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Products in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Resource Directory

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  • P By Bioengineering

    The pilot-scale fermentor for production perfection - Our largest off-the-shelve fermentor, in-situ sterilizable for use in pilot and production plants - Straight-forward and user-friendly design, with flexible controls and accessories for whatever performance you are looking to achieve - Size... Read More
  • P3 Aseptic Valve By Pentair Sudmo

    Norit Südmo’s revolutionary P3 material was designed to eliminate the problems associated with traditional aseptic rising stem valves. Resistant to high temperatures, up to 320 ºF, and aggressive chemicals, P3 ensures longer service life. When system design is taken into consideration, customers... Read More
  • Packaging By Fluid Energy Processing Company

    Fluid Energy also offers re-pack services which enable us to receive your product in one form and repack it in any of the packaging options mentioned above. Read More
  • Packaging By Importfab Inc.

    Tubes: Metal, plastic and laminate tubes from 2 g to 250 g sizes Bottles: Plastic or glass bottles from 3 mL to 4 L sizes; airless bottles Jars: Plastic or glass jars from 3 mL to 600 mL Pumps and nasal sprays Pouches Tamper evident seals Labelling and/or relabelling capabilities Portion... Read More
  • Packaging / Customized Finishing Services By Baxter BioPharma Solutions

    Whether your molecule is clinical, new to the market, or firmly established in the marketplace, we can be your resource for customized finishing options to help differentiate and add value to your product. Our packaging capabilities include: Customized labeling/packaging for clinical... Read More
  • Packaging Equipment & Supplies By Neway Packaging Corporation

    Neway is partnered with the industry leading manufacturers of corrugated, poly, strapping, stretch film, shrink film, tapes and facility supplies. Neway is also partnered with leading equipment manufacturers; Eastey, Cousins, Orion, Signode, Loveshaw, IPG Read More
  • Packaging Solutions – Delivering your product's potential By Vetter

    At every stage of your product’s life cycle, there are many packaging questions to consider – from ensuring material compatibility to meeting the growing demand for patient-friendly systems. Vetter can help you identify and develop the right packaging strategies for your compound, from clinical... Read More
  • Pacmac By INOXE LLC

    Timing Belt & Servo Based Precise Tube Fillers capable of closing Plastic, Laminated and Aluminum Tubes. Pacmac's Noise Free, Smooth and Maintainance Free Cartonators are Redefining the segment. Capable of packing Tubes, Blisters, Bottles, Soaps & Vials with WFI. Read More
  • PAD LOC® By Storopack , Inc.

    PAD LOC® PAC is an engineered cushion produced and delivered by Storopack as a finished good. With its superior cushioning, PAD LOC® PAC is recyclable and reusable offering proven shock and vibrations absorption outperforming most engineered foam and polyurethane foam solutions. Storopack is... Read More
  • Pad Print Equipment By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Industrial Decorating Solutions offers both single color and multiple color pad printers to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The equipment offerings range from manual to automated pad printing equipment, engineered by IDS division's top of the line pad print brands - ITW Morlock GmbH and... Read More
  • Pad Print Supplies By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    The IDS division offers a wide range of the highest quality supplies and accessories including inks, pads, plates / cliches, laser etching supplies, and cleaning supplies. Our top of the line brands, ITW Morlock and Trans Tech also provide customers with spare parts and tooling solutions for... Read More
  • Palbio 50 RD By Bioiberica

    Palbio 50 RD is a source of high-quality protein obtained from fluid-bed dried hydrolisate from porcine intestinal mucosa. It aids in increasing feed intake and diet digestibility thanks to its exceptional characteristics, improving the production parameters and health of the animals. Read More

    Laminated Fiberboard with EPS Insulated Shipper Containers Hard-cased, Chest Style Polyethylene Transporter with Casters Koolit Refrigerant Bricks Utek Gel Pack Refrigerants PolarPack, MoistureGuard Gel Pack Refrigerants PolarPack Standard, Gel Pack Refrigerants Koolit Refrigerant Gel Packs... Read More
  • Paper Records Data Management - BIOVIA PRIMR By Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

    BIOVIA’s Paper Record Input ManageR (PRIMR), provides an easy way to turn paper-based data into actionable electronic information. The BIOVIA Nexus engine pulls data entered through BIOVIA PRIMR into Analysis Groups. BIOVIA PRIMR is comprised of two major components: 1. Template Manager allows... Read More
  • Paperless Validation Lifecycle Management Software By ValGenesis, Inc.

    ValGenesis is the first to offer users real-time paperless validation via electronic execution thereby minimizing ineffectiveness and maximizing efficiency. ValGenesis automates and manages the validation life cycle and provides real time validation status of any system corporate wide. Read More
  • PAPERplus® By Storopack , Inc.

