other irregular shapes tablets. Read More
  • MA160 Moisture Analyzer By Sartorius Corporation

    To be able to perform fast and precise analysis on a diverse range of product samples, you need a reliable instrument that gives you maximum flexibility. The MA160 uses the thermogravimetric method to determine the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances – conveniently, reliably... Read More
  • MAC 10 & ENVIRCO CEILING FILTER MODULES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    MAC 10 Original Fan Filter Module MAC 10 IQ Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-AC Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-DC Fan Filter Module Envirco HEPA Filtration Etc. Read More
  • MAC 10 & ENVIRCO FILTER MODULES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    PreFilters HEPA Fan Filter Modules Hepa Filter Stand Alone Units MAC 10 Original Fan Filter Module MAC 10 IQ Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-AC Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-DC Fan Filter Module Envirco HEPA Filtration Etc. Read More
  • MACH 5DX By RENA by Quadient

    Key Features: - One or two-sided printing - 3,600 letter size sheets/hr - 7,500 envelopes/hr - Full bleed capability - Automatic Capping & Cleaning Station - Built-in Top Load Friction Feeder - Five 250 mL ink tanks (CMYKK) We have added duplex ability to the Mach 5! It's the same exceptional... Read More
  • MACH 6 By RENA by Quadient

    Key Features: - Up to 8,000 #10 envelopes/hr - Full bleed capability - High-resolution 7" color touch screen display - Handles media up to 3/8" thick - Automatic Capping & Cleaning Station - Built-in Top Load Friction Feeder - Five 250 mL front loading ink tanks (CMYKK) Levaraging Memjet inkjet... Read More

    Key Features - 60 pages/min - Full bleed capability for up to 8.5" x 14" documents - 5,000 single sheet feeder capacity - Automatic Capping & Cleaning Station - Five 250 mL ink tanks (CMYKK) - Optional Automatic High Capacity Output Stacker The MACH 8 digital color printer incorporates the... Read More

    Key Features - Brilliant full color quality at 1600 x 1600 dpi - Roll-to-roll design for high productivity and ease of use - Digital platform allows for instant changes - Ultrafast color label printing at speeds up to 12 inches per second The Mach X Digital Color Label Printer is the perfect... Read More
  • Machine Controllers By Eurotherm

    For over 40 years Eurotherm has built an international reputation for developing premium quality, ‘fit for purpose’ products and solutions. The Eurotherm brands (Eurotherm, Action Instruments, Barber- Colman, Chessell, Continental and ERO) have long been recognized for leading the plastics... Read More
  • magicPLANT By IKA Works Inc Processes Division

    The IKA magic PLANT is a laboratory scale process plant for batch wise mixing and emulsifying of low viscous masses up to masses just about capable of flowing. The magic PLANT can be used for a great variety of applications. It is especially suited for processing of products from the cosmetics,... Read More
  • Magnetic Resuspension Device - Prototype By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

    The use of high gradient magnetic fields for the separation of particles is commonplace in the fields of immunology, proteogenomics, molecular biology, and other bio-medical industries. Dexter’s Industry-leading Engineers are working on a Magnetic Bead Resuspension Technology to assist the... Read More
  • Magnum Medical By Clamco

    Virtually guaranteeing package integrity, the Magnum Medical features a fully validatable sealing system for automatic packaging in barrier and Tyvek® Poly medical chevron pouches produced from tubing. The Magnum Medical is a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that utilizes tubing in... Read More
  • MAGNUM® Pilot Freeze Dryers By Millrock Technology, Inc

    Offering up to 20 sq ft of shelf area and a condensing rate of 30 liters, the Magnum Pilot Freeze Dryer stands out amongst the competition. This lyophilizer offers 30% more shelf area than most other units in its class. The Magnum Pilot Lyophilizer uses the most advanced PC/PLC controls,... Read More
  • MaisineTM 35-1 By Gattefosse USA

    Glyceryl Monolinoleate NF; Glycerol Monolinoleate EP Key Features •Oily vehicle for use in self-emulsifying lipid formulations to obtain a coarse dispersion ie. emulsion (SEDDS) or a fine dispersion ie. microemulsion (SMEDDS). •Bioavailability enhancer: increased oral bioavailability is... Read More
  • Manifolds and Showers By Spraying Systems Co.

    Custom designed manifolds to meet your application needs, for pharmaceutical, food processing, pulp & paper, lubrication and industrial. Read More
  • Mannogem Mannitol By SPI Pharma

    Mannogem® mannitol products offer a wide range of options for all oral dosage formulation applications. Our products are engineered to provide customized solutions to meet our customer’s specific processing needs. SPI Pharma is the leading manufacturer of mannitol-based products for the... Read More
  • Manual Tablet Hardness Testers By United Pharmatek, LLC.

    HT Series Tablet Hardness Testers are the requisite instrument in detecting the hardness of tablets. All of our lab instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with USP specifications. The Tablet hardness tester is used in the pharmaceutical industry to test the structural integrity... Read More
  • Manufacturing By Importfab Inc.

    Formulations: Creams, ointments, gels, lotions, liquids, suspensions. Processing: Laboratory and pilot batches to scale-ups Variable speed mixing Double-sided agitation Homogenization Trial runs on new products Manufacturing to your specifications (15 to 2,000 liters) Heating, cooling... Read More
  • Manufacturing By MedPharm Ltd

    MedPharm manufacture batches for toxicology testing and clinical trials and can create registration batches for generic submissions. Our teams have significant experience in filling, packaging, labeling, and despatch of all formulation types, ensuring they are ready for use in clinical trials... Read More
  • Manufacturing and Packaging By Swiss-American CDMO

    A proactive, team-based approach to projects is the hallmark of our manufacturing process. Your projects are planned and managed by a team of experienced and quality-focused manufacturing specialists. Our compounding, filling and packaging teams closely collaborate with our project managers and... Read More
  • Mar-Kov Software By Mar-Kov Computer Systems Inc.

