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  • Vena®Bio Bag 2D By VENAIR

    Vena®Bio Bag 2D Suitable for media and buffers formulation, storage, mixing and transportation. They help increase plant productivity by avoiding cleaning validation Read More
  • V Automatic Vertical Series By Filamatic

    The Filamatic V Series Filling Machine can accommodate a wide variety of free-flowing, semi-viscous to viscous products and accommodate a wide range of containers. The filling units are placed in a vertical position and allow a quick and tool-less changeover. The V Series can accommodate up... Read More
  • V2B Vent Gasket By Rubber Fab Technologies Group

    The Rubber Fab V2B Gasket offers an additional answer for vacuum and pressure relief for pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing tank venting when airborne particulate removal is required. Using a 200 mesh screen combined with a 14 mesh screen of sintered construction, Rubber Fab has... Read More
  • Vaccine Monitoring Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    Vaccines are key component in the prevention and containment of diseases. It is vital that vaccines are carefully handled and kept in the correct conditions and at the proper temperatures at all times. The CDC enforces stringent guidelines for the storage and monitoring of vaccines. When... Read More
  • Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTechs Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System (VTMS) is ideal for the continuous measurement and data logging of temperature sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in refrigerators, freezers, and coolers. The system includes a NIST traceable RFTCTemp2000A data logger with thermocouple, Glycol... Read More
  • Vacuum Conveying Systems By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

    IEDCO has been providing vacuum conveying solutions for nearly two decades and has established a solid reputation within many industries based on our expertise in vacuum conveying technology. Our vacuum conveying systems are custom designed to specifically suit a wide range of duties and have... Read More
  • Vacuum dryers / mixers By IKA Works Inc Processes Division

    The new IKA Conical Mixer serves for mixing of free flowing solids, whereas the Conical Dryer has been designed for vacuum contact drying of different solvent humid solids. Both can be used to process products with different bulk densities and particle sizes. The Conical Mixer drying vessel... Read More
  • Vacuum Filter Holders with Funnel YKTG Filtrovac © for 25, 35, 47, 50, 90mm membrane filters By Y.K.T.G.

    Vacuum liquid filter holders are used for filtrating liquid through flat disk membrane filters with a diameter of 25, 35, 47, 50, 90 mm. Liquid filter holder for membrane filtration is a distribution device with a collector for the filtered medium and a vacuum pump connected to it. A special... Read More
  • Vacuum Sequencing Central Receivers By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

    With the choice of various discharge valve types (powered flap and active driven butterfly gate valves) the P100 can be used for convey only applications such as hopper loading, as well as loss-in-weight feeder refill applications, where the receiver is not always emptied completely. Conveying... Read More
  • Validation & Calibration Services By Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc.

    As the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries add new technologies to the marketplace, it is vital that calibration programs are integral to the method development and validation testing used to ensure regulatory compliance and to ensure that the finished products be of... Read More
  • Validation & Qualification Services By Distek, Inc.

    Distek is committed to providing its customers with the most consistent, traceable results needed to satisfy regulatory requirements. Much like our philosophy for designing quality instruments, Distek’s Validation Service Group utilizes highly skilled chemists and technicians that undergo... Read More
  • VALIDATION SUPPORT & SERVICES By Hutchins & Hutchins

    We make every effort to offer a full spectrum of up-to-date knowledge and information on cleanroom equipment and supplies and associated components from over 500 manufactures. Read More
  • Valves By A-T Controls Inc

    Ball Valves: -Uni-Body & 2- Piece Ball Valve -3-Piece Ball Valves -High Purity Valves -Multi-Port Ball Valves -Flanged Ball Valves -Metal Seated Ball Valves -V-Port Control Valves -Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves -Specialty Valves & Assemblies Butterfly Valves: -High Performance Butterfly... Read More
  • Vapor Compression Still By AWS BIO-PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES, LLC

    Our pharmaceutical Water Purification systems are designed to produce compendial Purified Water (PW), Highly Purified Water (HPW), Water For Injection (WFI) and Pure Steam (PS). Our water systems include Pre-treatment options, monitoring of critical parameters, regulatory requirement for product... Read More
  • Vapor Condensers By Enerquip LLC

