Sorbent Technologies Inc

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About Sorbent Technologies Inc

Sorbent Technologies, Inc. specializes in chromatography and purification solutions that help chemists with method development and optimization—from analytical methods to pilot to full-scale production with standard and complex chemistries.

Sorbtech offers the industry’s broadest lines of the highest quality chromatography products (silica gel, C18 silica gel, alumina, SEC/Gel filtration columns and resins, TLC Plates, Flash Systems and Cartridges, HPLC Columns, SPE Cartridges and GC Columns).

Sorbtech works closely with university, government, and pharmaceutical separation scientists in the areas of drug discovery, industrial/chemical cleanup, bioprocessing, cannabis/hemp extracts, and more.

Partner with a recognized leader in chromatography.

Safeguard your research with Sorbtech premium products or utilize our contract laboratory services.

Leverage concierge-like service from our experts.

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