    Mar-Kov helps leading pharmaceutical companies around the world achieve better lot traceability, inventory management, and raw and API ingredient control. Whether you are looking for certification, improve your ease of FDA compliance or just want to know what you need to buy to make what your... Read More
  • Mascara Packaging Line By Aesus Packaging Systems Inc

    Custom Tamp-On labeler With an integrated cartoner. Just one of the many custom machinery solutions we have built for our customers. Read More
  • Mass/Blend By Oden Corporation

    Mass/Blend® continuous stream liquid blending systems provide real time formulation, yielding superior product quality. For pilot plant to production scale blending of low to high viscosity liquids. Eliminates large liquid batch preparation and holding tanks. Provides real-time formulation. 0... Read More
  • Master Plant By IKA Works Inc Processes Division

    The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying system is a universal mixing system developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry in particular, but also in the food, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries. The plant is GMP-compliant and... Read More
  • MasterControl Audit By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Audit is an integrated audit management software system designed to meet the challenges of auditing against a diverse set of regulations and standards across a global supply chain. The audit management software solution is designed to be easy to use for small audit teams, but yet... Read More
  • MasterControl Clinical Suite By MasterControl Inc.

    The management of clinical trials is one of the most costly and time consuming processes in the development of a typical product. An effective clinical management software system can help companies save time, money, and resources and accelerate time to market. The number of parties involved... Read More
  • MasterControl Document Management By MasterControl Inc.

    Applying FDA regulation best practices for document management to the processes of an entire enterprise may seem like a daunting task. However, with MasterControl, it's really not that difficult. That's why hundreds of companies worldwide have turned to MasterControl for their document... Read More
  • MasterControl Pharma R&D By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Pharma R&D document management software system (DMSS) integrates advanced document control and management with training to create a system preconfigured for pharmaceutical companies' document and project management needs. The electronic pharmaceutical MasterControl system is... Read More
  • MasterControl QMS Event Management System By MasterControl Inc.

    Quality Management Systems (QMS) - such as MasterControl's combined QMS Total Advantage suite of Quality Event Management, Document Control, Supplier Control, Training Control, and Quality Event Management (QEM) specific solutions of QEM Ready Set and QEM Tailor Fit - are the crux of any... Read More
  • MasterControl Submissions Ready™ By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Submissions Ready™ allows organizations to accelerate the preparation and organization of submissions documents utilizing FDA- and ICH-compliant submissions templates in combination with MasterControl's unrivaled document management solution. MasterControl's integrated solution... Read More
  • MasterControl TotalMFG™ By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl TotalMFG™ -- a manufacturing quality management software system -- enables regulated manufacturers place products at market faster while maintaining compliance. MasterControl TotalMFG allows cross-functional teams to collaborate on critical documents and speed the development... Read More
  • MasterControl TotalPharma™ By MasterControl Inc.

    Managing documents, training, and business processes are activities shared by all pharmaceutical and biotech companies. MasterControl TotalPharma™ enables these companies to get their products to market faster while improving compliance. MasterControl TotalPharma has been specifically designed... Read More
  • Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps By Cole-Parmer, an Antylia Scientific company

    Engineered for long life, Masterflex® peristaltic pump systems provide superior accuracy and repeatability and ensure optimal performance when used with the proper tubing. These pumps offer the latest technology including MasterflexLive® cloud-enabled connectivity, easy control and tubing... Read More
  • Material Handling Equipment By Sterling Inc.

    Sterling is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of resin conveying, drying and blending systems. Products include bulk material storage, resin blending, simple beside the press loading, sophisticated central conveying and drying systems. Sterling equipment is designed to work... Read More
  • Material Handling Robots By Nachi Robotic Systems Inc.

    With a comprehensive lineup of robots, Nachi Robotic Systems is capable of meeting all the diverse material handling needs of today’s industry. Nachi robots supply the high speed and accuracy that material handling applications require while providing a variety of reach and payload options. With... Read More
  • Material Transfer Personnel Entry By Isolation Systems, Inc.

    Isolation Systems Inc. Designs, Engineers and Manufactures a complete line of Material Transfer and Personnel Entry, Decontamination and Airlock Systems specifically engineered for Cleanroom and Aseptic area control. All systems are Modular in design and construction, making them highly... Read More
  • Materials Characterization Techniques and Services By Triclinic Labs, Inc

    Whether, you require simple analytical services for materials identification, more extensive interpretation of analytical data, or development of analytical methods, we have the experience and techniques to meet your needs. Pharmaceutical (Drug Substance, Drug Product, Excipients, Raw... Read More
  • MC DecJet® By Dec USA Inc

    Particle size reduction is a key process in laboratories and small scale manufacturing, right through to full size production. Dec’s flexible, multi-format jet milling equipment is designed to satisfy the full range of these requirements. Available in open and contained arrangements our spiral... Read More
  • MCC SANAQ By Pharmatrans Sanaq AG

    Microcrystalline Cellulose MCC SANAQ® is a purified and partially depolymerized α–cellulose. High standards in the selection of the raw material and the ingredients for the production of MCC SANAQ® and strict observation of the manufacturing (GMP) guarantee a steady quality. MCC SANAQ® UL-002... Read More
  • MECO AH Model Shaft Seal By MECO Shaft Seals

    MECO AH series custom-engineered shaft seal is designed to eliminate the process of setting seal face pressures. For the user who must frequently sanitize seals, this means simple, trouble-free re-installation after cleaning. AHU unsplit and AHS split seals are particularly well-suited to food... Read More
  • MECO ExPac Model Shaft Seal By MECO Shaft Seals

