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  • Caleva Extruders

    AC Compacting offers a wide range of Caleva extruders, ranging from small bench top screen and screw units to full production scale units. Read More
  • Caleva MTR

    The Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer provides a quick and easy way to quantitatively measure a wet mass in terms of the torque produced when shearing the wet mass within a mixing bowl. The MTR has applications for research, formulation/process development and process scale up studies. The MTR is... Read More
  • Caleva Spheronizers

    We offer a wide range of Spheronizers manufactured by Caleva. The Model MBS is a multiple bowl spheronizer that is suitable for bench top top use in a formulation laboratory environment. The following single drum and single disc configurations are available for use with Model MBS in four... Read More
  • Caleva Variable Density Extruder (TM)

    Control extrusion density with either radial or axial motion. Only the Caleva VDE Variable Density Extruder™ can lengths for both radial and axial extrusion methods. With aperture diameters from 0.4 – 2.0mm and bore lengths from 0.5 – 8.0mm, the optimal length to diameter ratio (L:D ratio) can... Read More
  • Cronimo High Shear Granulators

    Cronimo’s line of mixer granulators come in a wide range of sizes, from 2 liter bowls (0.3-0.8 Kg capacity, depending on powder density) used in R&D and formulation development work, up to production units with a working bowl volume of 1,250 liters (approx. 600 Kg capacity.) The control systems... Read More
  • Gabler Hot Melt Extruders

    We offer a complet line of Gabler Hot Melt extruders from research to high capacity production machines. Unlike a typical low pressure/low temperature extruder commonly used in the Pharma Industry to extrude a formulation, the Hot Wax Melt extruders do not use screens and are dual shaft machines... Read More
  • Ikegami Automatic Color Tablet Vision Inspection

    With the introduction of the TIE 7000A, Ikegami has produced an unsurpased piece of automatic high speed visual inspection technology. TIE 7000A has the capability of inspecting tablets for diffuse stains, printing defects, and many other defects with a high degree of accuracy. By adopting the... Read More
  • Neopackaging Blister Machines

    Neopackaging automatic blister packaging machines are a cost effective alternative to other blister packaging machines on the market with similar performance capabilities. There are a number of options available for the Neopackaging automatic blister packaging machines. With a wide range of... Read More
  • Printing International High Resolution Tablet Printers

    The PI/450-CME can print on a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes, such as on oval, round, and oblong shaped tablets.With the introduction of the PI/450-CME production tablet printer, PI offers the capability to print high resolution, single-color images on one side of tablets or... Read More
  • PTK Capsule Fillers

    PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) automatic capsuling machines are designed to automatically fill powder, pellets and tablets into hard gelatin capsules. PTK's capsule fillers offer economical solutions for today's demanding production requirements. PTK's range of automatic Capsule filling Machines... Read More
  • PTK Tablet Presses

    We are pleased to announce that AC Compacting LLC now represents PTK (Pharm Tech Korea) rotary tablet presses in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The PTK press line ranges from small a small press for R&D work to high capacity, double sided machines that can be supplied to press one,... Read More
  • Randcastle

    The use of Hot-Melt Extrusion (HME) for manufacturing complex drug delivery systems has recently been receiving a lot of interest because it offers a number of advantages over traditional, wet-mass based pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. With batch sizes as small as 10 grams, the... Read More
  • SADE Tablet and Capsule Weight Sorters

    SADE Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorters for the 100% sorting of solid dosage oral forms. SADE sorters sort tablets and capsules into "accept" and "reject" bins by weight. The latest SADE SP Series feature faster, quieter and consistently more accurate sorting than previous models. No change parts... Read More
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