    Whether filling voids, cushioning from impact shock or blocking and bracing goods against transport damage: Storopack’s PAPERplus® paper cushioning offers all-around perfect protection for your packaged goods, whether they’re small and fragile or bulky and heavy. Our product portfolio is just... Read More
  • Parenteral Delivery Systems By Baxter BioPharma Solutions

    New clinical guidelines call for increased safety and simplicity in medication delivery. Market data demonstrates that delivery which provides convenience can build clinician preference. BioPharma Solutions provides delivery systems designed to improve compliance with safety guidelines and to... Read More
  • Particle Counters By Angstrom Cleanroom Supply

    Particle counters are utilized in controlled environments every day to monitor the amount of particles in the air, ensuring that every controlled environment is the cleanest it can be. As of right now, we offer the touchscreen AeroTrak 9306 and the AeroTrak 9303 handheld particle counters. Check... Read More
  • PARTICLE COUNTERS & TESTERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Handheld Particle Counters Portable Particle Counter Anemomaster LITE Anemometers Microbial Air Sampler Systems Tumble Drum Tester Kanomax Printers and Accessories Read More
  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis By Particle Technology Labs

    A Particle Size Distribution analysis (PSD) is a measurement designed to determine and report information about the size and range of a set of particles representative of a material. Particle size and distribution analysis of a sample can be performed using a variety of techniques, each with... Read More
  • Particle Size Testing & Powder Characterization By Powdersize Inc

    Let the experts at Powdersize create a robust test method using a variety of technologies to characterize the particle size, bulk density or moisture content of your powder. Featuring a cGMP laboratory and validation protocols that meet both USP and ICH guidelines Powdersize can provide expert... Read More
  • Particle Size, Characterization, and Method Development Services By Triclinic Labs, Inc

    Triclinic Labs offers a comprehensive suite of services for the analysis of particle characteristics. In either a cGMP and non-GMP environment, we can fully characterize your preparation and develop methods for agency submission, routine testing, pre-clinical development, and markets release.... Read More
  • Particle Sizing By Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

    Static Light Scattering – perfect for particle sizing from 0.01 to 2100 µm! The Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT is used worldwide in production and quality control, in research and development for the precise measurement of particle sizes. Dynamic Image Analysis – particle shape and... Read More
  • PAS-X By Werum IT Solutions America

    PAS-X Production Management for the Pharma and Biotech Industries Read More
  • PathFinder Safety Tapes By Graphic Products

    PathFinder, a new line of floormarking, wayfinding, and safety tapes from Graphic Products, helps facilities organize workflow and create barriers between workers and potential hazards. The wide variety of tapes offer visual communication solutions to designate forklift zones, add traction to... Read More
  • PATVIS APA By Sensum

    Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for Automated Particle Analysis Sensum PATVIS APA is Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes. It enables real-time monitoring and... Read More
  • PCI Synthesis Product List By Seqens CDMO NA (formerly PCI Synthesis)

    PCI Synthesis offers a wide range of chemical products including: Aromatics, Imidazoles/Imidazolines, Indoles, Oxazoles, Phosphonic acids, photo imaging, Purines, Pyridines, Pyrimidines and Tetralones. They are immediately available for shipment. Read More
  • PDF-4/Organics By International Centre for Diffraction Data

    PDF-4/Organics provides comprehensive coverage as the world’s largest X-ray powder diffraction database for organics and organometallics. It is designed for a multitude of applications in the pharmaceutical, regulatory, specialty chemical, biomaterials and forensic fields. The database consists... Read More
  • PDF-4+ By International Centre for Diffraction Data

    The PDF-4+ database is ICDD’s most advanced database, designed for both phase identification and quantitative analysis. It combines the world’s largest sources of inorganic diffraction data from crystals and powders into a single database. The result is a comprehensive collection of inorganic... Read More
  • PE-100 | Plasma Etch Benchtop System By Plasma Etch Inc

    The PE-100 is a complete system with vacuum pump designed to be reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow startup companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology. Read More
  • PE-200 | Plasma Etching Benchtop System By Plasma Etch Inc

    The PE-200 is our industrial strength bench top plasma etching system and supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. This robust, reliable and yet quite affordable system was developed for the busy 24/7 manufacturing firm that cannot have downtime. Read More
  • Peceol™ By Gattefosse USA

    Glycerol monooleates (type 40) EP Glyceryl monooleate (type 40) NF •Oily vehicle for use in self-emulsifying lipid formulations to obtain a coarse dispersion ie. emulsion (SEDDS) or a fine dispersion ie.microemulsion (SMEDDS). •Bioavailability enhancer: increased oral bioavailability is... Read More
  • Pentagastrin By PolyPeptide Laboratories

    It stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, pepsin and intrinsic factor, and has been used as a diagnostic aid in the pentagastrin-stimulated Calcitonin test. Pentagastrin is also used as an in-vivo diagnostic to detect carcinoid tumors. Read More
  • Performance Testing By MedPharm Ltd

    At MedPharm, performance tests are an integral part of any formulation development program. It is well established that the performance of any topical or transdermal product is closely linked to the quantity and nature of excipients used to formulate the active ingredient. MedPharm’s... Read More
  • PERSONNEL AIR SHOWERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    The Personal Air Showers offer an effective way to reduce contaminants carried by individuals entering or leaving a controlled area. They can be the solution to many decontamination problems. They supply concentrated class 100 sterile air flows to remove contamination while an individual stands... Read More
  • PET Bottle Injection Blow Molding By Pretium Packaging

