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  • Revolution® By Power Monitors, Inc.

    Reduce fleet and labor costs with this small, rugged, lightweight power quality analyzer. The Revolution is PMI’s state of the art high speed transient power quality monitor with industry leading communications capabilities. The included ProVision software lets you monitor real-time current,... Read More
  • R&D and Laboratory Equipment By Fluid Energy Equipment Company

    Fluid Energy cart systems are designed to provide an R&D jet-milling system that can efficiently mill and collect your fine powders in three batch ranges all in one system. Each system is capable of maintaining yields in excess of 95%. Different collection vessels rdmilldesigned for various... Read More
  • R/S Plus Rheometer for Controlled Rate/Stress Measurement By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield’s R/S Plus Rheometer comes complete with all the features Brookfield customers are familiar with, a smaller diameter spindle shaft, smaller size water jacket accessory and direct control of temperature from the keypad on P1 and P2 Cone Plate Models. The R/S Plus is designed for... Read More
  • R110Xi4 RFID Printer/Encoder By Zebra Technologies Corporation

    With Zebra's R110Xi4 RFID printer/encoder—optimized for high-volume operations—you can print and encode a variety of UHF radio frequency identification smart labels for a multitude of applications. As Zebra’s third-generation RXi™ printer/encoder, the R110Xi4 is designed with innovative,... Read More
  • Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators By A-T Controls Inc

    2R Series: Rack & Pinion Actuators: TRIAC® pneumatic rack and pinion actuators are designed and manufactured to provide the highest cycle-life on the market. We can accessorize them to accomplish virtually any control requirement. They are available with various mounting dimension configurations... Read More
  • RadarRight Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ RadarRightTM is a non-contact radar continuous level sensor which means nothing to "touch" your process. The RadarRight provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the "right" price for use with powders, bulk solids and liquids. Also works in dusty conditions. The... Read More
  • R'ALF Plus By Bioengineering

    The ultimate standard for autoclaveable bench-top fermentor systems: - Comes with all necessary controls and accessories for fermentation or cell culture - Can operate in continuous, batch, and fed-batch modes - Size range: 2.0-6.7 L - easily interchange different vessel sizes if desired -... Read More
  • RAMANRXN1™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN1™ analyzer incorporates a high-powered Invictus™ NIR laser to minimize fluorescence and HoloPlex™ grating technology to provide fast, simultaneous full spectral collection of Raman data. Fiber optic sampling and probe technologies enable the RAMANRXN1™ analyzer to analyze, in real... Read More
  • RAMANRXN2™ 1000 Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN2™ 1000 analyzer has been designed to provide the spectral performance of a laboratory FT-Raman instrument but with the capability for in situ reaction monitoring using fiber-coupled probes. the already established technology of the RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ suite of Raman analyzers,... Read More
  • RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID analyzer is the first Raman analyzer to feature both traditional small spot Raman sampling and PhAT-based wide area Raman sampling. Small spot immersion sampling remains the preferred approach for liquid-phase analysis of reaction mixtures while the added capability of... Read More
  • RAMANRXN3™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is a self-calibrating, self-diagnosing, fiber-coupled Raman analyzer designed to meet the needs of the process analytics, chemical, and polymers markets as well as the PAT pharmaceutical market. The analyzer is contained in a stainless steel enclosure rated for... Read More
  • RAMANRXN4™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN4™ 785-nm Multi-channel Raman Analyzer - The RAMANRXN4™ multi-channel Raman analyzer provides state-of-the-art Raman measurements of liquids and reaction mixtures. The analyzer has been designed for easy 3rd-part integration into standardized company-specific installation... Read More
  • Randcastle By AC Compacting LLC

    The use of Hot-Melt Extrusion (HME) for manufacturing complex drug delivery systems has recently been receiving a lot of interest because it offers a number of advantages over traditional, wet-mass based pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. With batch sizes as small as 10 grams, the... Read More
  • RA-Series Glass Lined Reactor By Pfaudler Inc

    The RA-Series is the long recognized standard in glass lined reactor construction. This versatile, high quality reactor is manufactured in sizes ranging from 300 gallon to 15,000 gallon capacity with a large agitator opening. Many equipment options are available. Read More
  • Raw Materials By ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

    We realize that you are looking for a quality organization that can turn around your results in a dependable and timely fashion. We really do get it! Our highly skilled scientists are knowledgeable in a variety of published test methods including USP/NF; EP, BP, JP and others. Their thorough... Read More
  • RBM Ribbon Blender Range By LFA Machines

    The RBM Ribbon Blender series consists of five highly efficient, trough format powder mixers that use stainless steel mixing blades to thoroughly combine dry or moist ingredients including powders and pastes. They are available in mixing capacities ranging from 100 litres up to 500 liters. Read More
  • Real Estate Management By Kenco Logistic Services