    MECO Ex-PAC custom-engineered shaft seals excel in some of the least hospitable process environments. Ex-PAC seals are often used on extruder-compounders, reactors, dryers and other equipment where aggressive solvents and other chemicals are present. They can be used in applications where there... Read More
  • MECO HB Standard Screw Conveyor Shaft Seals By MECO Shaft Seals

    The MECO HB Seal for screw conveyors replaces standard wastepack housings. The HB Seal cavity is charged with low-pressure air or gas, which acts as a barrier fluid to provide pneumatic seal face loading. This is a simple and effective way to check installation integrity and monitor seal... Read More
  • MECO OFS Model Shaft Seal By MECO Shaft Seals

    MECO 's OFS-series custom-engineered shaft seals provide effective sealing of solids, liquids, vapors and gases in a variety of applications. The OFS is simple to install, and requires no flush or purge. The seal can be built with no elastomers, permitting its use with a wide variety of... Read More
  • Medical & Healthcare Decorating By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Medical regulations require strict compliance with both product performance and product decoration. ITW's Industrial Decorating Solutions Division offers a broad range of medical decorating solutions that are ideal for applying control numbers, expiration dates, lot codes, serialization, bar... Read More
  • Medical Device Packaging By HTI Plastics

    Versatility is the distinguishing characteristic of HTI packaging. Your product can be shipped to meet market demand including: •Bulk •Single Packs •Three Packs •Seven Packs •Heat Shrink Packs •Flow Wrap With so many packaging options, preparation for retail sale is easy and economical. Read More
  • Medical Device Tray Sealer By Atlas Vac Machine, LLC

    Whether you require a tray sealer, tooling nests or field service calibration, the engineers and technicians at Atlas Vac Machine are considered some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Atlas Vac sealers are available with: Direct Down-Force Measurement, Auto Electric Shuttle... Read More
  • Medical Devices By ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

    Over the years, ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc. has cultivated an expertise in the medical device field. Working closely with our customers we have been able to apply our expertise to a variety of medical devices for both performance and release testing. It takes a different approach to... Read More


    Blood Pressure Monitor Disposable Stethoscope Thermometers Medical Medication Therapy Pulse Oximeters Etc. Read More
  • Medical Nylon Liner By Wells Lamont

    100% continuous nylon filament creates an ideal barrier between hands and latex gloves • Protects hands from prolonged exposure to latex, reducing incidence of latex allergies and adverse reactions • Fully launderable up to 20 times without shrinking • Regular cuff, full finger... Read More
  • Medical/pharma-grade aluminium hydroxide (USP41) By Sino-Aluminas Ltd

    Application of pharma-grade aluminium hydroxide: commonly used as the main component of compound preparations for gastrointestinal antiacid drugs that used to treat heartburn, upset stomach, sour stomach, or acid indigestion. Chemical industry is used for catalyst carrier, colorant, stabilizer... Read More
  • MedPharm Announces Expansion and Upgrade of its UK Facility By MedPharm Ltd

    MedPharm Ltd has announced a £1.5M refurbishment of its 15,000 sq ft campus, that will increase its formulation development and analytical service labs in the UK. This investment is set to be complete by the fourth quarter of 2021, and will further support MedPharm's position in the... Read More
  • Melt Flow Indexer - Automatic By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Melt Flow Indexer is designed to determine the MVR and MFR of thermoplastic as well as test the high melt temperature such as PC, Fluor plastics and nylon, but also PE, PP, POM,PS,ABS resin which has low melt temperature. * PLC controlled * Touch LCD display * Automatic sample cut *... Read More
  • Merit for Life Science - GxP Documents By Merit Solutions

    Merit for Life Science GxP Documents is a complete document management and control solution that supports the comprehensive document lifecycle—from creation, development, review and publishing to change management and archival. With Merit GxP Documents, you can gain control of quality SOPs,... Read More
  • Merit for Life Science - Operations By Merit Solutions

    Merit for Life Science with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-first ERP solution intentionally tailored for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. It advances Dynamics 365 finance and operations functionality to help life science organizations drive increased process... Read More
  • MERV 11 Pharma Manufacturing By Factory Direct Filters

    For superior air filtration and efficiency, MERV 11 pleated filters offer significantly higher particulate efficiency. They capture airborne particles/allergens between 1 and 10 microns. MERV 11 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust... Read More
  • MERV 13 Pharma Manufacturing By Factory Direct Filters

    Over 30-times more efficient at capturing micro particles than ordinary fiberglass filters, these filters capture airborne particles/allergens less than 1 microns in size. MERV 13 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust Mites •Pollen •Bacteria •Mold •Micro... Read More
  • Met30+ Universal By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    This Metal Detector is used when the ultimate inspection standard is required. The Digital technology offers highest sensitivity in the market place. Read More
  • Met30+ Universal 3F/HF By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    MET 30+ Universal 3f/hf, multi frequency Metal Detector incorporating the high frequency for dry ingredients/products. Read More
  • Met30+ Universal Batchchek By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    Lock's MET 30+ Universal Batchchek Metal Detector is used for electronic recording, monitoring and audit trails. Read More
  • Met30+ Universal Pharmaceutical By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    A pharmaceutical Metal Detector used for Tablets and Capsules inspection at the outlet of the press now available with wash-in-place stainless steel reject. Read More
  • Met30+ Universal Vertical Fall By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    Information on metal detection systems which are designed to inspect bulk, free flowing powder and granule material. Read More
  • Met30+Universal VF Pharmaceutical By Lock Inspection Systems Inc