    Vapor condensers in the pharmaceutical industry are often used with their reactors to capture moisture that is unsafe for the atmosphere. When reactions take place in pharmaceutical batch products and organics are boiled off, the vapor must be condensed to avoid unsafe venting. This condensed... Read More
  • VARIOUS ANTI-FATIGUE MATS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Industry Nitrile Rubber Drainage Mat AB Classic Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Mat AFS Complete Smooth Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Mat Nitrile Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Read More

    Sterilization Indicator Tapes Ready to Order Cleanroom Labels Core2Clean Plus Systems MicroMop PolyGen Mop NovaMop TwistMop T-Mop PilloMop Serializable Silicone Mouse Pad NovaCel Wipes Bags Roll-O-Matic Original Stainless Steel Sponge Roller Mops Roll-O-Matic Cleanroom Sponge Roller... Read More

    Amazing Decorative Intro Mats CleanStep Cleanroom Adhesive Mat with Frame Clean Stride Mats CleanTeam 30 Layer Contamination Control Mats Blue Purus Contamination Control Mats Etc. Read More
  • VARIOUS DISPENSERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Dispensers | Bins | Holders Dispensers | Bins | Holders Roll Bag Dispensers Roll Bag Dispensers Glove Dispensers Glove Dispensers Bouffant Dispensers Bouffant Dispensers Finger Cot Dispensers Finger Cot Dispensers Face Mask Dispensers... Read More

    Applications - Cleanroom Verification / Monitoring, Clean Bench Verification, IAQ Investigation, Food Processing Investigation, Hospital Surgical Rooms & Filter Testing Read More

    Classic Matrix Earplugs Meteors Foam Earplugs Quiet Earplugs Taper Fit Tri-Flange Corded Ear Plugs Jackson Safety H20 Metal Detectable Reusable Earplugs Rock Band Canal Cap Hearing Protector Leightning Noise-Blocking Earmuffs M2 Multi-Position Earmuffs Read More

    Chemical Protection Chemical Protection Cold Protection Cold Protection Electricians Electricians EMS-First Response General Work Heat Protection Mechanics Metal Work Polyurethane Coated Triple Polymer Gloves Welding Etc. Read More

    Traditional Hand Sink Hood Kit Post Mortem Needles MAC 10 Original Standard Fan Filter Modules MAC 10 Original RSR Fan Filter Modules MAC 10 Original RX RSR Fan Filter Modules Read More

    O.K. Sterilizer Bags Steril-Peel* Pouches OK Sterilization Indicator Strips Chex-All III Sterilization Pouches TruCLEAN Disinfection System Read More
  • VARIOUS STERILIZERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    O.K. Sterilizer Bags Steril-Peel* Pouches OK Sterilization Indicator Strips Chex-All III Sterilization Pouches TruCLEAN Disinfection System Read More

    Model CRV Cleanroom ULPA Filter Vacuum Lead ULPA Filter Vacuum X-250 Industrial Electric Dual Motor HEPA Filter Vacuum MicroVac Multi-Purpose HEPA Filter Vacuum Bio-Haz ULPA Filter Vacuum Series Explosion Proof Vacuum X839 Wet / Dry HEPA Filter Vacuum Series V10 Pro Plus Back Pack Vacuum X-829... Read More
  • Vasopressin, 8-L-Arginine By PolyPeptide Laboratories

