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By Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We supply (10Z,12E)-10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol (Cas no:1002-94-4). Read more »

By Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena’s facilities are DEA licensed to handle class II-V controlled substances. All controlled substances are secured, handled and stored in accordance with DEA regulations Read more »



By Clamco

The Rollbag™ 1075 is the most cost effective, automatic tabletop rollbag system available. The 1075 is compact, lightweight and utilizes Rollbags™ (pre-opened bags-on-a-roll). Using the latest technological innovations, the 1075 can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging... Read more »

By United Pharmatek, LLC.

Our Tablet / Capsule Counter & Filler machines are used to automatically count and fill hard gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills, etc. UAC-16 has 16 channels with dual nozzles and equipped Intelligent Sensor Eyes, with a total of 176 sensor eyes for 100% counting accuracy. The... Read more »

By Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena offers bottling solutions for solid-dose products: tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels and gel caps. Our turnkey services include purchasing all of the components, including a broad selection of bottle sizes and resins, cotton or rayon fillers and desiccants, outserts/inserts, CRC or... Read more »

By Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

These courses provide comprehensive insight into the tablet development process, formulation, continuous manufacturing, and more in the same unique classroom setting you have come to expect from Natoli. The training courses feature open discussions, one-on-one consultations, Q&A, and live... Read more »

By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

This polyethylene container features easy-to-read graduations, a convenient carrying handle and an amber color for UV-protection. The plastic cap has an extra-thick F-217 liner to prevent leakage. The containers are easily stored and take minimal space in the refrigerator. Inert to normal... Read more »

By Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

Meissner's 25 mm syringe filters are available with SteriLUX® PVDF and STyLUX® PES membranes in absolute-rated 0.2 µm and 0.4 µm. The syringe filters provide an opportunity for laboratory scale-up evaluation evaluation of Meissner's membrane filters. Read more »

By Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena offers an array of blister packaging in thermoform and cold-form blisters. Aphena’s new PharmaWorks machines offer state of the art quality system to provide a fast and cost-effective turnaround of each production batch. The automated blister equipment allows for short or long-run... Read more »

By Check-All Valve Mfg.

3-A Sanitary Check Valve

The 3-A Sanitary Check Valve is an all 316/316L stainless steel check valve with a standard 32 Ra or better finish, (consult factory for finer finish availability) for use in new or existing sanitary systems. The 3S design seals on the ID of sanitary ferrules with 3-A specified materials... Read more »

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By Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena can manage all aspects of your contract manufacturing and package design requirements from custom multi-phase blending to filling your products into bottles, jars, tubes, pouches, unit-dose packs or cups, inhalers, and other custom dispensing designs. Aphena offers a true turnkey... Read more »

By Hutchins & Hutchins

Texwipe Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning solutions are developed for use within cleaning rotation cycles to maintain a clean environment and reduce Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) concerns. Solutions are available in two RTU concentrations 4% and 7.5% and both are available in a handy 16 oz spray... Read more »

By Buzz Equipment

2. 48" Thomas Engineering Accela Coaters, Model 48-M-111. Constructed of Stainless Steel and comes with a perforated pan with 4 baffles and controls mounted on front panel. Complete with air handling system and spray system, steam heated. Machine Specs: Floor area: 20 Sq. Ft, Machine Height:... Read more »

By NuGeneration Technologies LLC

4-Methyl Piperidine (4-methylpiperidine) CAS 626-58-4 Chemical Formula C6H13N. NuGenTec's 4-Methyl Piperidine has been carefully selected and sourced to provide the highest quality and purity (pharmaceutical grade) available in the USA. Buy Now 1-gallon Bottles In-stock and ready to Ship $275... Read more »

By Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena supports the Unit-Dose or Single Use Packaging marketspace. We can repackage either solid dose products into 10 count blisters or your liquid products into customize cups all printed with self-identifying data to meet FDA requirement. Aphena has a large offering of different unit-of-use... Read more »

By GE Analytical Instruments

The Sievers 5310 C Laboratory, Portable and On-Line TOC Analyzers were designed specifically for monitoring raw and finished water TOC for plant optimization and regulatory compliance. Using USEPA-approved methodology (SM 5310 C), the Sievers 5310 C Analyzers are fast, easy to use, economical,... Read more »

By Clamco

Designed for ease of validation, the 552 MED is a horizontal band sealer that has been designed with PAC's exclusive alarmed digital seal temperature, speed, and pressure controls to provide the ultimate in seal integrity. It can be used with a wide variety of pouch materials - including... Read more »

By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

The Resolv-r 2® DIGIT 90 model solvent recycler is available in a 24 gallon batch size. The unit is available in either normal location or ATEX II 2G explosion proof electronics. The operation is user controlled through the 8 bit microprocessor with digital touch screen providing choice of... Read more »

By GE Analytical Instruments

The Sievers 900 Series Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed for organic analysis in ultrapure and municipal quality waters. The three 900 Analyzers (Laboratory, On-Line and Portable) offer unsurpassed ease of use, analytical performance, productivity, and reliability. The... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

Textured Surface Blue Color "High Risk Safety" Low Protein and Content Sensitizers Double Chlorinated Tapered, Beaded Cuff 12" Length, Ambidextrous Total Proein Content <50ug/g of Glove (ppm) using Modified Lowry Method Leak Tested Meets or Exceeds FDA Requirements with 510(k) Registration Meets... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

100% Nitrile Class 100 (M3.5) Clean Room Capatable or Higher Controlled Environments Bisque Finish No Latex Proteins Lot Traceable Sterility Folded Cuff Superior Strength and Puncture Resistance 12" Length, Hand Specific, Leak Tested Meets or Exceeds FDA Requirements with 510(k)... Read more »