    Powders and granules inspection for inline processes, inspects at throughput rates up to 3250Kg/hr. Read More
  • METAL FINANCING By SABIN Metal Corporation

    We know how important your precious metals are to your processes. Depending on the need and based on Sabin management approval; we may be able to offer advances on your precious metals to keep your operations up and running. In some cases, we also offer leasing and guarantor capabilities. Read More

    We assist our clients in buying and selling precious metals, providing access to market rates and auction benchmarks, and advising on your future requirements. Read More
  • Methacholine Challenge Test Kit By Edge Pharma

    The Edge Methacholine Challenge Test comes as a pre-filled ready-to-administer set of 5 sterile solutions comprised of the following concentrations. Now with 90-Day BUD refrigerated storage. Read More
  • Methacholine Challenge Test Kit By Edge Pharma

    The Edge Methacholine Challenge Test Kit comes as a pre-filled ready-to-administer set of 5 sterile solutions comprised of the following concentrations. Now with 90-Day BUD refrigerated storage. Prefilled, color coded, barcoded unit dose syringes are simple, safe, and convenient to use. Every... Read More
  • Method Development By Particle Technology Labs

    •Method Development •Method Validation •Method Transfer Read More
  • Method Development, Optimization and Validation By SGS Life Science Services

    The expert personnel at SGS laboratories have extensive knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical method development and validation for raw materials, APIs, finished products, cleaning, and bioanalytical testing. We offer development and documentation of analytical protocols and reports for... Read More
  • MHL Hopper Lift By LFA Machines

    MHL Hopper Lift is a simple solution for your lifting needs. Comes in different sizes. Read More
  • Micro PTS* By Dec USA Inc

    Dec now offers a much-anticipated solution in the volumetric dosing of small quantities of powder. The product is filled in a calibrated chamber of variable volume by action of vacuum and emptied either mechanically by a piston or by applying pressure. The MicroPTS* is based on the PTS... Read More

    The SMA Microbial Air Sampler Systems are designed to test air within the clean room setting for discerning the level of viable contamination that is present in a volume of air. As one of the premier sampling methods in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 11 years, the SMA... Read More
  • Microbiology Services By Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc.

    Gibraltar Laboratories offers standard microbiological tests such as sterility USP <71>, bioburden, antimicrobial efficacy USP <51>, bacterial endotoxin USP <85>, Microbial Limits USP <61/62> and USP<2021/2022>, USP Cytotoxicity <87>, antibiotic assays USP <81>, mycoplasma and CCIT • Cleaning... Read More
  • Microcrystalline cellulose By NB Entrepreneurs

    SANCEL® Microcrystalline cellulose is widely used in pharmaceuticals, primarily as a binder/diluent in oral tablet and capsule formulations where it is used in both wet-granulation and direct-compression processes. Read More
  • microDL -200C Cryogenic Temperature Data Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    These high-precision laboratory-grade products will operate up to 3 years without a battery change. View current and stored data, prior to downloading to a computer, by scrolling through the screen displays, including high, low, elapsed time, alarm excursions and Mean Kinetic... Read More

    The highly porous symmetrical structure of the MICRODYN® membrane leads to extremely high permeability rates. The pore size distribution is very narrow making for sharp separations. The MICRODYN® membrane is very resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage due to its homogeneous... Read More
  • Micro-ingredient Feeder By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

    The low rate, Micro-ingredient Feeder line has been expanded to include interchangeable MT12mm and MT16mm twin screw feeding modules or MS12mm and MS16mm single screw feeder modules. Overall feed rate capacity is from 0.02 dm³ / hr. to 27 dm³ / hr. The new Micro-ingredient Feeder is ideal for... Read More
  • Micronization & Jet Milling By Powdersize Inc

    By designing and manufacturing jet mills in house, Powdersize is able to offer a wide variety of jet milling solutions to reduce the particle size of your drug product substance. Design features include: Sanitary design ideal for pharmaceutical use Multiple designs to create different grind... Read More
  • Micron-Master® Jet Pulverizers By The Jet Pulverizer Company Inc

    • Designed & Built to Serve Today’s More Demanding Applications • Simple Installation – Dependable Operation • Sharp Classification Plus Energy Efficiency • Mills or Complete Systems Buy or Lease – Your Choice Read More
  • microOP By OP/Station

    UL labeled, general purpose and hazardous locations Class I & II, Divisions 1 & 2 with purge kit. Among the world's leading manufacturers of industrial computer stations and mountings, we can design an operator interface to function in your application - regardless of your environment.... Read More
  • Micropilot FMR52 - radar level measurement By Endress+Hauser, Inc.

    For applications in aggressive liquids Micropilot FMR52 offers extraordinary advantages with its completely PTFE-filled and flush-mounted horn antenna. The FMR52 is also the sensor for hygiene-sensitive applications in the food and life sciences industry - ASME BPE, USP Class VI, 3-A and EHEDG... Read More
  • Microplates By Vitl Life Science Solutions

    Our range of microplates are suitable for micro-volume applications such as sample and reagent transfer and storage; ensuring maximum sample recovery when limited sample material is available. Transparent polypropylene ensures improved sample visibility and alphanumeric coding makes it easier to... Read More
  • MICROSCOPE SLIDES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Gold Seal Plain Microslides are pre-cleaned and offer polished, smooth ground or beveled edges to allow for easy handling and margin-free smears. They are manufactured from premium water-white sheet glass. Read More
  • Microscopy and Microanalysis Training Couses By Hooke College of Applied Sciences

    We offer a number of regularly scheduled courses, which can be viewed at courses. At Hooke College, we realize that your microscopy training needs may not be met with one of our standard courses. We can work with you to design a custom course to support your specific needs. Read More
  • MicroTS Manual Heat Sealer By Vitl Life Science Solutions

    The MicroTS is a fixed temperature manual heat sealer which is both convenient and easy to use. Thanks to its small footprint and compact design, you can keep it on your bench at all times, or use in your fume extraction hood. The MicroTS is ideal for sealing small quantities of plates and is... Read More
  • Mid Speed Capsule Filler By United Pharmatek, LLC.