    Vasopressin, (Arg-Vasopressin, Argipressin) is used for the treatment of diabetes insipidus, in emergency management of haemorrhaging esophageal varices, in the management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and in prevention and control of abdominal distension. Read More
  • VCX 500 - VCX 750 By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    Ultrasonic liquid processor for small and medium volume applications from 250 microliters to 1 liter. Features include exclusive energy setpoint; wattmeter; auto tuning and frequency control; integrated temp controller; microprocessor based programmability; on demand real time display; 10 hour... Read More
  • VCX130 & VCX130PB By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    130 watt ultrasonic processors for small volume applications from 150 microliters to 150 milliliters. Features include: energy monitor; digital wattmeter; automatic tuning;automatic amplitude compensation; microprocessor based; elapsed time indicator; variable power output control. PB unit... Read More
  • VEGABAR 39 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    Pressure sensor with switching function with metallic measuring cell. From thread ½", hygienic connections, universal connection G1" for hygiene adapter, 4 ... 20 mA, three-wire: PNP/NPN, 4 ... 20 mA, IO-Link, Ex and hygiene approval, coloured 360° switching status display, on-site display and... Read More
  • VEGABAR 82 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    The VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter can be used universally for the measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. Substances such as sand can be handled easily thanks to the abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell. The VEGABAR 82 offers maximum reliability. The transmitter can be used in all... Read More
  • VEGAFLEX 83 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    The VEGAFLEX 83 Guided radar level sensor for sterile containers and hygienic applications. This level sensor measures maintenance-free aggressive liquids or liquid media with the highest hygienic requirements. Even in applications with vapor, buildup, foam generation, and condensation, the... Read More
  • VEGAPOINT 21 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    Compact capacitive limit switch for the detection of water-based liquids. The VEGAPOINT 21 is a low-cost limit switch for the detection of water-based liquids. The optional universal connection for hygiene adapters ensures reduced installation effort and leaner stock keeping and perfectly... Read More
  • VEGAPULS 64 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. The VEGAPULS 64 is a sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. With small tanks or in case of narrow space the small process fittings offer special advantages. The very good signal focusing enables the use in vessels with many... Read More
  • VEGAPULS 69 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    The VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids is the all-around radar instrument with 80 GHz technology. The VEGAPULS 69 is a sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in very high... Read More
  • VEGASWING 61 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    VEGASWING 61 vibrating level switch for liquids detects the limit level reliably and with millimeter accuracy directly at the mounting position. Numerous process fittings, approvals as well as housing and electronics versions. The VEGASWING 61 is a universal level switch for use in all liquids.... Read More
  • VEGAWAVE 61 By VEGA Americas, Inc.

    The VEGAWAVE 61 vibrating level switch is designed for powdery and fine-grained bulk solids. It detects the limit level reliably and with millimeter accuracy directly at the mounting position. The tuning fork design is very robust and unaffected by buildup. Grain size: max. 10 mm The VEGAWAVE... Read More
  • Vegetable Capsules By CapsCanada®

    Made from hypromellose* - cellulose derived from trees Suitable for all types of products Low moisture content Ideal for moisture sensitive, hygroscopic and liquid formulations Non-animal: suitable for vegetarians and vegetarian minded users. Chemically stable and resistant to... Read More
  • Vena® Bio Pure Multipurpose By VENAIR

    Platinum-cured silicone tubing This product is the workhorse for the majority of fluid management applications happening in manufacturing and filling plants. It is used upstream from the media prep to the harvest stage and downstream all the way from the first filtration stages to the final... Read More
  • Vena® Bio Weld By VENAIR

    Thermoplastic elastomer. It satisfies the need for a heat sealable and weldable biopharmaceutical tubing. It provides disconnection and re-connection capabilities through a cuttable seal and aseptic welding. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Braided By VENAIR

    Platinum-cured silicone tubing This product is braided using a polyester yarn. This provides moderate pressure resistance and a maximum of 180˚C. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Braided High Pressure By VENAIR

    Platinum-cured silicone tubing Braided silicone tubing resistant to high pressures. This provides high-pressure resistance and a maximum of 220˚C. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Double Braided By VENAIR

    Platinum-cured silicone tubing This product is braided twice using a polyester yarn and a silicone layer between them. This provides high pressure resistance and a maximum of 180˚C. Read More
  • Vena®Bio FEP By VENAIR

    Fluorinated ethylene propylene tubing It is highly transparent and semi-flexible. This product is gamma stable. This is a fluoropolymer tubing especially recommended for the most aggressive chemicals, pressurized gas transfer and abrasive particles in the pharmaceutical and biopharm processes. Read More
  • Vena®Bio PTFE By VENAIR

    Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing It is highly transparent and semi-flexible. This is a fluoropolymer tubing especially recommended for the most aggressive chemicals, pressurized gas transfer and abrasive particles in the pharmaceutical and biopharm processes. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Pump By VENAIR

    Vena®Bio Pump Thermoplastic vulcanizate tubing This product is specially designed to work in long lasting pump cycles, where silicone would need to be replaced mid-batch. The average pump life when proper maintenance is followed is in the thousand-hour range. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Pure Precision By VENAIR

    High precision silcione tubing Silicone tubing for the filling stages where high precision Flexicon® pumps are used, this special tubing is recommended, with very high dimensional stability and the tightest tolerance in the market. Read More
  • Vena®Bio Pure Pumpgrade By VENAIR

    Platinum-cured silicone tubing For the applications where low flow variations and long pump life are of the utmost importance, lower hardness is recommended. Read More
  • Vent, Bleed, Sample Valves By Fluid Line Technology Corp.

