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  • Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

    Dec are world leaders in the development and implementation of micronizing, packing and dispensing of products in processes that handle sterile powders. They are unique because the entire system remains sterile throughout the product cycle. Even during the sterilization phase the entire system... Read More
  • APIs Handling

    API handling is a huge challenge; these substances are highly toxic (i.e. carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic “CMR”) and very expensive. The inherent problems of open and gravity charging, not least the challenge of containment, make a more sophisticated solution highly desirable. Active... Read More
  • PTS Powder Transfer System®

    The PTS Powder Transfer System® is an exceptionally effective and reliable method of transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules. Its unique filtration concept with a flat membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system available on the market today. The PTS... Read More
  • Blending Systems - PTS Batchmixer®

    Today’s processes demand the flexibility to swiftly mix powders with different characteristics, often within a contained environment. Dec has developed a new technology to fulfill this requirement. PTS Batchmixer®, which is based on the PTS technology, has been tested in a two years research... Read More
  • Big Bag Emptying

    Dec’s Big Bag Emptying Stations are modular. This ensures that they are easily adapted to product characteristics, and the appropriate docking systems can be selected, whether the material is non- potent or highly active. Similarly, depending on powder flow, specific massaging or delumping units... Read More
  • Big Bag Filling

    Dec's big bag filling stations offer a variety of packaging concepts. These range from simple inflatable gaskets to liner systems which, if necessary, can be integrated into a glove box. The filling systems are of a modular design depending on the process and containment requirements. Read More
  • Dec Safe Dock Valve: Flexible connection with full containment

    Dec Group has unveiled the latest addition to its ‘Containment out of the Box’ powder handling solutions, the Dec Safe Dock Valve. Safe Dock Valve allows connection of a Powder Transfer System (PTS) flexible hose to rotating equipment in a fully contained way, using a unique split valve... Read More
  • DosiValve®

    The DosiValve® has been especially designed to avoid typical flow and accuracy problems when using standard rotating or vibration valves as it allows for precise dosing even when handling difficult products. The DosiValve® works either through gravity charging for normal charging and... Read More
  • Micro PTS*

    Dec now offers a much-anticipated solution in the volumetric dosing of small quantities of powder. The product is filled in a calibrated chamber of variable volume by action of vacuum and emptied either mechanically by a piston or by applying pressure. The MicroPTS* is based on the PTS... Read More
  • DCS® Drum Containment System*

    TheDCS® Drum Containment System* is a technology which can be used for various applications and offers a simple solution to high containment issues. The DCS is a mobile and compact containment system and allows to: protect the operator against dust exposure, protect the environment against dust... Read More
  • MC DecJet®

    Particle size reduction is a key process in laboratories and small scale manufacturing, right through to full size production. Dec’s flexible, multi-format jet milling equipment is designed to satisfy the full range of these requirements. Available in open and contained arrangements our spiral... Read More
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