    Our mid-speed automatic capsule filling machine is designed to fill hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets or granular materials. These machines are durable and reliable for filling empty gelatin capsule dosages to the highest accuracy. The operation of this fully automatic capsule filling... Read More
  • Milling Equipment By The Jet Pulverizer Company Inc

    Micron-Master® Jet Pulverizers comprise a complete line of advanced-technology jet energy mills designed to grind any type of crystalline or friable material, producing product in the size range of 0.25 to 15 microns. Micron Master® mills handle materials as diverse as talc and diamonds,... Read More
  • Mini-Monobloc Fill/Finish System By Filamatic

    The Filamatic Mini-Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging System utilizes advanced servo controls to provide a simple and cost-effective method for liquid filling, capping, labeling, and/or stopping. The Mini-Monobloc can accommodate plastic, glass, and metal containers, ranging in size from 0.5 ml to... Read More
  • MiniScan EZ By HunterLab

    MiniScan® EZ is a portable, reflected-color measurement spectrophotometer. You can take this lightweight, compact instrument wherever it's needed on the plant floor, the production line, the warehouse or outdoors. There is no need to take samples to the lab. MiniScan EZ gives you instant,... Read More
  • Mitomycin Bladder Instillation Syringe Kits By Edge Pharma

    Edge Pharma offers compounded Mitomycin bladder instillation syringe kits that include a 40mg/40mL pre-filled unit-dose syringe of Mitomycin, a closed system transfer device (CSTD), and catheter tip. The CSTD is attached by Edge in an ISO 5 environment according to CGMP. This solution solves the... Read More
  • Mitomycin Ophthalmic Solution By Edge Pharma

    Edge Pharma offers Mitomycin 0.2 mg/mL and 0.4 mg/mL ophthalmic solution packaged in a pre-filled unit dose syringe. Concentration = 0.2 or 0.4 mg/mL. Syringe Volume = 0.8 mL. Read More
  • Mixing Systems By Pfaudler Inc

    Pfaudler has been supplying glass lined mixer systems and fluid agitation applications assistance for glass-lined reactors since the 1930s. Through the years Pfaudler has been committed to meeting customer process objectives with well-manufactured, reliable industrial glass-lined agitator... Read More
  • MK180: Machine Knit Nylon Glove By CT International, Scientific Div

    Exclusive "3D" anatomical fit Strong and Durable Nitrile aerated palm coating Comfortable Fit Stays cool with high breathability Allows for custom fit Color coded for sizes for ease in laundering Full range of sizes Length: 10" (±0.5) Color: White and Grey Palm Width: 6" (±0.5) Packaging: 12... Read More
  • Mk360: Machine Knit Polycotton Glove By CT International, Scientific Div

    Exclusive "3D" anatomical fit Strong and Durable Rubber Palm Coating Comfortable Fit Stays Cool with High Breathability Allows for Custom Fit Color Coded for Sizes for Ease in Laundering Full Range of Sizes Length: 10" (±0.5) Color: Grey with Blue Palm Width: 6" (±.05) Packaging: 12... Read More
  • MMB Molecular MicroBiology By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

    Real-time PCR detection kits for: --Food Pathogen Detection --Mycoplasma Detection Read More
  • Mobile Cleanroom By Clean Rooms West, Inc.

    Cleanrooms on Wheels Mobile cleanrooms are either a custom designed modular hardwall cleanroom installed within a large steel structure that moves or a trailer that is outfitted as a cleanroom. These cleanrooms have the same features as conventional or modular cleanrooms with the difference... Read More
  • Mobile MasterControl Mobile By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Mobile is designed to enable remote personnel such as sales/service field employees, manufacturing workers, executives, etc., to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively wherever they are and whenever they have time. It allows users to access information within the... Read More
  • Mobile Solutions - MobileHMI By ICONICS

    With MobileHMI, real time access to critical data in industrial, manufacturing and building operations can maximize the value of any corporate data, improve ROI and overall business performance. Now with the use of mobile devices users have access to information 24/7 with insight into their... Read More
  • Model 2500 Benchtop/Mobile By Thunder Scientific Corp.

    The Model 2500 Benchtop Humidity Generator is a self contained system capable of producing atmospheres of known humidities using the fundamental, NIST proven, "two-pressure" principle. This system is capable of continuously supplying accurately known humidity values for instrument calibration,... Read More
  • Model 2500 RTD Water Bath Dissolution Instrument By Distek, Inc.

    The Distek Model 2500 RTD Dissolution System offers great flexibility and configurability. It can be configured as USP Apparatus 1, 2, 5 and 6 plus intrinsic dissolution. The extensive users, method and reporting storage capabilities are enabled by a brilliant touch screen. Patent pending... Read More
  • Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution Instrument By Distek, Inc.

    The Distek Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution System is the culmination of three generations of patented bathless technology with extremely short media heating times and dramatically smaller energy use. The system offers great flexibility and configurability. It can be configured as USP... Read More
  • Model 2500 Water Bath Dissolution Instrument By Distek, Inc.

    The Distek Model 2500 Dissolution System offers great flexibility and configurability. It can be configured as USP Apparatus 1, 2, 5 and 6 plus intrinsic dissolution. The extensive users, method and reporting storage capabilities are enabled by a brilliant touch screen. Unparalleled control of... Read More
  • Model 2900 Humidity Generator By Thunder Scientific Corp.