    Vent, Bleed, and Sample valves are our 3 families of valves that are available in 1.2 million combinations! They can be made concentric and eccentric and manufactured from either 316L stainless steel, C-22, or C-276. All valves are USP Class VI compliant. Read More
  • Ventipro Steam-Air-Mixture Sterilizers By BMT USA, LLC

    BMT Ventipro steam-air-mixture sterilizers provide fast, safe and effective terminal sterilization of liquids in open, sealed or heat sensitive containers. Pure steam is utilized inside the chamber for heating the liquids and over-pressure filtered air is injected into the chamber to compensate... Read More
  • VeriCon 172 Bottle & Container Leak Testing By PTI Inspection Systems

    VeriCon systems utilize either pressure decay or vacuum decay technology and a 3-step phase to each test cycle: Filling, Equalizing and Testing. VeriCon testers consist of either one or more testing stations (test heads). During the filling stage, the container is filled with either pressure... Read More
  • VERIX Performance Management and Optimization By Verix, Inc.

    VERIX Performance Management and Optimization breaks down silos and measures operational performance across your entire organization. VERIX helps you align all departments and business units with corporate strategy and goals. VERIX enables you to view the interaction between departments and the... Read More
  • VERS 40 - Vial Filling, Stoppering and Capping System By TurboFil Packaging Machines

    The Vers 40 is a highly flexible system for filling, stoppering and crimp capping vials. It can fill vials from 2ml to 100 ml in size. The universal format parts make changeover between vials, stoppers, and caps easy and fast. In fact, no change parts are required for different bottle... Read More
  • VersaFeed™ - Bowl / Bulk Feeder By MGS Machine Corp

    A linear belt feeder that uses a “V-Smart” belt system for gentle product-handling, it virtually eliminates damage to products. Ideal for handling a wide range of food items, industrial parts/components, and sealed flexible packages and pouches. Speeds up to 600 parts per minute. Tool-less... Read More
  • Versitrack Configurable Filling and Assembly System By TurboFil Packaging Machines

    Versitrack is TurboFil's most flexible system for filling and assembly. It is extremely clean and a favorite in the Pharmaceutical industry. At the core of the Versitrack is a new generation of Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology that provides significantly higher performance than... Read More
  • VERTEX STERILE WIPERS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    VERTEX is the new standard for contamination control. Continuing a tradition born from 45 years of innovation in cleanroom wiper technology, Texwipe introduces VERTEX, The Next Level of Clean. A full range of premium cleanroom wipers (dry, pre-wetted and sterile) untouched during the... Read More
  • Vertical Case Packers By Schneider Packaging Equipment

    The Schneider Packaging Vertical Case Packer (VCP) is perfect for providing a solution that offers the most gentle product handling available for a variety of products in many industries. The VCP can accommodate top- or bottom-load RSC and HSC cases. Read More
  • VERTICAL STORAGE CABINETS By Hutchins & Hutchins

    All stainless steel type 430 enclosed cabinet. Three adjustable shelves on 4 inch centers. 24 inch deep x 36 or 48 inch long. Available with slanted top for laminar flow. Read More
  • Vetter Development Service By Vetter

    The period from preclinical through Phase III is pivotal and sometimes unpredictable for new molecules, particularly today’s complex compounds. With Vetter Development Service, you have a partner you can trust to support you throughout drug product development, clinical manufacturing, and... Read More
  • Vetter-Ject® Syringe Closure System By Vetter

    More sophisticated, advanced therapies mean more complex compounds are coming to market. These highly sensitive compounds pose a number of challenges for manufacturers, which is why Vetter offers innovative technologies such as the Vetter-Ject® syringe closure system. Vetter-Ject® is a... Read More
  • VH Powder Mixer By LFA Machines

    The VH Series Powder Mixers are semi-automatic mixing machines designed for combining dry powdered materials. Ranging from the VH8 Powder Mixer which has a maximum capacity of 8 litres (approximately 2.5 kg depending on the density of the raw material) all the way up to the VH 500 Powder Mixer,... Read More
  • VHX-2000 Digital Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    Pioneering the field of digital microscopy, KEYENCE has released its latest microscope system, the VHX-2000. The VHX Series Digital Microscope was designed to alleviate the shortcomings of traditional, optical light microscopes - shallow depth-of-field, short working distance, lack of... Read More
  • Vial Filling And Rubber Stoppering Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    The Automatic Vial Filling Machine and Rubber Bunging Machine consists of the main structure covered with SS cabinet safety acrylic cover, laminar air flow, in-feed turntable Machine, peristaltic pump filling Machine, Delrin Slate conveyor, out-feed turn table, vibrator bowl & chute for rubber... Read More
  • Vial Filling Trays By Chemtech International