    Bottles requiring precise neck dimensions and high production throughput are ideally suited for the injection blow molding (IBM) process. Pretium Packaging has state-of-the-art IBM machines strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada, and its preform library allows it to blow mold PET... Read More
  • PFLT: Latex DI Water Washed By CT International, Scientific Div

    Textured Surface Class 10 (M2.5) Clean Room Compatible or Higher Controlled Environments Low Protein and Contact Sensitizers Double Chlorinated Double Bagged Tapered, Beaded Cuff 12" Length, Ambidextrous Total Protein Content <50ug/g of Glove (ppm) Using Modified Lowry Method Leak Tested Meets... Read More
  • PFXT: Latex Powder Free By CT International, Scientific Div

    Textured Surface Low Protein and Contact Sensitizers Class 100 (M3.5) Clean Room Compatible or Higher Controlled Environments Double Chlorinated Double Bagged Tapered, Beaded Cuff 10" and 12" Length, Ambidextrous Total Protein Content <50ug/g of Glove (ppm)Using Modified Lowry Method Leak... Read More
  • Pharmaburst By SPI Pharma

    Orally disintegrating technology represents an advanced development—and growing trend—in pharmaceutical dosage forms, offering considerable advantages for life cycle management, development timelines, patient convenience and compliance, and market share. SPI Pharma's innovative oral... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Process Equipment Overview By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

    Coperion K-Tron manufactures a wide variety of solids and liquid feeders and pneumatic conveying equipment specific to the pharmaceutical industry. Within the pharmaceutical processing industry, Coperion K-Tron has developed several process automation applications and systems including... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Applicators By HTI Plastics

    HTI Plastics has been in the medical device manufacturing business for more than 20 years and is ISO 13485:2016 registered for medical device manufacturing. HTI is very proud of our track record. Our focus is always on quality design, quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. We understand the... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s pharmaceutical data loggers are precision instruments designed to monitor and record the manufacturing, shipping and storage of pharmaceuticals. The product line includes both standalone and wireless models for measuring temperature, humidity and pH. The devices are easy to use,... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Gel Cap Drying Trays By Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.

    MFG Tray gel cap drying trays feature drop sides and/or ends for improved air flow and thorough drying. Smooth composite surface eliminates sticking or product marking and is readily cleaned in standard washers. Gel cap drying trays may be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical industrial screener By Russell Finex Inc

    The Russell Compact Sieve® is a versatile vibratory screener that efficiently safeguards product quality and protects manufacturer integrity. Capable of effectively processing fragile and difficult powders, the industrial screener fits neatly into production lines as it is half the size of... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Machines By Karishma Pharma Machines

    Suppliers of pharmaceutical machineries like Capsule fillers,Tablet presses,Process equipments,Packaging equipments and laboratory equipments Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Management System By 5K Pharma Consulting LLC

    Consulting Service in PQMS: - Establishment, review, and improvement of the PQMS. - Auditing and preparation for inspections - Audit management and back-office support. - Internal audits and supplier audits. - Remediation and process improvement work. - Support in main regulatory areas of... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Spray Dryer, PHARMASD™ (PSD) By GEA Process Engineering Inc

    A new series of GEA Niro spray dryers dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. The new dryers, named PHARMASD™ have been designed using standard modules that incorporate all the required features necessary for cGMP production in the environment of a pharmaceutical plant. The PSD dryers either... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical X-Ray Inspection System (Patch) By Anritsu Infivis Inc

    Advance product quality with industry’s most accurate and reliable X-Ray inspection system for pharmaceutical products. Products packed in aluminum-foil could show defects such as missing pieces and products caught in the seal area. The Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-Ray system was designed to... Read More
  • PharmaConnect® - blender, granulator By GEA Process Engineering Inc

    ...the fast way to CONNECT your product development The PharmaConnect® ‘plug and play’ approach enables a number of diverse process modules from GEA Pharma companies to be docked to ONE control module. The primary processes are based around Aeromatic-Fielder’s PMA™ High Shear Granulator... Read More
  • PharmASep - Pharmaceutical Aseptic Separator By SWECO

    The SWECO Pharmaceutical Aseptic Separator (PharmASep) is a fully contained Vibro-Energy Separator/Dryer suitable for aseptic processes in the pharmaceutical industry. With a design that eliminates gaps, crevices and hidden areas, the PharmASep proves valuable to those processes handling potent... Read More
  • PharmaTainer™ Bottles & Carboys By Biofluid Focus Inc.

    Made really clean so you don’t have to! Molded class 100 and untouched by human hands until capped. It’s better to make it clean than to clean up what’s dirty! PharmaTainer™ bioprocess containers meet today’s requirements for bio-manufacturing storage and transport. PharmaTainer products are... Read More
  • PhAT System By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The PhAT System Raman analyzer is a variant of the RAMANRXN1™ analyzer specifically designed to address the limitations of even the best traditional Raman system for quantitative analyses of solid-state chemistries including pharmaceutical, catalysts, polymers, and specialty chemicals. The... Read More
  • Phosphonic Acids By Seqens CDMO NA (formerly PCI Synthesis)

    PCI Synthesis offers 7 Phosphonic acids, sold in the following increments: 10g,25g,50g,100g,250g,500g & 1000g. PCISynthesis has the capabilities to produce metric ton quantities. Read More
  • Photostability Chambers By Powers Scientific, Inc.