    Kenco offers one-stop shopping to locate and/or develop your facility. You benefit from our expertise in all functions required to build, equip and manage a distribution center. Read More
  • Recombinant hepatitis E vaccine By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    Product Information Dosage Form:Injection Route of Administration:Intramuscular Injection Shelf Life:3 years Storage:2℃-8℃ Qualification: Chinese GMP Description [Quality standard] Company Standard (YBS01402011) [Suitable population] This product is suitable for susceptible population aged 16... Read More
  • Recombinant Human Interleukin-11 (I) for Injection By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    For thrombocytopenia induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer patients Read More
  • Rectangular Air Pad By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The Monitor rectangular air pad bin aerator is an aeration device used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel. > Promotes Material Flow > Rugged Construction > Economical > Easy To Install Read More
  • Regulatory Affairs By PSC Biotech Corporation

    PSC Biotech® experts have extensive knowledge and experience with the submission of Global Regulatory Documents. We provide all highly regulated industries with pre-market and post-market activities for global life science submissions. You can turn to our experts to ensure a timely approval of... Read More
  • Regulatory Consulting Services By Compliance Insight Inc

    Strategic and Tactical Compliance Consulting • Regulatory Agency Issue Resolution (483’s, deficiency letters, …) • Evaluation of Commitments (vendors, outsourcing) • FDA Interface (Protocol review, deficiency response) • Vendor Qualification • GMP Expert Consultants (Consent Decrees)... Read More
  • Re-Pack Labelers By Griffin-Rutgers Co

    Labelers and Print & Apply Labeling Systems to meet the needs of your pressure sensitive labeling requirements. Read More
  • Repeater™ Pump By Baxa Corporation

    Tired of reconstituting, pooling and then filling syringes, dispensers and elastomeric devices? The Repeater Pump automates your fluid transfer needs with high flow rates, variable speeds and delivery accuracy as low as 0.2mL. Read More
  • Research Grade Sodium Hyaluronate By Lifecore Biomedical

    Since 1982, Lifecore has been a global leader in sodium hyaluronate production. Our research grade sodium hyaluronate is available in powder form in both standard and custom modified options to ensure you get consistent quality needed for scientific papers and product development. Read More
  • Resolv-r 2 By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

    NexGen Enviro Systems Inc. is the Western Hemisphere distributor for the Resolv-r 2 family of solvent recycling systems which range from 2.6 gallon batch models to continuous units capable of recovering 2,400 gallons per day. Over 8,000 units have been installed in all aspects of business and... Read More
  • Reusable Nylon Liner By Wells Lamont

    100% continuous nylon filament makes this liner thin and comfortable • Fully launderable up to 30 times without shrinkage, reducing cost of replacement and waste disposal • Available in full finger lengths • Ambidextrous • Sold by the polybag, 20 pairs per polybag Read More
  • Reveleris® Flash Cartridges By Grace Materials Technologies

    Get the most out of your flash applications by choosing Grace® flash cartridges, the only flash cartridges designed by a silica expert for ideal chromatographic performance. This silica packed in Reveleris® cartridges is specifically designed to increase cartridge efficiency and therefore... Read More
  • Reveleris® Flash Chromatography System By Grace Materials Technologies

    Grace has revolutionized flash chromatography by combining decades of experience in silica gel and evaporative light scattering detection technologies to create the Reveleris® flash chromatography system. Patented* RevealX™ detection technology accelerates purification by simultaneous peak... Read More
  • Reversed-Phase PHENYL 5 um, 100Å, 50 mm x 4.6 mm By Miles Scientific

    Unique features: Offers preferential retention of aromatic compounds. Complimentary to other reversed-phase materials such as C18, C8, and C4. Read More
  • REVO® Research & Development Freeze Dryer By Millrock Technology, Inc

    The REVO Research & Development Freeze Dryer has the largest shelves and best shelf-to-shelf spacing of any freeze dryer in its class offering up to 10 sq ft (0.989 sq M) of shelf area and a condensing rate of 20 Liters in 24 hours. This allows for more product throughput in the same floor... Read More
  • RFCO2RHTemp2000A By MadgeTech Inc

    The RFCO2RHTemp2000A is a wireless data logger that measures and records carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature levels in a variety of applications. This data logger is ideal for use in air quality studies including HVAC applications and much more. The RFCO2RHTemp2000A data logger comes with... Read More
  • RheocalcT Software By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Get Total Control of Your Instrument, Test Parameters and Data Collection with New RheocalcT Software! RheocalcT Software delivers total control of both instrument and test parameters. RheocalcT offers the operator the ability to fully-automated viscosity testing from a dedicated PC when using... Read More
  • Rheotherm Duct Flow Meters By Intek Inc.

    Rheotherm flow sensing probes for duct gases are easy to install and provide long-term service with little or no maintenance. The output can be in mass, standard volume or velocity units. Options for hazardous locations (intrinsically safe/explosion-proof) are available. Read More
  • Rheotherm Gas Flow Meters By Intek Inc.

    Our sensors are ideal for measuring low gas flows, whether the gases are explosive, corrosive, dirty, or just too difficult for other meter technologies. Rheotherm low-flow gas flow meters provide an easy-to-use technology for measuring gas flow in small lines—typically 1” or smaller at flow... Read More
  • Rheotherm Liquid Flow Meters By Intek Inc.

