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  • CPG2400 Digital Barometer

    The CPG2400 Digital Barometer is a great replacement for mercury manometers or when a higher accuracy is required in your barometric pressure measurement. It has a range of 415 to 880 mmHg absolute (8 to 17 psia) and accuracy of 0.03% of reading. It is perfect for monitoring barometric pressure... Read More
  • Industrial Pressure Controller / Calibrator

    The model CPC4000 industrial pressure controller / calibrator provides a quick and easy way to calibrate process pressure instruments. A precise pressure output is controlled and measured via the intuitive color touchscreen interface. Quickly control to predefined set points for each pressure... Read More
  • Modular Pressure Controller

    The highly configurable pressure controller model CPC6050 modular pressure controller offers maximum flexibility to best suit the customers’ requirements. The pressure controller can have up to two independent pressure regulating channels which can operate simultaneously. Each channel can have... Read More
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  • Mensor to attend Sensors Expo in San Jose, June 29, 2017 Posted

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    • B Braun Medical Inc.
    • Medtronic
    • Abbott Labs
    • Alcon
    • Cryolife
    • Hospira
    • Bio-Rad
    • Baxter Healthcare
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    • Meridian Medical Technologies
    • Eli Lilly
    • Edwards Lifescience