    Photostability chambers provide high intensity lighting in the 300-700 nm range for pharmaceutical stability studies conducted at constant temperature (25°C) according to ICH guidelines. Each shelf has a bank of 10 lights that produce uniform lighting (±10%) across a large circular area on the... Read More
  • PHS SideSert Outserter By MGS Machine Corp

    Displaying its industry-leading ability to meet its clients' unique packaging needs, MGS Machine recently created a first-of-its kind application, the PHS SideSert Outserter. The SideSert is especially effective for those in the pharmaceutical bottling and labeling industry who need to amend... Read More
  • Physical & Analytical Modeling By Jenike & Johanson

    Are you developing a unique process or design for a challenging bulk solid? Jenike & Johanson has the experienced staff, knowledge, and specialized tools to perform both physical and real-world analytical modeling studies. We understand the importance of making sure the models are accurately... Read More
  • Physical Measurements By Particle Technology Labs

    The flowability characteristic of a powder is directly related to both the physical properties of the material itself, as well as the specific processing conditions in the handling system. Consequently, for such a complex system, a “single number” used to describe the flow of a powder may not... Read More
  • Pilotina By IKA Works Inc Processes Division

    The IKA Pilotina is a dry milling system in pilot plant scale, available in 3 different configurations: IKA Pilotina MC – The cutting mill system The dry mill IKA Pilotina MC is the ideal choice for disintegration of smooth, sticky, elastic or fibrous materials such as parts of plants,... Read More
  • Plasma Cleaner | PE-50 Benchtop By Plasma Etch Inc

    The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-50 is our lowest priced plasma cleaner though it offers many features not found in competitive units. This plasma cleaner is made for smaller production facilities, research and development labs, testing facilities, universities and is great for plasma sterilization and... Read More
  • Plasma Etch PE-50 XL | Benchtop Plasma Cleaner By Plasma Etch Inc

    This system is made for smaller production facilities, R&D facilities and universities. The system features an implosion proof 8” w x 8” d x 4” h Rectangular welded Aluminum Vacuum Chamber and a direct powered RF electrode. Applications include medical devices, solar cells, printed circuit... Read More
  • Plastic Granualtors By Federal Equipment Company

    Federal Equipment Company offers used granulators from a variety of manufacturers including Nelmor, Cumberland, Herbold, Young, Gloucester, Foremost, LR Systems and more. Click Visit Website to view our current inventory. Read More
  • Plastic Injection Molding & Injection Blow Molding By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

    Biomedical Polymers is a global manufacturer specializing in the custom manufacture of both disposable and reusable small-to-medium plastic parts used in research, biomedical, and medical diagnostic laboratories. Our well-equipped, ISO 9001:2008-certified facility is one of the few that features... Read More
  • Plate and Frame Filter Press By ErtelAlsop

    The plate and frame filter design is the standard in basic process depth filtration for clarification and pre-filtration in industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food & beverage, and electric utility. Plate and frame filter presses provide the lowest cost of filtration per... Read More
  • Platinum Caps By CapsCanada®

    Let your product stand out with PLATINUM CAPS® - offered in a wide range of metallic colors! Wide range of metallic color and color combinations (orange, blue, yellow, black, red, bronze, silver, etc.) Choice of capsule material: gelatin or hypromellose. Preservative free Allergen... Read More
  • Plow Mixers & Dryers By Littleford Day, Inc.

    Horizontal Mixers (batch and continuous), granulators,vacuum dryers,vertical high intensity mixers, liquid dispersers and pressure reactors.We also provide pilot plant and laboratory euipment to buy or rent. e maintain a completely equipped test center to assist customers in process development... Read More
  • Pneumatic Conveying Equipment By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

    K-Tron Premier serves as the brand name for K-Tron's entire pneumatic conveying and component product line. Whether your material handling application requires a single component or a complete system, Premier Pneumatics stands ready to be your single source for pneumatic conveying. Read More
  • Pneumatic Lifts By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

    We offer a full line of Column Lifts that are completely pneumatically operated – PneumaLifts. Designed for lighter loads (<275 lbs. including effector), these simple and hygienic lifts only require a single air connection for operation, which makes them ideal for use in hazardous... Read More
  • PNR 12 Penetrometer By Petrolab Company

    Petrolab Company offers the Petrotest® PNR 12 Penetrometer that utilizes a fully automatic surface detection system. The instrument offers two surface detection technologies—force measurement and conductivity—that can be used together or independently to precisely position the test probe,... Read More
  • Polarising Box By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Polarising Box is used to view the stress points created during manufacture of clear plastic and glass products.The samples can also be extruded film. The Polarising Box has two open sides so long items can be passed through. • Polarising Filter mounted at the top for viewing • Light... Read More

    The PolarPack Foam Brick Refrigerants provide thermal solutions for temperature critical packages during transit. Available in a broad selection of styles and a multitude of sizes, they’re designed to provide reliable temperature protection for a vast array of products and packages. These... Read More
  • Polyester Wipers with Ultrasonic Sealed Edge By Valutek