    Vial Filling Trays are made from composite material that meet FDA Title 21 Section C guidelines. Our trays are light in weight and will not dent or warp. Our material can be used in Autoclave and can handle temperatures up to 250F Read More
  • Vial Liquid Filling By Bosch Packaging Technology

    Bosch's complete line of fillers are for vials and bottles with liquids and suspensions over a large viscosity range, as well as with powders. The wide range of Bosch vial fillers covers all your filling needs. Here's a brief summary that will help you select the right machine for your... Read More
  • Vial Loading Trays By Chemtech International

    Vial Filling Trays are made from composite material that meet FDA Title 21 Section C guidelines. Our trays are light in weight and will not dent or warp. Our material can be used in Autoclave and can handle temperatures up to 250F Read More
  • Vial Sticker Labeling Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    The Automatic Rotary Vial/Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine consists of the main structure, product transmission belt with adjustable guide, in-feed screw, rotary star plate, label dispensing unit, label wrapping unit, electrical panel, sensors, motors, AC drive, PLC & HMI. Read More
  • VIBit - Reduce Unplanned Downtime with our Predictive Maintenance Solution By CIMCON Digital

    With the advent of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance has gained huge popularity in maintaining the machine health. Predictive maintenance is aimed at reducing costly and unplanned downtimes and offers the organizations to plan maintenance schedules in advance for increased efficiency.... Read More
  • Vibra-Cell Liquid Processor By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    Sonics manufactures the most technologically advanced line of high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processors in the industry for applications such as dispersing, blending, cleaning, cell disruption, sample prep , homogenization, emulsification and atomization. The Vibra-CellTM safely processes a... Read More
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder By MGS Machine Corp

    Vibratory bowl feeder with speeds in excess of 600 parts per minute.Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel.Custom-tooled by experienced craftsmen. Handles applications such as electrical parts, syringes, ampules/vials and vial stoppers. Speeds in excess of 600 parts per minute. Bowl sizes... Read More
  • Vibratory sifters for pharmaceutical applications By Russell Finex Inc

    The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ is an innovative vibratory check screener that effectively removes oversized contaminants. With a patented pneumatic clamping system, the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ provides a strong, reliable seal that prevents leaks and minimizes dust exposure. The... Read More
  • VICE Hand Held Press By LFA Machines

    The VICE is a revolutionary handheld tablet press that’s unlike anything you have seen before. Beautifully engineered, portable, lightweight, astonishingly easy to use and a fraction of the price of larger, more cumbersome tablet pressing machines, the VICE makes it easy to produce... Read More
  • VICI HPLC & GC parts By AcuTech Scientific Inc.

    Source for 1.Cheminert injectors and switching valves for LC, FIA, HPLC, UHPLC, and prep HPLC, plus low pressure and high pressure selectors. 2.Valco injectors and switching valves for GC, HPLC, and prep HPLC, plus low pressure and high pressure selectors. 3.Cheminert fittings: High pressure... Read More
  • Videojet 1550/1650 Small Character Ink Jet Printer By Videojet Technologies Inc.

    An advanced core design enables Videojet's 1550 and 1650 continuous ink jet printers to perform up to 14,000 hours between planned maintenance. The 1550 and 1650 printers’ touchscreen interface is brighter, faster and designed for error-free ease of use. The Smart Cartridge™ fluid system helps... Read More
  • Videojet 1710 Ink Jet Printer By Videojet Technologies Inc.

    The Videojet® 1710 small character continuous ink jet printer is designed for applications that require easily readable variable codes on dark or difficult to mark materials. The printer uses high-contrast, pigmented inks to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for which dye-based inks are not... Read More
  • Videojet 2300 Series Large Character Ink Jet Printers By Videojet Technologies Inc.

    The Videojet® 2300 series is a family of three high resolution, large character ink jet printers that provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous secondary packaging materials. These systems are designed and manufactured to reliably print accurate, high quality, real time... Read More
  • Videojet DataFlex 6420 Thermal Transfer Overprinter By Videojet Technologies Inc.

