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By Biofluid Focus Inc.

Octopus Assemblies provide turnkey solutions for your process plumbing requirements. Assemblies can be made to fit PharmaTainer bottle and carboys, bioreactors and other devices or made as manifolds for multiple connections. Customer may specify all components, packaging and post-assembly... Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Octreotide acetate is an octapeptide analogue of Somatostatin with similar properties, but with a longer duration of action. The product is offered in countries where the patents have expired. Read more »

By Leybold Vacuum GmbH

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and full-line supplier of vacuum pumps, pumping systems, leak detectors, vacuum gauges and hardware for use in Chemical and Pharmaceutical applications requiring rough, medium & high vacuums. Our vacuum pump technologies and services... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® offers a selection of adapters customized for use with the OmniCure AC Series of high power LED UV curing systems to address a wider range of applications. Attaching to the front face of the OmniCure LED UV systems, the AC Optical Adapters convert a smaller area of high output power... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC2 Series offers compact, air-cooled LED UV curing systems for small-area applications. With advanced front-end optics, the AC275 and AC2110 systems deliver over 2.5 W/cm2 peak irradiance with exceptional uniformity. Our patented process for individually addressing each UV LED module... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

mniCure® AC4 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are designed with high output LEDs and custom optics to deliver high irradiance of over 8W/cm2 with exceptional uniformity at long working distances. Consisting of the OmniCure AC450, AC450P, AC475, AC475P, our AC4 Series utilizes our... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC5 Series of air-cooled LED UV systems are designed for small area curing. With advanced front-end optics, these high power UV curing systems deliver 14W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast, even curing. The Series includes the AC550, AC550P, AC575 and AC575P, with the P versions having... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC7 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are suitable for large-area curing. Designed with high-output LEDs and custom optics, the AC7150 and AC7300 systems deliver over 5 W/cm2 peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity over the entire curing area. The AC7 Series provides high... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC8 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are designed to deliver over 8 W/cm2 peak irradiance with exceptional uniformity for even curing. The AC8150/P, AC8225/P and AC8300/P UV curing systems provide high longitudinal uniformity over the entire 150 mm (6") to 300 mm (12") curing... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC8225-F+ and AC9225-F LED UV curing systems are designed for fiber curing applications. Featuring a custom optical design to enhance output and optimize delivery of UV onto the fiber, the OmniCure AC8225-F+/AC9225-F provide an air-cooled, high output solution to meet the market demand... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC8150P-HD, AC8225P-HD and AC8300P-HD air-cooled, LED UV Curing Systems deliver an outstandingly high optical dose, bringing UV LED curing to the next level. The AC8-HD Series of products are designed with a patented technology that enables unbeatable uniformity of output across the... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® AC9 Series are high-power LED UV Curing Systems delivering over 14 W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast curing of inks, adhesives and coatings. Consisting of the AC9150, AC9150P, AC9225, AC9225P, AC9300 and AC9300P, the AC9 Series are high-performing, air-cooled solutions with a small... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

The OmniCure® S Series of Lamp Spot UV Curing Systems are used for precision adhesive curing of medical devices, electronics and optoelectronics. Due to the accuracy requirements and critical nature of these devices, a repeatable process with reliable UV curing equipment is essential for... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure LED UV Curing solutions offer both spot and area-curing UV curing systems for adhesives, coatings and inks. Consisting of the LX Series and AC Series, OmniCure high-power UV LED systems provide a selection of wavelengths, configurations and accessories to address a wide range of... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® PLC2000 programmable controller is designed to complement the OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems. When connected to an AC Series LED UV head, this multipurpose, external controller device allows you to intelligently manage, monitor and control an LED system. With unparalleled... Read more »

By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

OmniCure® SC Series power supply controllers are tailored specifically for the OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems. Designed with application flexibility in mind, the SC Series offers a selection of system controllers to best meet the needs of a particular curing application. With a small... Read more »

By Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

The foundation of BIOVIA Discoverant is its on-demand data access environment, BIOVIA Nexus, which aggregates and contextualizes different data types (discrete, continuous, replicate, keyword, event or text) and batch genealogies from different data sources such as LIMS and ERP systems, data... Read more »

By GMP Trends LLC

GMP TRENDS Newsletter is available as an online access subscription for your convenience. Username and password are required. You will be sent an email alert each time the next current newsletter is posted on our website. Read more »

By HunterLab

On-line systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line. This allows you to respond to product color changes when they happen, as they happen. HunterLab on-line instruments make real-time color measurements of your product, without contact or intrusion, as it... Read more »

By Quality America, Inc.

Quality America has offered SPC and Quality Improvement training and instructor materials for over 30 years. Our SPC courses and Lean Six Sigma certifications, facilitated by author Paul Keller, are based on his best-selling texts, co-published with the McGraw-Hill Professional Education team.... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

We have two on-site Particulate & Pathogen Restricted, Custom Pack Cleanrooms: a Soft Wall Class 10,000 ISO 7 & a Hard Wall Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom that we utilize for individual client account special packaging. We will be happy to give you a quote on your packaging needs. Please do not... Read more »

By Integrated Software Design

On-Tap software lets you add barcoding to all of your UNIX or VMS applications. Print all popular barcodes, including 2D barcodes. Control the placement and all bar code specs, including density, human readable characters, orientation and more. And, no specialty printers are required! Read more »

By STRONGARM Designs, Inc.

Strongarm’s operator interface terminal mountings are designed and built to your exact specifications. The counterbalanced vertical motion of the Vertica Arm allows the operator to lift effortlessly, lower, and reposition the enclosure using the release handle. When the handle is released, the... Read more »

By Tornado Spectral Systems

Tornado’s OPIS 35™ is a high-performance, compact, lightweight, and durable laser safety accessory for the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman analyzer. The unique design enables simple attachment to the PRO Plus allowing high accuracy measurements even at low laser power settings and ensures full... Read more »

By Distek, Inc.