    Model 2900 Automated Humidity Generation System The Model 2900 Automated Humidity Generation System is a self-contained system and provides an extremely accurate means of producing atmospheres of known humidity using the fundamental “two-pressure” principle. This system is capable of... Read More
  • Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV Labeler By NJM Packaging

    The Model 326 AUTOCOLT™ IV labeler offers the ultimate in versatility, as well as servo-driven labelling precision. It handles a variety of container shapes and label configurations at speeds of up to 300 cpm, with a wide array of options available. The Model 326 AUTOCOLT™ IV has a reputation... Read More
  • Model 3920 Automated Low Humidity Generation System By Thunder Scientific Corp.

    The Model 3920 Low Humidity Generation System is a self-contained system capable of producing atmospheres of known humidity using the fundamental “two-pressure” principle. This system is capable of continuously supplying frost point, dew point, parts per million, relative humidity and other... Read More
  • Model 4PHM Four Port Heated Manifold By Thunder Scientific Corp.

    The Four Port Heated Manifold Accessory is a commercial-off-the-shelf manifold that has four 3/4"-16 straight thread ports as standard equipment but can be manufactured to suit your needs. With power applied the manifold automatically controls the temperature of the manifold assembly from... Read More
  • Model CFS-622 Tablet Counter By NJM Packaging

    The Model CFS-622 can accommodate up to four modules, depending on the required output. Because of its small footprint it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line. With only a few change parts the CFS is able to count almost any kind of tablet or capsule and... Read More
  • Models KA and KAX Rotary Paddle Level Switches By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies' Model KA / KAX line of rotary paddle bin level indicators consist of the most reliable, rugged and economical point level control sensors available for detection of dry bulk materials. These easy to install sensors are proven performers in a wide variety of bulk materials.... Read More
  • Models SFD-2 & SFI By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Models SFD-2 & SFI Microwave Solids Flow Monitors Monitor's line of microwave solids flow monitors are high quality, industrial grade instruments capable of providing a signal indicating the flow/no-flow condition of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders and pneumatic pipelines. The... Read More

    We create unique and superior cleanroom systems for our clients. No matter the type of clean room we create–we produce products that are innovative, cost-effective, durable, and safe. In addition, we build all of our clean rooms with components that mesh harmoniously with any bio-pharmaceutical... Read More
  • Modular Cleanrooms By Clean Rooms West, Inc.

    The use of modular cleanrooms allow for facility changes as manufacturing requirements change. Modular Cleanroom Benefits: • Flexible configurations • Easily modified as requirements change • Filtration from ISO 4 to ISO 8 • Low design costs • Prefabrication decreases build time • Consistent... Read More
  • Modular Cleanrooms & Process Enclosures By Isolation Systems, Inc.

    Isolation Systems designs, engineers and manufactures the most versatile line of both Modular Cleanrooms and Process Enclosures in the industry. Our systems are designed and engineered to meet all existing Federal and ISO standards for clean enclosures. Support frames and modular wall panel... Read More
  • Modular Dry Vacuum Systems By Gardner Denver Nash, LLC

    Nash engineers have been designing safe, reliable chemical and pharmaceutical process vacuum systems for decades. Thus, resulting in a well-engineered modular system that guarantees performance and meets your requirements while maximizing flexibility, making it easier to design custom... Read More
  • Modular Pressure Controller By MENSOR

    The highly configurable pressure controller model CPC6050 modular pressure controller offers maximum flexibility to best suit the customers’ requirements. The pressure controller can have up to two independent pressure regulating channels which can operate simultaneously. Each channel can have... Read More
  • Modular Vault Solutions By Custom Vault Corporation

    CustomVault modular options for 21 CFR 1301.72 Schedule I-II compliance include the LightWeight™, MegaVault™ and HighBay™ Vault. Notably, the CustomVault HighBay™ Vault system compensates for restricted footprints by leveraging vertical space to accommodate controlled substance storage needs. Read More
  • MODUL™ range of rotary tablet presses By GEA Process Engineering Inc

    The MODUL™ tablet presses are based on the revolutionary Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept. The ECM is completely isolated from the remainder of the machine, contains all product contact parts and can easlily be removed from the press in a contained way. This means that the press... Read More
  • Mokon Central Chiller/Pump Tank Systems By Mokon

    Mokon offers Central Chiller systems up to 120 Tons in single or dual circuit configurations, air-cooled or water-cooled condensing, and scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors. Mokon Pump Tank systems are available from 250 gallons and larger in single or multiple pump configurations with... Read More
  • Mokon Custom Engineered Systems By Mokon

    Mokon's Custom Engineered systems are designed and built to customer specifications up to 700 degrees F (371 degrees C). Just some of Mokon's custom capabilities are: steel, stainless steel and other materials of construction; clean room or wash down designs; NFPA 79 compliant; heating and/or... Read More
  • Mokon HTF Oil Systems By Mokon

    Mokon Heat Transfer Fluid systems offer heating capacities from 3 to 144 kW, flow rates from 5 to 120 gpm in single, dual and triple zone configurations and up to 650 degrees F (343 degrees C). Please contact Mokon at (716)876-9951,, or for more information on our... Read More
  • Mokon Hydrotherm II Water Systems By Mokon

    Mokon's Hydrotherm water temperature control system surpasses all competitive systems by providing stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces. The Hydrotherm is available in heating capacities up to 24 kW, pumping capacities up to 3 hp, and a maximum operating temperature of 250... Read More
  • Mokon Iceman Chiller Systems By Mokon