    -Ideal for scratch-sensitive surfaces, equipment wipe-downs -Durable and soft -Laundered and packaged in a critical environment Read More
  • Polyethylene-lined EVA By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    PE-LINED EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is designed for use where high purity is required. It offers excellent chemical resistance and non-toxicity, while maintaining good flexibility. A co-extruded product, POLYETHYLENE-LINED EVA is made of a low density polyethylene liner with an EVA outer... Read More
  • Polymer Processing By The Jet Pulverizer Company Inc

    LiquaJet LLC is a new custom toll processing business unit of The Jet Pulverizer Co. Developed from years of toll processing and process engineering, we have developed an advanced jet milling technology. This new technology will provide a process solution for compounds that were thought to be... Read More
  • Polymorph and Salt Screening and Selection By Triclinic Labs, Inc

    The Search for Optimal Solid Form Properties: Our Services and Approach for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Development and Crystallization Different crystalline solid forms of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can have very different physico chemical properties. Those differences can... Read More
  • Polypropylene Beakers By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

    Resistant to most commonly used laboratory reagents, including a variety of strong acids, bases, and organic solvents, these high quality polypropylene beakers are the premier choice for scientific applications. All beakers are transparent for clear content visibility and graduated for easily... Read More
  • Portable Container, Press Hopper Design By Jenike & Johanson

    Bulk material storage vessels (e.g., silos, bins, hoppers, elevators, bunkers) are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials of construction. Proper selection of a silo, bin, or hopper requires evaluation of many factors, and in cases where basic material characteristics have been... Read More
  • PORTABLE PARTICLE COUNTER By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Applications - Cleanroom verification, Clean Bench verification, Filter Testing, Facility Certification, Food Process Investigation & Hospital Surgical Room. Read More
  • Portable process calibrator By MENSOR

    The model CPH7000 process calibrator is a precise, portable calibrator for calibration and testing pressure gauges, transmitters and switches. In addition, external analog transmitters can be powered and read. With the optional Environmental module, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity... Read More
  • Positioners By A-T Controls Inc

    -SS Series: Digital Smart Valve Positioners (SS2 / SS3 / SS5) -PPR-1200 Pneumatic Positioner -EPR-1000 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner -Other Positioners - Series 760 -Other Positioners - Series PS2 -Other Positioners - YT Series Read More
  • Powder Classification By Powdersize Inc

    Powdersize provides a full range of cGMP powder classification services including Pneumatic Screen Classification, Vibratory Screen Classification and Air Classification. All available classification equipment trains listed are available for commercial scale cGMP processes. Although feasibility... Read More
  • Powder Containment & Extraction Systems By Isolation Systems, Inc.

    Isolation Systems Inc. offers a complete line of Fine Powder Containment and Extraction Equipment as well as Process Specific Engineered Systems. Our Extraction and Containment Booths provide the highest levels of operator protection within a safe work zone within the booth enclosure. Providing... Read More
  • Powder Flow Pro By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Powder Flow Pro software (for use with PFT Powder Flow Tester) allows provides choice of test types and screen captures as well as automatic flow curves. Features & Benefits * - Main screen provides choice of basic tests: - Flow Function - Wall Friction - Time Consolidated Flow Function -... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The new Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester IQ/OQ/PQ Certification By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester can now be certified for IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification/Performance Qualification) through a choice of programs offered by Brookfield Engineering. Customers can choose to self-certify their PFT with a Certification Kit... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester IQ/OQ/PQ Certification for Pharmaceutical Industry By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The PFT Powder Flow Tester can now be certified for IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification/Performance Qualification) through a choice of programs offered by Brookfield Engineering. Customers can choose to self-certify their PFT with a Certification Kit available from... Read More
  • Powder Sample Testing Powder Lab By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield Engineering has established new Powder Testing Labs in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Harlow Essex England, Lorch Germany, Guangzhou China, and Mumbai India. Brookfield developed these labs in response to increasing customer demand for rapid evaluation of powder behavior and... Read More
  • Power Crimper, pneumatic vial crimper By Kebby Industries

    The Kebby Power Crimper is a pneumatic vial crimper used to crimp seals on vials and bottles. The unit is available with a variety of accessories, including a stand, and foot pedal. The unit uses interchangeable crimper and decapper heads for use with a variety of sizes and types of seals... Read More
  • PPS Air Classifier Mills By Kemutec

    The PPS Air Classifier Mill incorporates an internal air-classifying wheel with an independent drive giving precise control over “particle cut point” selection. Suitable for batch processing or continuous operation this range of mills serves all industries producing fine powders where control... Read More
  • Practical Courses - Fall Schedule By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    We offer two hands-on courses designed to help users comprehend the functionality of their instrument and solve the mysteries of fluid behavior while creating a successful and repeatable method. Consistency is vital in the success of any product and under-standing viscosity is a key part to... Read More
  • Precision labelling of insulin pens By Bausch & Stroebel Machine Company Inc.

