Products by Wilson Tool International
  • KEYS

    The fixed parallel key is Wilson Tool's exclusive keying option. Its rounded ends eliminate the broaching effect of other styles like the woodruff key. It provides the greatest contact length and is held in place with a machine screw. A second key added to the opposite side of the punch can be... Read More
  • Tool Storage

    We provide storage and transit solutions for your tablet tooling that will keep your punches and dies safe, clean and organized. Our top-quality tool storage boxes are available in configurations made specifically to accommodate your tool size. Made of durable, FDA-approved materials and... Read More
  • Cleaning Brushes

    To maintain tooling in superior condition and to ensure optimal performance, regular tool cleaning is recommended. Wilson Tool provides a full complement of cleaning brushes ranging from 1/8” diameter to 2”. Brush bristles come in two different harnesses of nylon as well as stainless steel. Read More