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  • NanoWitt-Lab

    The NanoWitt-Lab is a high-performance bead mill engineered specifically for wet nano milling of pharmaceutical products down to D50 of 50 nanometer. The modularity of the milling chamber lends itself for processing batches ranging from milligrams of solids up to 1.5 kg. Short milling time at... Read More
  • FlexMill-Lab

    Frewitt, a world leader in powder size reduction technologies, presents FlexMill-Lab, a revolutionary, modular, milling solution for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical and food industries. This patented innovation was developed specifically in... Read More
  • ProFi-Clean

    The ProFi-Clean 90 is a compact de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system. It allows the filtering and separation of powder particles in the extracted air. The de-dusting filter is cleaned automatically by pressure impulses. This guarantees that the whole cartridge... Read More

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  • Uploaded From lab-bench to large-scale production By

    In formulation development, the scale-up from a lab-bench production of small batches to a large-scale production due to a demand for bigger batches, e.g. for clinical trials or economic reasons, can often be challenging. Thus, the possibility to scale-up the manufacturing process is imperative... Read more