No more sampling! The Distek Opt-Diss 410 in-situ fiber optic UV system measures directly in the vessel, eliminating the need for conventional sampling, and with-it consumables like filters, tubing and syringes, saving time, labor, and money. Moving light rather than liquids also allows... Read more »

By EDAX Inc.

Now you can get advanced non-destructive elemental analysis with the flexibility to work across a wide range of sample types and shapes. There is minimal sample preparation. No coating is required. Orbis Micro-XRF Analyzers incorporate fast, simultaneous multi-element X-ray detection with the... Read more »

By Being Scientific

Orbital Shaker

BEING BS Series Orbital Shakers offer 3 sizes to fit your capacity requirements. Accuracy in speed and run time are guaranteed by the PID microprocessor controller. Programmability is a feature that will allow a variety of shaking protocols to be used. A full line of accessories is available to... Read more »

Product Website

By Kraft Chemical Company

Organic MCT Oil is a manufactured form of saturated fat that is made by processing palm oil and coconut oil. Many people use organic MCT oil and coconut oil interchangeably, however, they are not the same. Coconut oil is made up of both MCT and LCT fats, while organic MCT oil contains only... Read more »

By Global Savors

Immerse yourself in a journey like no other as you explore the boundless possibilities of our Organic RBD Coconut Oil. With a neutral taste and aroma, it becomes the perfect canvas for elevating flavors in your cooking and baking endeavors. Its high smoke point of 400°F empowers you to explore... Read more »

By Rubber Fab Technologies Group

Our innovative Orifice Plate line includes a complete selection of solid PTFE, Tuf-Steel®, or a 316L Stainless Steel Orifice Plate molded to a Rubber Fab elastomer, in standard, tabbed, and vertical Tri-Clamp® styles, that can be custom drilled with an eccentric or concentric bore. Eccentric... Read more »

By NuGeneration Technologies LLC

FloDynamix offers a broad range of materials to suit your O-ring sealing requirements. Our O-rings and O-ring custom shapes are made from our 100% pure perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), Gumlast®, as well as the following materials: • Aflas • Butadiene Rubber • Carboxylated Nitrile • Conductive... Read more »

By MGS Machine Corp

Applies outserts to bottles or cartons. Meets cGMP requirements. Commissioning documentation package included. No-tool changeover features, outsert ID and verification options. Up to 175 BPM random mode/300 BPM timing screw mode. The TopSerter™, widely used by pharmaceutical manufacturers and... Read more »

By Eoswiss Pharma

An effective and efficient Supply Chain is a most important competitive advantage. We find and select the best suited CDMOs und CMOs for you, perform the technological transfers for you and monitor and manage your outsourced Supply Chain. Your advantages: •Your resources stay focused on their... Read more »

By FONA International Inc

A product that meets their health needs AND tastes good? Consumers will remember that one! Our OTC/Pharma team members are experts at developing flavor solutions for serious taste challenges. They can help you lose the “eewww” that comes with active ingredients — giving you a new reason to stand... Read more »

By Fike Corporation

By their very nature, sanitary and hygienic applications demand specific rupture disc solutions. Fike has new technologies, including specific rupture discs, holders and pressure relief support, developed for the unique challenges of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. Fike provides... Read more »


Overture(R) One is a high clarity lamination based on Rollprint's proprietary ClearFoil(R) barrier coated polyester coupled with an agressive sealant. This structure enables high speed sealing to ensure optimum production rates. Overture(R)One laminations can achieve comparible performance... Read more »

By Neutronics Inc

Neutronics Inc provides complete, custom air/oxygen analyzer solutions designed to meet specific application needs, including analysis, engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Learn more about the oxygen analyzers we offer by contacting us or visiting our website today. Read more »

By Clippard

Clippard's Oxygen Clean Series electronic valves are available in 2-way or 3-way configurations. Normally-Closed or fully-ported, the valves are designed for use with oxygen applications and will work with air and inert gas. The “O-E” Series pneumatic valves utilize a unique patented valve... Read more »

By PureAire Monitoring Systems

PureAire's O2 deficiency monitor are designed for labs containing liquid nitrogen, confined spaces, and Class 1 div 1 areas requiring the need for an explosion proof enclosure. If there is a spill of oxygen depleting gases (N2, Ar, CO2, and He) our monitor will sound an audible alarm in seconds.... Read more »

By PureAire Monitoring Systems

PureAire's O2 deficiency monitors are designed for labs containing liquid nitrogen, confined spaces, and areas where glove boxes are needed. If there is a spill of oxygen depleting gases (N2, Ar, CO2, and He) our monitor will sound an audible alarm in seconds. Our hassle-free O2 monitor uses a... Read more »

By PureAire Monitoring Systems

PureAire's O2 deficiency monitors are designed for labs containing liquid nitrogen, confined spaces, and MRI rooms requiring the need for a sample draw version. If there is a spill of oxygen depleting gases (N2, Ar, CO2, and He) our monitor will sound an audible alarm in seconds. Our... Read more »

By Clariant Healthcare Packaging

Clariant specializes in protective packaging technologies, including multi-layer extrusion blow molded pharmaceutical containers. In order to inhibit the oxidation of sensitive drugs, our barrier bottles are engineered with six layers, one of which includes Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH).... Read more »

By PolyPeptide Laboratories

Oxytocin is used in human medicine for induction of labour, against bleeding after labour and for maintenance of milk secretion. In the cattle industry Oxytocin is used for milk letdown and for increase of milk production. Read more »