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  • X3 DSC - X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter By TA Instruments - Waters LLC

    TA Instruments invites you to Discover the possibilities with the Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter featuring a multi-sample cell that delivers high quality heat flow data for up to three samples simultaneously. The Discovery X3 DSC combines industry-leading performance with the... Read More
  • X-Cite 110LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite® 110LED is a compact, white light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry and Cy5 routine imaging, the X-Cite 110LED offers exceptional field uniformity through liquid light guide delivery. With manual, PC and TTL control,... Read More
  • X-Cite 120LED Boost High-Power LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    X-Cite® 120LED Boost is more powerful than ever and efficiently excites a greater range of fluorophores than the original X-Cite 120LED, with no compromise. Even the popular red fluorophores are no challenge for the X-Cite 120LED Boost. This LED illumination system offers superior optical power... Read More
  • X-Cite 120LEDmini LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite® 120LEDmini is a compact and simple to use white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Through direct coupling, X-Cite 120LEDmini delivers superior LED illumination and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level with the broadest spectrum of... Read More
  • X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite mini+™ is the new go-to white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. High-power performance, compact size and economically priced, the X-Cite mini+ is the perfect choice for routine fluorescence imaging. Designed with the latest in LED technology, the X-Cite... Read More
  • X-Cite Turbo Multi-wavelength LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite® TURBO is a powerful, six-wavelength LaserLED Hybrid source for fluorescence excitation applications. Providing maximum excitation for up to six fluorophores using our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive®, X-Cite TURBO offers a highly versatile solution for routine to advanced imaging... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae 6 Flexible Multi-Wavelength By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Based on a flexible LED module design with extensive wavelength multiplexing capabilities, the X-Cite VitaeTM 6 is multi-wavelength platform with high output power and efficient thermal management is available for maximum spectral breadth and stability. Systems can be customized with up to six... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae FOI Configurable Fiber Optic Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite VitaeTM FOI is a compact, configurable, white-light, LED light source for OEM medical applications such as endoscopy, surgical microscopy and headlamp systems. With high lumen and high CRI options, as well as a variety of coupling and control possibilities, the X-Cite Vitae FOI is a... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae LED Fiber Optic Illuminators By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Excelitas offers a range of innovative Fiber Optic Light Sources and components with unsurpassed light output and configurable options for ease of design and speed to market. These LED light sources are designed to couple high-intensity white light into fiber-optic bundles for applications such... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae vIR By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite VitaeTM vIR is a versatile, high performance solid-state illumination system designed for high precision medical illumination and diagnostic applications such as endoscopy and surgical visualization. This high-brightness, white light source features high output power and is designed... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae wL By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The X-Cite VitaeTM wL is a white light fluorescence illuminator with usable wavelength range from 370-700 nm catering to a wide range of popular fluorophores and fluorescent proteins, including strong excitation for the traditionally challenging wavelengths. Coupling options are through a liquid... Read More
  • X-Cite XLED1 Multi-Triggering LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    The award-winning X-Cite® XLED1 is a high-power LED light source designed to optimize fluorophore excitation with unmatched LED switching speeds. Its unique plug-and-play modularity allows the system to evolve alongside changing research applications, with easily interchangeable LED modules. Read More
  • X-Cite Xylis Broad Spectrum LED Illumination System By Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    X-Cite® XYLIS™ is a true arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications. It has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED for fluorescence microscopy and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness – making it ideal for both compound and... Read More
  • XDS MasterLab By FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

    Based on XDS Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology, the FOSS XDS MasterLab provides the next generation of dedicated NIR analysis for rapid non-destructive measurements of solid dosage forms and solids in vials. Some of the features and benefits are: • XDS Near-Infrared (NIR) technology, which... Read More
  • XDS Process Analytics By FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

    FOSS patented in-line and on-line NIR process analyzers will minimize start-up time, determine exact chemical endpoints and optimize product consistency. Our rugged systems also track critical quality parameters for petrochemicals, bulk chemical, mixing, blending operations and biological... Read More
  • XLNCE SMX-BEN XRF Analyzer By EDAX Inc.

    The XLNCE SMX-BEN is a benchtop Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer that provides non-destructive, composition and coating thickness measurement and analysis on virtually all materials. It is an excellent choice for R&D, process development, process control, and failure... Read More
  • XP Series Front Back Wrap Systems By Nita Labeling Equipment

    Control. Is. Everything! 100% non-proprietary servo motors and programmable drives married to the highest quality engineered stainless steel parts ensure precision application of your pressure sensitive labels. Every Nita SMART Labeling System has our 100% replication stored recipe method with... Read More
  • XP Vacuum Cleaner By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

    The IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner has been designed as a portable, self-sustaining vacuum for use in hazardous environments. The system can vacuum up various materials while maintaining ground and continuity with static dissipation to provide a safe vacuuming environment and remain... Read More
  • X-ray Inspection By Loma Systems

    X-ray inspection systems from Loma provide a complete contamination detection solution for food, pharmaceutical and packaging manufacturers. Innovative technology detects glass, metal, stone and high-density plastics, even for products packaged in foil or metallized film. Simultaneously perform... Read More
  • X-Ray Inspection Systems By Anritsu Infivis Inc

    Anritsu X-Ray inspection technology has earned an industry-wide reputation for performance, accuracy, quality and repeatability. With our advanced HD and UltraHD technology, we can find the smallest contaminants- metal, stone, bone, ceramics, glass and more- time and time again. The Anritsu... Read More
  • Xxtreme/64xx Pouch & Card Thermal Transfer Printer By Dalemark Industries Inc

    Digitally print in One Color cards, pouches, tyvek lidstocks, sleeves and cut labels on demand! Features & General Specifications: - 300 dpi Resolution - Uses No Inks or Solvents - Works w/Ethernet, USB or RS232 - Automatic Ribbon Save - Feeds/Prints/Restacks Automatically - Prints up to 400... Read More