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    Automatic Visual Inspection and Sorting of Tablets, Capsules and Softgels All-in-one inspection machine for tablets, capsules and softgels with inspection capacity up to 630.000 products / hour. -All-in-one visual inspection machine for tablets, capsules and softgels -High speed inspection of... Read More

    Automatic Visual Inspection and Sorting of Highly Potent Tablets & Capsules -Contained automatic visual inspection and sorting of highly potent products -Minimization of contaminated parts -Contained feeding and discharging systems -Glove ports and RTP for safe access -Dry cleaning with... Read More
  • HELIX Core

    Lifting, Dedusting and Polishing of Tablets, Capsules and Softgels Machine for vertical lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels of various shapes and sizes. The products are conveyed in gentle manner to different heights at adjustable speed,controlled via user... Read More

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  • Counters for bottle filling: What are the problems and can we do something about that? By

    When a label on a bottle says “100 tablets”, we assume there are 100 tablets inside, don’t we? Not 99 or 101, but exactly 100. To be more precise, it is expected that the bottle contains exactly 100 undamaged tablets of the same kind. Obviously, bottle filling technology must meet two bigger... Read more
  • Investing in automated visual inspection and sorting machines: costs, risks and performance evaluati By

    This document provides a brief and objective overview on how to choose the optimal inspection equipment by following the steps below: 1. Carefully consider all of the costs, risks and performances, which defne your return on investment. 2. Try before you buy. 3. Select the solution with... Read more

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