    Mokon Iceman SC Series portable chillers are available from 1/4 to 60 Ton cooling capacities in air-cooled or water-cooled condensing. Combination heating and chilling systems and dual circuit capacity control are also available. Please contact Mokon at (716)876-9951,, or... Read More
  • Molded Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Molded Products are molded rubber gaskets and other parts using ASTM, FDA, NSF, 3-A Sanitary, RMA, USDA and USP Class VI approved ingredients and/or materials, specifications and standards thereof as well as other Non-Metallic materials for various standard and customer specific applications. Read More
  • Monobloc By Filamatic

    Filamatic’s popular Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging Systems can perform a wide range of tasks such sorting, feeding, filling, plugging, stoppering, crimping, capping, induction sealing, labeling, and accumulating. The Monobloc is ideal for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry because it is... Read More
  • Monosteol™ By Gattefosse USA

    Propylene glycol monopalmitostearate EP A non-ionic consistency agent/gellifier for cream and lotion emulsions. Read More
  • Mops By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Freudenberg Household Products is a world-wide leading manufacturer of innovative cleaning and disinfecting tools for the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharm, Medical Device, Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Food Service, and Lab Animal Research marketplaces. FHP LP has recently developed a new... Read More

    Transporting your spent materials is one of the most complex parts of precious metal refining. Our Sabin International Logistics Corporation (SILC) is a licensed freight broker and hazardous materials carrier that specializes in door-to-door transport. Whether you have one pallet of scrap fifty... Read More
  • Moxifloxacin Antimicrobial Injection By Edge Pharma

    Edge Pharma offers moxifloxacin prophylactic antimicrobial injections for use by hospitals and surgery centers. As an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing facility Edge is able to produce EDTA non-patient specific (i.e. no patient names required to order). Sterile ophthalmic solution (PF). Singe... Read More
  • mPEG-OH By Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

    mPEG-OH is methoxy (CH3O)-capped PEG with one hydroxyl group. It is one of the most common PEG raw materials which can be further derivated to prepare other reactive functional groups on PEG. Also, it is one of the excipients of COVID-19 vaccines. We can provide GMP grade mPEG-OH raw material... Read More
  • MTF Lift By LFA Machines

    MTF Lift is one of our IBC Lifting Solutions. It comes in different sizes to suit your needs. Read More
  • MTF Lift with Granulator By LFA Machines

    MTF Lift with Granulator comes in different sizes. Take a look at our wide offer. Read More
  • MTIBioPharm Processors By MTI BioScience

    MTIBioPharm Processors MTIBioPharmTM Processors provide reliability, precision control, and unparalleled ease of use with flow rates of .5 to 10 liters per minute (model dependent). They are used for a variety of applications in biomanu- facturing for their benefits (increased product quality,... Read More
  • Mucon Disc Valve By Kemutec

    Mucon Disc Valve is the reliable, durable, low-maintenance shut-off valve for the Powder Processing Industry. Often used in toxic or hazardous environments, the Mucon Disc Valve, when used in pairs and fitted with a safety vented spool, form an airlock for the safe loading of components into... Read More
  • Mucon Hygienic Butterfly Valves By Kemutec

    Mucon a division of Kemutec offers a range of stainless steel hygienic Butterfly Valves for powder isolation and flow control applications. Features Include: 316 Stainless Steel Construction 4" to 12" Diameter Size Range Manual or Pneumatic Operation Easy Strip-down for Cleaning and... Read More
  • Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves By Kemutec

    The Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve is the Bulk Material Industry leader for strong, gentle and precise flow control of powder and granular materials. The valves are used world wide because of their superb flow control characteristics and versatile application. Available in manual, pneumatic and... Read More
  • Mucon Slide Valve By Kemutec

    The New Mucon Slide Valve is an innovative single flange slide valve designed for general-purpose powder and granule isolation applications. Perfect for the simple shut-off on the outlet of hoppers and IBCs, the valve is available with an array of features including an all stainless steel slide... Read More
  • Multi-Client Warehousing By Kenco Logistic Services

    Kenco Logistic Services began as a public warehouse company in Chattanooga, TN. Our public warehouses are multi-client environments where you only pay for the space and services you use. Today, nearly 25% of our warhouse space is operated on a flexible basis. With Kenco, you are able to... Read More

    Cleaning Kits Sinks Buckets & Wringers Mops, Brooms Core2Clean System Brushes Scrapers Squeegees Brushes Curtain Cleaners Vacuums Tacky Rollers Motorized Shoe Cleaners Etc. Read More

    Pass Thru Pass Thru Communicator, Particle Counters & Testers Cleanroom Ceiling Panels Cleanroom Curtains Cleanroom Lighting Etc. Read More

    Alconox Liquinox Certol Proez Foam Enzymatic Spray Dri N Shine Concentrated Drying Agent MegaClean Heavy Duty Cleaner NovaClean Lab & Glass Cleaner NovaClean Floor Clean NovaHol Cleanroom Cleaner Read More

