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Benchtop capsule filling and coating equipment. Gelatin capsules in custom sizes and shapes including 3ml to 108ml in volume.

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Products by Torpac , Inc.

By Torpac , Inc.

Up to 2000-3000 Capsules per hour. Easy to operate and up to 35% faster than similar fillers due to its patented design and 50 pin tamper. Fill additional sizes using change parts. In Sizes 000-5 and all el sizes. Optional vibrator and full range of accessories. Over 5000 in use globally! Read more »

By Torpac , Inc.

For the growing company and for use under powder hoods or in glove-box isolators. Fully locks capsules after filing. The only 300 hand-held you can upgrade as the change parts fit the 3007 bench-top filler. The same orienter works with 3006 & 3007. Output up to 3900-6300 Capsules per hour.... Read more »

By Torpac , Inc.

Bench-top Capsule Filler & Hand-held Orienter. Easiest bench-top system to set-up and use. Designed for easier operation to enable continuous production enabling you to achieve higher fill weights (2-10% more than the 3006) and lower fill weight variation. The 3007 has our innovative hand-held... Read more »

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