    Output up to 20,000 pens/h Bausch + Ströbel manufactures practical and reliable labelling machines for insulin pen injectors. Pen injectors are frequently used for self-medication and require high precision when applying a label to an exact position. Designed specially for precision labelling... Read More
  • Precision Syringe Pump Modules By Hamilton Company

    The Hamilton syringe pumps are typically used in liquid-filled sub-system applications to precisely transfer samples and reagents, do bulk dispensing and enable processes where accurate dispenses are a must. Two important qualities of syringe pumps are that they positively displace liquid and... Read More
  • PRESERVATIVES By Dastech International Inc

  • Pressure Controllers/ Indicators By Eurotherm

    The 2704MP (and 2604MP) is a fully programmable melt pressure controller, suitable for precision pressure control in the plastic extrusion industries. In its basic format the 2704MP standard hardware includes an input for melt pressure measurement, an analog output to drive the extruder screw... Read More
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels By Colbert Packaging Corp

    Innovative labeling technology showcases your brand with: - Brilliant graphics and colors crisply printed on web-fed label rolls - Eye-catching die cuts - Clear-on-clear film using hidden edge lines - Innovative packaging decoration transfer - “No label” label designs - UV coating on eight... Read More
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels By CCL Label

    Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL Healthcare are versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses. The self-adhesive coating bonds to most surfaces, even those with low energy. Digitally printed labels feature excellent print quality. Digital printing is the... Read More
  • Pressure Transducers By MENSOR

    Precision Pressure Transducers are used to test calibrate or monitor Pressure in process or laboratory environments. Pressure ranges vary from a full scale value of as low as 10 inches of water up to 15,000 psi. Accuracy can be from 0.02% or full scale to 0.008% of reading. Communication can be... Read More
  • Pressure Vessel Clamps By Jaygo, Inc.

    Jaygo carries a full line of pressure vessel clamps or manway clamps designed to work with ASME code pressure vessels. Our quick release pressure vessel clamps eliminate the need to drill holes in the flange of the vessel, eliminating the stress concentrations at the bolt holes. Eliminating... Read More
  • Primary & Secondary Packaging By Sherpa Clinical Packaging

    The Sherpa team leverages its expertise and experiences to craft custom packaging designs for you that improve patient and user compliance in your study. Based on your clinical protocol, our project management team will recommend the optimal package design for your project that will minimize... Read More
  • PRIMUS Steam Sterilizers By Primus Sterilizer Company, LLC

    PRIMUS manufactures steam sterilizers Made in the USA. Since our inception, over 25 years, PRIMUS has met the ever changing challenges faced by the industry and our customers; incorporating environmentally green products and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services ensure... Read More
  • Printed Literature By CCL Label

    Printed Literature from CCL is printed in an array of options to meet regulatory, multilingual, and instructional demands in the healthcare packaging industry. Choose from a wide range of high-capacity folded package inserts, outserts and padded inserts to fit your needs. IFU / DFU booklets can... Read More
  • Printing International High Resolution Tablet Printers By AC Compacting LLC

    The PI/450-CME can print on a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes, such as on oval, round, and oblong shaped tablets.With the introduction of the PI/450-CME production tablet printer, PI offers the capability to print high resolution, single-color images on one side of tablets or... Read More

    PRISYM Medica labeling software is purpose designed medical labeling solution for Life Science organizations specifically developed to help meet the FDA's current 21 CFR Part11 compliance requirements. PRISYM is supplied as a validated medical labeling solution including auditable security... Read More
  • ProAdjust Auto Adjustment system By Schneider Packaging Equipment

    ProAdjust™ is an innovative tool that provides auto-adjustments for most major machine adjustment points for almost any industrial machine. Why ProAdjust™? As an example, ProAdjust automated 17 points of adjustment which resulted in a 28 minute changeover savings, allowing a 4 month payback.... Read More
  • Probiotics By Creative Enzymes

    Creative Enzymes provides high-quality enzyme products backed by our unique technologies. We have manufacturing and development felicities run by specialized teams following the most up-to-date industrial standards. This leads to exceptionally high quality and stable activities of our products.... Read More
  • ProCalV5 By Prime Technologies, Inc.

    ProCalV5 is Prime Technologies’ featured paperless calibration software that is fully compliant to meet 21CFR/Part11 requirements. ProCalV5 has the capabilities to... - Mitigate Compliance Risk - Ensure Quality Practices - Reduce Cycle Times - Optimize Resource Utilization - Automate... Read More
  • ProCap Capsule Filler By LFA Machines

    The ProCap is designed for the individual or organization wanting to create their own supplements at home or test and develop new concepts in the early stages of R&D. The ProCap is able to produce batches of 120 #00 capsules at a time. It’s now more affordable than ever to take your ideas from... Read More
  • Process Consulting By MasterControl Inc.