    Tuffsat Pulse Oximeter with Finger Sensor Portable Particle Counter Cool Leaf Backlit Keyboard Handheld Particle Counters Pulse Oximetery Anemomaster LITE Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FACE MASKS & VEILS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Alba Plastics Face Mask Dispensers Medline Face Masks KimTech Pure M5 Pleat-Style Face Masks Berkshire BCR Cleanroom Face Masks Face Mask With Ear Loops Kimberly Clark Steel Face Mask Dispensers KimTech Pure M3 Pleat-Style Face Masks KimTech Pure M3 Pouch Style Knitted Headband Face Mask Precept... Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FURNITURE By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Chairs & Stools Carts, Stands Carts, Stands Cleanroom Tables, Work Surface Shelving Work Surface Shelving, Workstations Gowning Benches & Racks Wire Shelving Shoe Racks Storage Cabinets Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GARMENTS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Headwear Face Masks Veils Protective Sleeves Protective Pants & Shirts Lab Coats & Jackets Cleanroom Standard Lab Coats Sterile Frocks & Smocks Gowns Isolation Gowns Aprons Coveralls Footwear Boot Covers Shoe Covers Reusable Garments Flame Retardant Apparel Scrubs Suits Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GLOVES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Cleanroom Co-Polymer Gloves ESD Hot Gloves Latex Gloves Nitrile Gloves Polychloroprene Gloves Triple Polymer Gloves Vinyl Gloves Sterile Glove Liners Anti-Static, Cut Resistant Cut Level 2, 3, 4, 5 General Safety Specialty Inspection Examination Food Service Gloves Finger Cots Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LAB EQUIPMENT By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Microscope Slides Lab Cleaning Supplies & Equipmen Protective Apparel Facial Protection Gloves Laboratory Cleaner Laboratory Handcare Laboratory Tape Hardware - Mop Buckets, Brushes and Scrapers Mops Read More

    MAC 10 Original Fan Filter Module MAC 10 IQ Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-AC Fan Filter Module MAC 10 LE-DC Fan Filter Module Envirco HEPA Filtration Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE MOPS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    TruCLEAN Looped-end Yarn Mop TruCLEAN Hydro-Sorb Sponge Mop Roll-O-Matic Cleanroom Sponge Roller Mops TruCLEAN Anti-Microbial Microfiber Mop Roll-O-Matic Original Stainless Steel Sponge Roller Mops TruCLEAN Blue Microfiber Mop AlphaMop, BetaMop II Berkshire Mopping Cleanroom Autoclavable... Read More

    AdjusTable Work Surface Systems Cantilevered Overhead System Cantilevered Shelves Accessories for AdjusTable Work Surface Systems Etc. Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SWABS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Sterile Foam Cotton Polyester Wrapped ESD Fabric Etc. Read More

    Model CRV Cleanroom ULPA Filter Vacuum Lead ULPA Filter Vacuum X-250 Industrial Electric Dual Motor HEPA Filter Vacuum MicroVac Multi-Purpose HEPA Filter Vacuum Bio-Haz ULPA Filter Vacuum Series Explosion Proof Vacuum X839 Wet / Dry HEPA Filter Vacuum Series V10 Pro Plus Back Pack Vacuum X-829... Read More
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WIPERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Berkshire Sealed Edge Wipers UltraSORB Wipers CleanWIPE Wipers PolyMitt Wiper KimTech Pure W5 Critical Task Wiper KimTech Pure W4 Critical Task Dry Wipers KimTech Pure W4 PreSat Alcohol Wiper KimTech Science Precision Tissue Wipers Poly-Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wiper SolvSat Canister System... Read More
  • MultiTherm 503 Heat Transfer Fluid By MULTITHERM

    Leave it to MultiTherm to design a special heat transfer fluid for the combination heating and cooling application. This fluid has very low viscosity, is non toxic, non hazardous, has low vapor pressure and even meets FDA specifications. Temp range from 10°F (-10°C) to 500°F (260°C). This... Read More
  • MultiTherm FF-1 Flushing Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm FF-1 fluid is used to clean our systems during start-up to remove foreign material and during general maintenance for removal of loose particulate and used heat transfer fluid prior to recharging the system. It is an economical way to remove loose material such as weld splatter,... Read More
  • MultiTherm IG-1 Heat Transfer Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm IG-1® mineral oil for liquid phase heating systems. MultiTherm IG-1® heat transfer fluid is designed with a maximum film temperature of 600°F / 316°C and a maximum bulk temperature of 550°F / 288°C. Properties include a high flash point of 442 degrees F, very low vapor pressure, non... Read More
  • MultiTherm IG-4 Heat Transfer Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm IG-4® is a non-toxic durable heat transfer oil for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating systems up to 600°F. MultiTherm IG-4 provides users with a safe, durable and economical heat transfer fluid without the potential hazards caused by some conventional fluids. IG-4 is a highly... Read More
  • MultiTherm OG-1 Heat Transfer Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm is offering the next generation of heat transfer fluid for our growing base of heat transfer fluid users. MultiTherm OG-1 is designed for use in liquid-phase heat transfer fluid systems, which are “open” to the atmosphere or there is a possibility that the heat transfer fluid in the... Read More
  • MultiTherm PG-1 Heat Transfer Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm PG-1 has been successfully used in over thirty-five industries. This fluid is a high quality food grade heat transfer fluid for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating and cooling systems. The unique formula of MultiTherm PG-1 assures performance without the potential problems of... Read More
  • MultiTherm PSC+ Cleaning Fluid By MULTITHERM

    MultiTherm PSC Plus Cleaning Fluid is designed for use in general maintenance of heat transfer fluid systems. MultiTherm PSC Plus can be used with the Heat Transfer Fluid that is currently in the system or new flush oil. It is formulated to breakdown the sludge deposits and resin residue as a... Read More
  • MVASI Bevacizumab-awwb Syringes By Edge Pharma

    MVASI™ Bevacizumab-awwb, which was approved by the FDA in 2017, is now available in the United States. It is a new biosimilar to Avastin® that is widely used off-label in ophthalmology. Compliance and convenience are now possible with Edge Pharma's unit dose MVASI™ Bevacizumab-awwb syringes. Read More
  • MVC Series Mighty Digital Controller By A-T Controls Inc

    The Mighty Controller is a rugged next generation edge computing device targeted at device OEMs and system integrators who want to modernize their approach to local system controls. Offering vast connectivity through multiple industry standard communication protocols and flexible iGPIO®, the... Read More