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  • Filling & Packaging Systems

    If you manufacture products using powders, it may mean that one or more of your ingredients comes to you in large bulk bags (big bags, super sacks, FIBC’s) of varying sizes. This means that you are faced with having to address the following challenges: - Getting the product from the process to... Read More
  • Batching Systems

    At the heart of many process systems is the need to accurately weigh out a specific quantity of one or more ingredients for further processing. This procedure is often referred to as dosing, metering, dispensing, or batching. IEDCO has a great deal of experience in this area and can design,... Read More
  • Feeders & Valves

    An integral part of many powder handling systems is the valve or “feeder” that feeds your product into the process. Determining what kind of feeder to use depends on the way you need your powders discharged into your process. We offer a variety of feeders and valves to accommodate virtually any... Read More
  • Pneumatic Lifts

    We offer a full line of Column Lifts that are completely pneumatically operated – PneumaLifts. Designed for lighter loads (<275 lbs. including effector), these simple and hygienic lifts only require a single air connection for operation, which makes them ideal for use in hazardous... Read More
  • Tablet Handling

    The safe handling of tablets, capsules, or other small fragile products is always a challenge. Couple that with the ergonomic issues that arise from manually handling the small containers of these fragile products and you have quite the problem. The manual handling of fragile products in small... Read More
  • XP Vacuum Cleaner

    The IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner has been designed as a portable, self-sustaining vacuum for use in hazardous environments. The system can vacuum up various materials while maintaining ground and continuity with static dissipation to provide a safe vacuuming environment and remain... Read More
  • Vacuum Conveying Systems

    IEDCO has been providing vacuum conveying solutions for nearly two decades and has established a solid reputation within many industries based on our expertise in vacuum conveying technology. Our vacuum conveying systems are custom designed to specifically suit a wide range of duties and have... Read More
  • Process Control Systems

    IEDCO Control Systems At the heart of every process is a control system the allows each individual component to function at optimal performance, while also allowing concise communication between every element to create a smoothly operating, cohesive system. The control system can range from a... Read More
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