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About IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

IEDCO is dedicated to the engineering, design, manufacture and installation of powder and tablet handling systems and technologies. IEDCO’s core business is getting powders and tablets from Point “A” to Point “B” in as reliable, safe, contained and ergonomically acceptable of a way possible. We are an innovative engineering company that can provide our clients with custom single-source, engineered solutions to specific powder handling application challenges.

IEDCO specializes in powder and tablet handling with an emphasis on containment, hygienics and ergonomics. Our staff of experienced engineers and industry professionals know a great deal about getting products to and from mixers, blenders, dryers, tablet presses and a wide range of other process equipment. We also focus on the containment and cleaning issues associated with various manufacturing processes and the importance of safety and ergonomic considerations for operation personnel.

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By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

If you manufacture products using powders, it may mean that one or more of your ingredients comes to you in large bulk bags (big bags, super sacks, FIBC’s) of varying sizes. This means that you are faced with having to address the following challenges: - Getting the product from the process to... Read more »

By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

At the heart of many process systems is the need to accurately weigh out a specific quantity of one or more ingredients for further processing. This procedure is often referred to as dosing, metering, dispensing, or batching. IEDCO has a great deal of experience in this area and can design,... Read more »

By IEDCO - Industrial Equipment and Design Company

An integral part of many powder handling systems is the valve or “feeder” that feeds your product into the process. Determining what kind of feeder to use depends on the way you need your powders discharged into your process. We offer a variety of feeders and valves to accommodate virtually any... Read more »

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