    This service focuses on investigating requirements for a GxP or business process and then creating a design based on best practices which includes the form(s) and other elements necessary to enable the defined process. The deliverable of this service is a design document that provides clear... Read More
  • Process Control Systems By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

    IEDCO Control Systems At the heart of every process is a control system the allows each individual component to function at optimal performance, while also allowing concise communication between every element to create a smoothly operating, cohesive system. The control system can range from a... Read More
  • Process development/Optimization By OpStat

    Simulate Shop Floor Capacity, Throughput & Bottlenecks Performance of individual resources on the shop floor or in logistics operations may be modeled at a detailed level. This is particular useful in planning for or monitoring a contract manufacturing operation.In this example, a biological... Read More
  • Process Technology By Process Technology

    Lufran high purity water heaters: Proven technology for UPDI heating applications. Suitable for the most stringent high purity specifications. All PTFE and PVDF wetted parts. Patented “purged” resistive element design offers exceptional MTBF of ten years. Third party certified to SEMI and UL... Read More
  • Process Vacuum Systems & Packaged Solutions By Gardner Denver Nash, LLC

    Our expertise in the design and manufacture of systems engineered to meet specific process needs is unparalleled. Nash provides pre-engineered, configurable, and custom engineered vacuum systems to serve processes specific to industry and application requirements. Learn more and find the right... Read More
  • ProcessPro ERP Software Suite By ProcessPro Software

    The ProcessPro ERP software suite tackles your mission-critical business functions while linking all of your information through integrated “business intelligence” functionality. Gain total visibility – in real-time – to all your information so you can run more efficiently and grow more... Read More
  • processRecords By OP/Station

    processRecords® is a powerful tool for capturing and consolidating data that is manually entered or collected by automation. With its simple interface, you can build forms quickly based on your existing or new records. You can also define a workflow for execution, enforcing sequential steps for... Read More
  • ProCoater By Torpac , Inc.

    Capsule / Caplet Film Coater. For R&D, Ideal for enteric or film coating small batches of capsules and caplets with solvent based coatings. Read More
  • Product Engineering Service By G-M-I, Inc.

    G-M-I's product engineering service for medical devices includes material selection assistance, product design assistance and prototypes and samples. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to contact G-M-I to learn more about its medical device prototyping capabilities. Read More
  • Product Handling - Feeding - Inserting Systems By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    Dividella feeding systems guarantee gentle product handling combined with high output. A range of additional components are adapted to a broad spectrum of applications and meet the requirements which often arise in the industry. You have a wide range of options for extending the functionality... Read More
  • Product Heaters & Coolers By Enerquip LLC

    Pharmaceutical processing facilities achieve uniform product blending largely due to consistent and accurate product temperature throughout blending operations. Enerquip shell and tube exchangers offer efficient heat transfer with both large and small batch products, providing consistency in... Read More
  • Production Systems Fluid Bed - VFC FLO-COATER® By Freund-Vector Corp

    The VFC FLO-COATER® System is uniquely engineered to meet the specific requirements for every installation. Every VFC FLO-COATER® is backed by Freund-Vector's comprehensive range of services, including product and process development, process scale-up and transfer, calibration and maintenance... Read More
  • ProFi-Clean By Frewitt

    The ProFi-Clean 90 is a compact de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system. It allows the filtering and separation of powder particles in the extracted air. The de-dusting filter is cleaned automatically by pressure impulses. This guarantees that the whole cartridge... Read More
  • Profill 100 Hand-Held By Torpac , Inc.

    Up to 2000-3000 Capsules per hour. Easy to operate and up to 35% faster than similar fillers due to its patented design and 50 pin tamper. Fill additional sizes using change parts. In Sizes 000-5 and all el sizes. Optional vibrator and full range of accessories. Over 5000 in use globally! Read More
  • Profill 3006 Hand-Held By Torpac , Inc.

    For the growing company and for use under powder hoods or in glove-box isolators. Fully locks capsules after filing. The only 300 hand-held you can upgrade as the change parts fit the 3007 bench-top filler. The same orienter works with 3006 & 3007. Output up to 3900-6300 Capsules per hour.... Read More
  • Profill 3007 Bench-Top By Torpac , Inc.

    Bench-top Capsule Filler & Hand-held Orienter. Easiest bench-top system to set-up and use. Designed for easier operation to enable continuous production enabling you to achieve higher fill weights (2-10% more than the 3006) and lower fill weight variation. The 3007 has our innovative hand-held... Read More
  • Profill 3008 Bench-Top By Torpac , Inc.

    Bench-top Capsule Filler & Semi-automatic Orienter. Our bench-top system for those who prefer the traditional European style “semi-automatic” orienter. Up to 5400-8700 capsules per hour. Available in Sizes 000-5. Read More
  • Profill OE By Torpac , Inc.

    ProFill OE (Over Encapsulator) is an alternative to hand filling small batches of DBcaps® capsules for Phase 1 & 2 studies. The Profill OE orients separates, and locks DBCaps® capsules without vacuum or pneumatics. Double blind 1,000 to 1,500 doses/hour, easy to install. Available in 100 holes... Read More
  • Profill Vet By Torpac , Inc.