    Rheotherm flow measurement instruments include flow meters and flow switches that provide accurate and repeatable outputs with our no-moving-parts sensor design for reliable operation with little or no maintenance. We have a unique capability to measure very low flow liquid rates – from a few... Read More
  • RHTemp1000IS By MadgeTech Inc

    The new RHTemp1000IS Intrinsically Safe humidity and temperature logger is a rugged, battery powered, stand alone device which can be used to automatically record humidity and temperature. This compact, portable, easy to use device is able to measure and record up to 16,350 humidity and... Read More
  • RiboPrinter® System By E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

    The RiboPrinter® microbial characterization system provides the speed, accuracy and resolution needed to identify bacteria and compare them at the strain level for efficient and consistent characterization. Using powerful DNA-based information, the RiboPrinter® system provides an automated... Read More
  • Rigid Box Filters Pharma Manufacturing By Factory Direct Filters

    The Eco-Aire Rigid Air Filter is a steel-cased air filter engineered to provide medium and high efficiency filtration combined with a prolonged life cycle. Its box filter construction eliminates the need for retainer and special external wire media supports. The perimeter frame is constructed of... Read More
  • RNA Bottle Handling By RNA Automation Limited

    RNA bottling system - highly versatile in terms of bottle size and shape; tool-less change over; Extrem ease of use; speeds up to 400/min; excellent for clinical rooms, clean rooms, and restricted spaces. Read More
  • Roll Compaction Systems - TFC By Freund-Vector Corp

    The Freund-Vector TFC Roll Compaction system is a versatile densification and dry granulation machine that produces uniform compacted sheets with consistent hardness and increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely designed rolls. The TFC Roll Compaction systems... Read More
  • Rota CIP By Bioengineering

    A dynamic spray-ball that will never jam and tells you how many times it rotates: - Rotating spray nozzle - superior to rotating spray balls with regards to validity, reliability, range, and especially effectiveness - May be applied in vessels individually, manifold, or in addition to static... Read More
  • Rotary Pick 'n Place - Feed Stackable items - RPP™ By MGS Machine Corp

    Speeds up to 600 cycles per minute. High speed placing, collating, or batch counting of literature inserts and other stackable items. Configured in either single or multiple lanes. Ideal for applications with multiple products or line space constraints. Speeds up to 600 cycles per minute.... Read More
  • Rotary Tablet Presses By C & C Equipment

    Our offerings include: Colton Rotary Tablet Presses Manesty Rotary Tablet Presses Stokes Rotary Tablet Presses Fette Rotary Tablet Presses Read More
  • Rotomixx Portable Batch Mixer By Admix Inc.

    Rotomixx is a sanitary stainless steel portable mixer. It fills the need for a paint-free, all stainless portable mixer where the possibility of open tank contamination from paint chips exist. The 316 SS gearbox and bearing frame also provides superior corrosion resistance from high salt,... Read More
  • Rotosolver High Shear Mixer By Admix Inc.

    The Rotosolver high shear in-tank mixer is designed to improve your process without sacrificing product quality. No other in-tank mixer wets and disperses powder faster or more effectively. The Rotosolver provides complete dispersion of powders, gums and stabilizers in just a few minutes. A wide... Read More
  • Rotostat High Shear Emulsifier By Admix Inc.

    The Rotostat emulsifier is like no other high shear mixer and features Optishear performance. The unique patented revolving stator, when combined with the close-clearance, driven rotor and high efficiency lower propeller, optimizes shear rates, pumping rates and particle size reduction. By... Read More
  • RTP 10i Rotary Tablet Press By LFA Machines

    The RTP 10i is a revolutionary, intelligent rotary tablet press that uses simple, touch screen digital display and control to make tablet pressing easier, more accurate and more efficient. With a fast, 2.2Kw motor and 10 cutting heads, the RTP 10i uses EU D tooling and a two-stage pressing... Read More
  • RTP 33 Rotary Pellet Press By LFA Machines

    The RTP33 is an exceptionally powerful continuous automatic rotary pellet press designed for pharmaceutical, chemical or food technology manufacturers who need to produce pellets in industrial quantities. The 2.2Kw, three-phase motor of this pellet press drives 33 sets of dies, pressing granular... Read More
  • RTP 41 Rotary Tablet Press By LFA Machines

    Sophisticated and beautifully engineered, the RTP41 is the flagship model in our tablet pressing range, offering the ultimate in safety, speed and feature set. With a 4kw motor, 80Kn of available pressure, an optional two-color capacity, the ability to produce tablets up to 12mm in diameter in... Read More
  • RTP 9 Rotary Tablet Press By LFA Machines

    The RTP9 is a sophisticated rotary tablet press that allows users to produce large volumes of top quality tablets rapidly and efficiently. Among the RTP9’s advanced features are a digital interface and convenient control console. Together, these make it easy for the operator to manage the... Read More