    The Videojet DataFlex 6420 is a superior thermal transfer coding solution for flexible packaging applications that demand high performance, ultra-fast throughput and coding flexibility. When uptime and performance are critical and maximized production output is your goal, the DataFlex 6420 is... Read More
  • Videojet P3400 Print & Apply Labeling System By Videojet Technologies Inc.

    The P3400 label printer & applicator offers comprehensive solutions for all of your automatic printing and labeling needs. It is designed for high loads in permanent use in tough industrial environments. The Videojet P3400 label printer & applicator is characterized by its ease of use and low... Read More
  • View Sample Newsletter By GMP Trends LLC

    Would a newsletter that edits and presents current and relevant FDA 483 observations be valuable to you? GMP TRENDS is exactly that. The GMP TRENDS newsletter is unique in many ways: See it from the inspectors viewpoint without any third-party commentary or interpretation Interpret the... Read More
  • Vinyl Gloves By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are latex-free (made from synthetic rubber). Since vinyl gloves are not form-fitting, they fit more loosely than latex and nitrile and will cost less. Also, the level of protection is much lower than using latex or nitrile. They are... Read More
  • VIP 4400 Dissolution Vessel Washer By Distek, Inc.

    The VIP 4400 automates one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the dissolution test: Post-test clean-up. The VIP 4400 dramatically reduces time between tests, increasing the throughput of the dissolution laboratory and reducing costs. It eliminates the tedious process of... Read More
  • Viscosity Testing Services By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield's laboratory offers a variety of viscosity testing services capable of measuring Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids using a wide range of spindle geometries. Detailed test results include equipment and measurement system description, viscosity data which includes appropriate tables... Read More
  • Vision Guided Robots By RNA Automation Limited

    RNA robotic handling systems will automate your production lines where small batch runs and sensitive, difficult components have normally been impossible or to costly to automate. The goals of Automation are always based on the customers needs .The RNA system can offer low cost, high mechanical... Read More
  • Vision Inspection By RNA Automation Limited

    RNA offer not only vibratory bowl feeders but design and manufacture bespoke handling systems which include visions systems and pick & place handling units. From a vision system for checking out of tolerance components, counting systems for bagging machines ,utilising the latest pneumatic and... Read More
  • Vision Inspection System By CapPlus Technologies

    The Insight 100™ provides a cost effective, objective, and reproducible method of inspecting capsule shaped solid dose products. It is designed with a seamless rotary feeding and silicone belt conveying system which enables the inspection of various dosage forms and sizes without installing... Read More
  • Vision System Solutions By RDG and BarCodeAmerica.com

    Good barcodes make good systems possible. If your customers are relying on you to deliver, you need to make sure that your barcodes meet industry standards. We provide powerful vision systems for the identification, decoding and grading of 1D and 2D codes as well as character strings for full... Read More
  • Vivaspin® Turbo 15 By Sartorius Corporation

    Vivaspin® Turbo 15 centrifugal concentrators allow the fastest sample concentration, providing the highest recoveries. 15 ml - 100 µl ultrafiltration unit with twin vertical membranes and sleek internal design for fastest sample concentration with highest recoveries. The pipette friendly dead... Read More
  • VK-X200 3D Laser Scanning Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    The VK-X200 3D Laser Scanning Microscope from KEYENCE Corporation is the latest system being utilized for advanced non-contact 3D surface characterization and roughness measurements. Combining the capabilities of a roughness gauge, scanning electron microscope and optical microscope, the VK-X... Read More
  • Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine By Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    The Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine consists of the main structure, product transmission belt with an adjustable guide, safety acrylic cover (OPTIONAL), Pneumatic/mechanical bottle stopping facility, nozzle & syringes, electrical panel, motor, sensor, AC drive & mains ON/OFF. Read More
  • VSD-200 Spray Dryer By Freund-Vector Corp

    The VSD-200 Laboratory GMP Spray Dryer is a self-contained, portable system built to the same standards you would expect to find in larger production scale systems. Every VSD model is backed by Freund-Vector Corporation’s comprehensive range of services, including product and process... Read More
  • VW-9000 High Speed Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    The VW-9000 integrates a high-speed camera with a digital microscope system, giving users the ability to perform both macro and micro imaging at speeds up to 230,000 frames per second. This system is designed for recording video and images on a production/manufacturing line or in an R&D... Read More