    Profill Vet, Veterinary Capsule Filler quickly fills hundreds of capsules. Simple to operate with typical fill weights within 7-10 % of mean. Clean up is easy, available in sizes #13 through #Su7 Read More
  • Profound Gel By Edge Pharma

    Profound Gel is a topical oral anesthetic gel comprised of 4 active ingredients including lidocaine, prilocaine, tetracaine, and phenylephrine. Edge Pharma offers Profound Gel to dentists and other qualified practitioners in a 30 gram jar without requiring patient names. The raspberry... Read More
  • Project Management By PSC Biotech Corporation

    Our team of project managers have a strong track record of delivering projects and providing solutions for the life science industry. Our team follows the Project Management Institute’s Best Practices and ISPE’s Good Practice Guide: Project Management for Pharmaceutical Industry, and tailor this... Read More
  • Project Management By Swiss-American CDMO

    Our clients engage with a dedicated project management team that assures their client’s needs are fully understood and addressed: Project Manager: Serves as the primary point of service and provides free-flowing, real-time communications during all phases of a project. The Project Manager’s... Read More
  • Proline Promass P 100 By Endress+Hauser, Inc.

    Promass P 100 offers the enhanced performance of a bent tube meter and the drainability of a straight tube meter without any compromise. Combined with the smallest transmitter housing available today it delivers full performance on the smallest footprint. Designed for applications in sterile... Read More

    The Prolystica 2X Concentrate Enzymatic Presoak and Cleaner is a low foaming enzymatic presoak and cleaner for manual cleaning. It can be used for removal of protein and lipid-based soils on surgical instruments and medical devices. For use on surgical instruments, flexible fiber/optic... Read More
  • Promethazine Transdermal Ointment By Edge Pharma

    Edge Pharma offers the antiemetic Promethazine Transdermal Ointment in prefilled, unit-dose syringes to hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. Edge Promethazine Ointment makes storage and administration of this medication simple and compliant for any organization. Promethazine Transdermal... Read More
  • Proofware - Packaging Inspection Suite By Global Vision

    Proofware is the world's first all-in-one cloud-based packaging inspection suite, giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork. Proofware offers a variety of cloud-based applications to seamlessly verify digital files throughout the... Read More
  • Proximity Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The models PAC-30U and PDC-30 proximity bin level switches are solid state point level devices used to detect the absence or presence of bulk solids. The compact configuration makes this product ideal for tight spaces or low cost level detection. As material comes in contact with, or in close... Read More
  • PTK Capsule Fillers By AC Compacting LLC

    PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) automatic capsuling machines are designed to automatically fill powder, pellets and tablets into hard gelatin capsules. PTK's capsule fillers offer economical solutions for today's demanding production requirements. PTK's range of automatic Capsule filling Machines... Read More
  • PTK Tablet Presses By AC Compacting LLC

    We are pleased to announce that AC Compacting LLC now represents PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) rotary tablet presses in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The PTK press line ranges from small a small press for R&D work to high capacity, double sided machines that can be supplied to press one,... Read More
  • PTS Powder Transfer System® By Dec USA Inc

    The PTS Powder Transfer System® is an exceptionally effective and reliable method of transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules. Its unique filtration concept with a flat membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system available on the market today. The PTS... Read More
  • PULSE OXIMETERY By Hutchins & Hutchins

    The SPECTRO2 10 Pulse Oximeter is a spot-check device displaying SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength and pulse amplitude index. This device delivers reliable performance, meeting the needs of health care providers in primary care environments. Its unique optional accessories allow clinicians to... Read More
  • PureFeed DP-4 Dry Material Feeder By Schenck Process

    The PureFeed® DP-4 is a highly innovative gravimetric feeder that can accurately meter dry pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic powders at feed rates as low as 20 grams / hour. Jet milling, continuous blending, medical-grade plastics compounding, packaging, coating, and ingredient... Read More
  • PureFeed Dry Material Feeder By Schenck Process

    The Schenck AccuRate PureFeed® AP-300 feeder was designed specifically for pharmaceutical processes that include the following customer driven features: quick and easy disassembly, a dual arm agitation system for maximizing material handling versatility, and an FDA compliant EPDM feed hopper... Read More
  • PVS Rheometer By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The PVS Rheometer is designed to test small complex samples. and will simulate process conditions in a benchtop environment for the testing of small sample volumes. Its coaxial cylinder geometry delivers excellent accuracy and outstanding sensitivity. Brookfield Rheovision software ensures... Read More
  • PyroDetect Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

    ELISA-based system for the detection of a broad spectrum of pyrogens in intermediate and final products of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries Read More
  • Pyrostar ES-F Single Test Vial By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    Single-test vials come with pre-dispensed LAL reagent for a single measurement. This configuration is used by adding 0.2 mL of the sample directly to the reaction vial containing the lyophilized reagent. This single-test vial is designed to be used with our Toxinometer® Measurement System... Read More
  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F Series By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    The PYROSTAR™ ES-F series of reagents are endotoxin-specific and specially formulated to be unreactive to (1,3)-ß-D-glucan. In addition, these products are dual-purpose, meaning they are formulated to be used as either a gel clot or kinetic turbidimetric assay. They are available in a... Read More
  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F/Plate By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    This multi-test vial is designed to be used with the microplate reader. To use this configuration, the user dispenses 0.05 mL of the sample into the microplate followed by 0.05 mL of dissolved LAL reagent. This assay is ideal for testing a larger number of samples in one run. Key Features •... Read More