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Winter Technologies LLC

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1464 Hoelzer Court
Pacific, MO 63069

About Winter Technologies LLC

  • WinTech Products Group represent a complete line of tubing and fittings for the Pharmaceutical Industry. All of our products are made to be compliant with the ASME-BPE. We work with 304L, 316L, 6-moly (AL6XN-254SMO), Hastelloy, mechanical polish, electropolished. LaserTube® is the newest, most innovative method of producing tubing. Seamless performance at a welded price. ASME-BPE compliant SFT1 through SFT6 stainless steel sanitary tubing and fittings are produced in accordance with the requirements of ASTM A270-S2 and the newest ASME-BPE standard for manufacturing process, testing, tolerances and surface finishes. Tubes are bright annealed and rapidly quenched in accordance with the specifications. WinTech carry’s seamless products 1/16” through 2” and welded sizes 1” through 8” WinTech Services Group will electropolish, passivate or clean your products as well as our own. Mechanical Polishing - We can have your product mechanically polished on the outside or inside diameters. Electropolishing - Electropolishing creates a smooth clean surface that enhances the corrosion resistance and reduces bacterial entrapment areas. Electropolishing can create a leveling action so effective that the surface becomes easier to clean and keep clean. The electropolished component will have an improved corrosion resistance and brighter appearance. Passivation - Passivation removes the free irons and other materials following forming, welding or machining operations. Passivation improves the corrosion inhibiting properties of stainless steel and other metals. LaserTube® - Ultra-Clean, Exceptionally Smooth Surfaces and Corrosion Resistant - LaserTube® Ultra High Purity (UHP) stainless steel tubing is ideal for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other industries where ultra-cleanliness and extraordinarily smooth surfaces are required for product purity and flow characteristics. LaserTube UHP™ has an extremely narrow heat-affected zone that makes it’s weld more corrosion resistant than conventionally made TIG welded tubing. LaserTube UHP is produced in accordance with ASTM and ASME applicable standards. All surface finishes are measured to ANSI B46.1 standards and meet or exceed the requirements of ASME-BPE SFT-1 through SFT-6. The LaserTube UHP Advantage - Our laser welding process gives LaserTube UHP a distinct advantage over TIG-welded tubes. The advantages of LaserTube UHP include: Better Corrosion Resistance - The high heat concentration produced by the laser welding process generates a deep, narrow weld and a significantly smaller heat-affected zone than the traditional TIG welded product. This uniformity means less delta ferrite in the weld, minimal grain growth and fewer precipitates in the heat-affected zone. Uniform Ductility -
    The advantage of LaserTube UHP’s weld quality makes it more uniformly ductile, which means it is ideal for fitting manufacture and special bending. Consistent Dimensional Control and End Finishing for Ease of Installation and Orbital Welding LaserTube UHP meets or exceeds ASME BPE Part DT.
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Products by Winter Technologies LLC

  • for-BPE

    Full line of ASME-BPE compliant tubing and fittings. for-BPE is produced in accordance with the ASME-BPE standard. It meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME-BPE surface standard SF1 and SF4. Read more